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Today’s Reading: Acts 28

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"But when Paul had gathered a bundle of sticks and laid them on the fire, a viper came out because of the heat, and fastened on his hand...But he shook off the creature into the fire and suffered no harm." Acts 28:3, 5

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Key Verse: Acts 28:8

And it happened that the father of Publius lay sick of a fever and dysentery. Paul went in to him and prayed, and he laid his hands on him and healed him.


Throughout the centuries, divine healings have been instrumental in turning people’s attention toward Jesus. Firstly, in today’s reading, we read of God’s physical protection for Paul from an always fatal snake bite, and secondly, the immediate recovery of Publius. We should never hesitate to pray for people’s healings. Then, share Jesus as Saviour and Lord! (MOST IMPORTANT!!!)

Believers in Jesus from Rome came to meet Paul. They may have been secret believers because of persecution. The main Jewish community seemed to know little of Paul’s message. Oral history tells us that after two years in Rome, Paul was released and went to Spain where he established churches. Some suggest that he may have gone to Britain also. His final arrest back in Rome brought his death under Nero. After Paul’s first visit to Rome, Luke, our historian, disappears from the scene. His work was done and done very well.

Tomorrow, back to Deuteronomy. Let us not give up on this systematic tour of the Scriptures. Amen!


Lord God, grant that I may bring people to You, regardless of the cost, as Jesus and Paul did. I’m trusting You for the grace necessary to be true to Your calling. In Jesus’ Name, Amen!


I spent a great deal of time in Spain before and during World Expo ’92 in Seville. Crossroads sponsored a pavilion there where more than 1,000,000 people visited our witness for Jesus. More than 53,000 precious souls made first-time recorded decisions to give their lives fully to Jesus. Each one signed up for a Bible correspondence study in their native language and were followed up around the world by Scripture Union. While there, I visited places where Paul first preached the Good News of Jesus. Even though the Bible does not share that Paul was in Spain, you could never tell the Spanish people that Paul was not there! Monuments testify to this fact.

I asked for the picture of the serpent seen above. In our reading, the venom could not destroy Paul. Revelation 12:9 speaks of “that serpent of old, called the Devil and Satan, who deceives the whole world.” You may want to read that entire section (click here). Satan has been defeated through the Cross of Christ. As Paul did literally, we do spiritually. Shake the serpent off and into the fires of Hell. He cannot hurt those who put their trust in Jesus. Check out again the first verses of today’s reading, and do to the serpent as Paul did!

Yours for effectively winning people to Jesus,


11 thoughts on “Saturday, December 13, 2014

  1. Love the pic of the snake.
    Can’t help but admire and marvel at Paul’s dedication. It must have been scarey travelling around in the waters at that time.
    Merry Christmas fellow saints. God bless.

    • Lynda, I haven’t had time (with all the health professionals coming in to help my husband) to follow your instructions re: adding pictures/ITunes to e-mails, etc. I will do that, hopefully in the near future. Thank you.

      • Okay Doreen, glad u got my message. Praying for you and your dear husband as I’m sure many others are too.
        (“Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God.” Philip. 4:6)

  2. We saw the Christmas Story in Pennsylvania a few years back and I was surprised that, at the birth of Jesus, the devil appeared and tried to kill Him. I had never thought of that before but now, with this reading, it is understandable. Have a wonderful day all.

  3. To be witnesses in our family neibours and everywhere we go as I was at the gym 2 people came to know Jesus as their Saviour
    Dear Lord use us in any spot we are give us the boldness and the words as you spoke through the donkey use us to say “JESUS IS THE REASON FOR THE SEASON and also wish everyone “MERRY CHRISTMAS all love to my brothers and sisters inChrist

  4. I never did like snakes of any kind!! they give me the creeps.

    Lord your desire is that non should perish…my desire is to be your hand extended to those you bring into my pathway!! For boldness to present You!! I pray this in Your Name Jesus. Amen!

    I never knew that Paul was able to go out to preach after he was arrested and brought to Rome. I understood that he wrote most of the new testament when in Rome. Always good to learn something new in His word.

  5. All I have to say is WOW!!!! Late to the reading and blog, today. But blown away by the power of GOD!!! Wow, wow, wow, indeed! Amen, saints, amen!! All power is Yours, dear JESUS!!! All powerful and mighty GOD!!! Amen!!!

  6. i’ve shared this before but I will say it again! April 16, 1995 after an Easter service my friend Eva and I went to the beach,, it was GORGEOUS!
    I began to roll a smoke; Eva leaned over and said “You know we have the Holy Spirit that enables us to do more than we ever dreamt“ I looked at her and I said you are so right`and I threw the cigarette into the lake along with the paper and a wave of water swelled up. I threw the rest of the tobacco and the package into the lake and a HUGH swell of water came up and drenched us both, it was smelly, and sticky of the tobacco and we both laughed so hard that we had a little accident and laughed even more. That was it for me smoking, NEVER AGAIN! No cravings, I was overwhelmed! Also that was the end of alcohol for me even though that was not a problem but smoking and drinking seem to go together; that moment was the work of the HOLY SPIRIT. My friend Eva moved up north for a few years and now she is back in the same town however she is ill and doesn`t remember very much but she did recognize me and she did remember that moment! IT WAS GRAND! But that wasn`t the end of the Holy Spirit working. 10 days later (April 26) I broke my leg and God again intervened and turned that broken leg into me learning how to swim and I have been doing that ever since! I live alone! I can`t imagine what I would be doing with my life if God had not stepped in and changed my life!
    Even now I nearly faint from realizing what He did for me! It is a real miracle! I suffer from a chemical imblance so swimming has taken the place of medicine. Very thankful that Mental Health pays for the swimming! PRAISE GOD FROM WHOM ALL BLESSINGS FLOW!

  7. Yes indeed, it is absolutely true that the Devil has no hold in the believer’s life, but many believers are not exactly sure what that means in everyday life. Rev. 12:10 tell us that the Devil accuses believer’s day and night before the Throne of God. Okay, what is the basis of his accusations? The Law! Yes the law is the chief weapon the devil uses against the believer! He uses it to condemn us, and to bring guilt, shame, and discouragement upon us. But when we say that Jesus defeated devil it is important to know that Jesus took that very weapon out of his hand! Paul tells us in Col.2:15 that Jesus disarmed the devil, but read the verse before it..”…having canceled out the certificate of debt consisting of decrees AGAINST us and which was HOSTILE to us; and He has taken it out of the way, having nailed it to the cross Col.2:14 NASV! Yes the Law is truly fufilled by Jesus’ death, and because of this, the Devil is truly disarmed and has no hold in the believer’s life! And I say Amen to that!

  8. Merry Christmas all the Mainses. I will be with family this Christmas and then there is a Wedding on the 27th of a granddaughter on the same day I married 62 yrs ago. But I am a widow now Love Barb PS we met in Pincher Creek David.

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