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Today’s Reading: Romans 8

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The Trevi Fountain is in Rome, Italy. Standing 26.3 metres high and 49.15 metres wide, it is the largest Baroque fountain in the city and one of the most famous fountains in the world. The song, "Three Coins In The Fountain," comes from here. Prayer is effective reality, not superstition, like the wishes made here.

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Key Verse: Romans 8:38-39

For I am persuaded that neither death nor life, nor angels nor principalities nor powers, nor things present nor things to come, nor height nor depth, nor any other created thing, shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord…


All the verses in Romans 8 are keys which unlock the amazing provisions God has for us. Therefore, we may want to read this chapter over and over again until we are absolutely sure that we have made every word an integral part of our being.

Here are some random thoughts… (1) “The law of the Spirit of life.” This is like the law of aerodynamics. When the power is applied to the aircraft engines, the law of gravity is overcome, and we rise to new heights. Today, apply the power of the Holy Spirit and rise above sin and death. Amen! (2) Just imagine; no don’t just imagine, actually do it. Call the God of the universe “Abba,” or in our language, “Daddy.” (3) Our key verses, like dozens of other promises of God, offer the perfect antidote to worry, fear, and uncertainty. So lift up your head. Go into the world with total confidence. Nothing, nothing, absolutely nothing can separate us from the Lord Jesus and His love.


Lord God, You cannot lie. You’ve promised me Your constant presence, and I believe You 100%. Please grant me a new consistency in faith in You, so that I won’t worry, fret, or have any fear. In Jesus’ Name I pray. Amen!


These new technologies (such as the Internet) are a complete mystery to me. I understand almost nothing. I do understand, however, that NOTHING can separate me from God’s love. That’s the most important understanding in the universe. This amazing ability that God has to be able to give individual attention to millions of us is mind boggling. It’s far more sophisticated than the Internet, and it never goes down. God placed the physical laws in His creation concerning the Internet (millions of messages simultaneously). Man did not really invent the Internet; man simply thought God’s thoughts after Him and discovered it. Like North America, it was there all the time. The Native people knew that, and Columbus discovered it for the rest of the world.

Yours for communicating God’s love in person and through every available technology,


P.S. The great cathedrals of Europe contained magnificent sculptures. Most of them represented Bible people.They were created to communicate visually to a largely illiterate people. In my childhood we had something called “flannel graph.” Remember that? We are in a visual age. Have you checked out Crossroads’ online video resource? Why don’t you do a little exploring there today? Visit

The central statue in Rome's Trevi Fountain is of Neptune, god of the sea, riding a chariot in the shape of a sea shell, being pulled by two sea horses.

7 thoughts on “Saturday, January 10, 2015

  1. How wonderful to know that I am safe and secure in the Palm of my Father God through Jesus Christ His Son!!! Thank you Jesus!!!
    And that there is therefore now no condemnation…no longer condemned..but set free in Jesus Christ. Thank you Lord God!!! Amen and Amen!!!

    The song is beautiful Linda…thank you!!

    Have a Blessed day…you all!!!

  2. Beautiful children in that video. God is so good to us. Many in other parts of the world need our prayer support. I remember the girls from the school who were abducted and forced into marriage by Boko Haram (spelling)? Anyway, lets not forget those girls who were taken away from their families. What an awful experience they must have had and may be having continually. Lord have mercy on them. Open prison doors for them, Father, and rescue them.

  3. reading the comment that God placed the physical laws in creation reminds me of a chuckle: a guy says I can make things, the other guy said no you can’t because whatever material you use to make things was made by God in the First place! I remember flannel graph, I still like it….prayers of thanksgiving my friend Shawn passed all his tests to be recertified as a First Responder but I urge people to keep him in your prayers, he needs to hear God’s voice real clear. He’s a young man, husband, father, son, grandson, extremely gifted in his profession, very compassionate and he’s got a rather odd belief system, I pray that I can listen and respond lovingly to him regarding faith in Jesus Christ.

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