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Today’s Reading: Judges 7

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This view from Mount Tabor looks across the Jezreel Valley towards Mount Moreh. The tree-covered hill in the distance is where the Midianites encamped for their attack on the Israelites in the days of Gideon (Judges 7:1).

GOOGLE MAPS – To see where the photo was taken, click HERE.


Key Verse: Judges 7:20

Then the three companies blew the trumpets and broke the pitchers–they held the torches in their left hands and the trumpets in their right hands for blowing–and they cried, “The sword of the Lord and of Gideon!”


In today’s reading there is an unmistakable geographical description of the very spot where, 3,400 years ago, God separated the army of 300 from the multitude at the Spring of Harod. The 300, having circled around the Midianite army, descended the hill of Moreh to break their pitchers, shine their lights, and blow their ram’s horns, creating panic in the ranks of the enemy. By dividing the 300 into 3 companies of 100 each, they were able to come from three different directions and win a God-given victory. Many of us who read this blog are members of churches that may have from 50 to 300 in regular attendance. The Pastor likely knows everyone by name, including the children. There is wisdom in having many churches, rather than one mega-congregation with several thousand members. Yes, there is a special appeal in the large church…great music, a well-prepared staff, and sometimes a large missions budget. The Pastor may be the most gifted preacher in the area. However, we need to recognize that the smaller congregations have much to offer also. The Pastor will visit you personally when you are sick (if he doesn’t, find one that will). He will know you personally and thus will be able to care for each member individually, that is if he or she is truly God-called and totally committed, as were the 300, watching, on guard, and filled with God’s Spirit.


Lord Jesus, You know Your sheep by name. You know my name, and the names of all who join me in daily readings. You’ve called into ministry pastors, teachers, evangelists, administrators, and helps in many areas of life. Please show me how to be a strength to those who care for my soul. I ask for the grace of loyalty to the congregation where I serve and worship. Bless those who prepare the spiritual food of Your Word and serve good nourishment at Sunday services, as well as at mid week services and other gatherings. Amen!


Being retired (sort of), I have the opportunity of attending a relatively small congregation in Canada and a very large one while in Florida. I see the blessings of both large and small. I love and am blessed by both churches. I remember well, while a student in Bible College, one of the teachers pointing to two Toronto churches which, in his estimation, were “successful.” I couldn’t let the occasion pass without pointing out that the Pastor and congregation in Moose Factory, an island at the tip of James Bay, was just as successful. True success is being in God’s will and is not measured in numbers. I was probably considered disrespectful, but I also said that the smaller churches may have fed the city churches with some members and that transfer growth from one congregation to another is not the same as bringing new people to Christ. There’s a website that I encourage you to check out. It’s

Yours for the One who said, “I will build My church,” God’s great success story!


P.S. President Obama made a statement at a recent Washington Prayer Breakfast giving the impression that Isis in Iraq and Syria is a moral equivalent to the crusades of 1,000 years ago when Europeans who claimed to be Christians launched the crusades. My son Ron came across a short video by a former university professor which will reveal whether or not President Obama was correct. Please don’t miss this! Pass it on!! (click here).

12 thoughts on “Monday, February 9, 2015

  1. This has been my experience with large and small churches. Years ago I went alone to a city in southern Ontario to work. I attended a large church first a few Sundays but I would come home feeling so lonely so I located a small church and the first Sunday I was there, one of the loving members approached me after the service and said, “I see you are new here; would you like to come home for dinner?” Needless to say, that is where I attended for the rest of my time there and I received wonderful spiritual food and the Baptism in the Holy Spirit in that church. We need big and small churches to accommodate everyone but that church was what I badly needed at that time. I must say I met another girl who became a good Christian friend and mentor in the first church later on. Thanks for the other link too David. Blessings!

  2. Thank you for helping us to know facts from political fiction. I am glad you are still very much “The General” in God’s army…and the daily voice of sanity in a loud hurting world.

  3. Thanks David for the Jihad vs Crusades link… I passed it on through my Facebook page… Someone should share this with President Obama…

    Have a blessed day blog friends.

  4. Thanks for the link, very informative.

    We have always been a part of a small church and feel the love and fellowship, but we feel most at home when at our cottage as the church their is my husbands boyhood family church and memories of their beginnings started with his father’s family which is so special. Also the feeding of the word, worship in song and fellowship is sweet. Manna for our souls in both places and also our daily blog.

    Blessings to all.

  5. Thank you Pastor David for the link by Prof Warner. He explained things do well, now I can answer people as i am more informed when they talk about the Crusades. Our church has grown over the years but I think it is still a very welcoming one. Take care everyone, may God Bless each of you today as you walk with Him.

  6. I posted this to all my Facebook acquaintances:
    With regard to the Supreme Court decision on the right to die with dignity I really have mixed emotions about this and while I feel a tremendous amount of compassion & understanding for anyone suffering with any kind of life ending affliction I cannot convince myself that the decision to end life is in our hands as individuals or in the hands of doctors. With the ruling to legalize gay marriages some years ago and now this the politicians & courts of this country have moved us another step closer to a godless society with man made rules than totally ignore the basic teachings of Christianity. I do not stand on the corner being a bible thumper but I have strong moral beliefs and these decisions go against the things I believe in.
    Sorry I can’t say sorry…. this is my opinion !!
    PS: You love music, Google my name & I’ll play Amazing Grace for you.

    • I agree with you HOWEVER God is going to put a stop to all this disrecpect towards Him and His Father and the Holy Spirit and that is what I pray, that His Kingdom come,that His Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven…the Lord’s Prayer….yes we grieve and we know that God grieves…keep praying for His Will to be done….

  7. Thanks for the link to Bill Warner’s site concerning what President Obama said lately in his regular attempts to put down Christians, knowing they won’t retaliate. Sun News ( a Canadian station that gives the real news) with Ezra Lavant spoke openly about this bias statement, something for readers of this blog to check out. Lord bless.

  8. Thank you Reynold for the photo, capturing the cloud formation as well as the scenery of the layout where the battle took place.

    Thank you Rev. David for the links; I like the one about cell phones, etc. The answer definitely is how to keep out the boring parts: After all, who is

    For the past number of years, I’m in a small church family; the fellowship is great as most everyone plays a part in it, together with the Pastors.

    Years ago I was part of a large congregation; however, was involved in choir, Sunday school, women’s ministry is one way I was able to get to know most of the members.

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