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Today’s Reading: Exodus 40

Click scripture link to read online orΒ HEREΒ to listen online (then click the symbol of the audio speaker above the scripture portion on the right-hand side).


In the life-sized replica of the Old Testament Tabernacle, the High Priest stands beyond the Veil inside the Holy of Holies before the Ark of the Covenant.

GOOGLE MAPS – To see where Reynold took the photo, click HERE.


Key Verse: Exodus 40:21

And he brought the ark into the tabernacle, hung up the veil of covering, and partitioined off the ark of the testimony, as the Lord had commanded Moses.


Tomorrow, God willing, we move to the New Testament book of Luke. In preparation for our meditation in the third Gospel, let us think about how Jesus Christ has been seen in Exodus. Consider these portraits of Christ in Exodus: (1) Moses and Christ are prophets – Both were endangered in infancy. Both voluntarily renounced power and wealth. Both are deliverers, lawgivers, and intercessors. (2) The Passover – Christ is the Lamb of God who was slain. (3) The Ark was the place where God manifested His Presence amongst His people, and Jesus is “Immanuel,” God with us. (4) Moses hung the veil to show the separation of God from His people…Christ tore the veil from top to bottom to unite us with God (Mark 15:38). Come and join us in the Gospel of Luke starting tomorrow.


Lord Jesus, Thank You for the symbols of the Tabernacle which are revealed in You. You promised that the Spirit of Truth would guide me into all truth (John 16:13). I ask for the fulfillment of that promise and for the grace of consistancy in my Bible reading, so that I will read every word with understanding. In Your Name I pray, Amen!


I’m wondering how all of you who have joined me in this blog are doing. How are you? I wish we could visit face to face. Please let me know how the daily readings may be blessing you. For over 50 years I’ve done my best, with God’s help, to encourage Bible reading. My most constant memory of my Doctor of Theology father is of him sitting in his chair with his Bible open in front of him. Throughout his life, he must have read the Bible through more than 50 times. He was committed to 3 chapters a day and 5 on Sundays. This took him from cover to cover in 365 days. I used to promote that reading plan but found that the majority of those who started with me didn’t make it. Therefore, I switched to the two-year plan, which was not quite so demanding, and which gave more time for meditation on the content. Hang in there! If not down here on earth, we’ll talk it over up above.

Yours for the blessing of that all-too-rare jewel…consistency (Shakespeare),


SPECIAL VIDEO FEATURE: Exodus 40 is all about the process of the erecting of the Tabernacle in the desert. Back in the summer of 2012, we erected a full-sized replica of the Tabernacle behind the Crossroads Centre in Burlington, Ontario. Here’s a link to a time-lapse video of how it was done…probably a little different process than in 1500 BC! (My son Ron and I hosted this segment on a 100 Huntley Street program at that time). Click HERE to watch.


46 thoughts on “Monday, September 8, 2014

  1. Good morning David, I am well – thank you for asking – hope you are well too. Thank you for doing this blog, I start my day reading this blog, this really sets the tone for the rest of my day. I enjoy this format of reading the bible. and I learn something new everyday.

    Thank you and blessings to you and your family as you keep bringing the word of God to us.

  2. Wow, how am I? Well if it wasn’t for your blog I would be so much worse. I try so hard to beat my addiction, when I see your latest post I feel such an accomplishment because I was there, I had asked two other people to accompany me but they just didn’t realize what I was asking, the weather was horrible but I left anyway and was so blessed with meeting some pretty special people, Ann’s son was one of them. And I see what you have accomplished, I just love the motorcycle ride and it gives me hope. Thank you, as I continue to pray for me and my family, we are so lost and how do we deal with the end times when we are so lost?

  3. David, Exodus has been fascinating! I have been a christian my whole life, but always found parts of the old testament boring!
    Well it’s as if I am learning so much more about God, thanks to your blog. The detail that Got put into the ark suddenly opened my eyes to how detailed and wonderfully creative The Lord is! That is how He is with each human being as well (even me!) Thank you so much.. keep on blogging!!!!!

  4. good morning David I am doing alright you know before two years ago I
    never read my bible from the old testiment to the new testiment and back
    again . I found it very interesting learning from what God has to say and
    I love your input as well as Ron,Ann and of course Renold’s pictures.
    Never Give up keep on going
    I am thankful for God that he has healed you
    Lianne Hogg

  5. I am doing great Sir, by His grace. How are you? This daily blog, it’s already part of me now. I try to spread the word as much as i can through Facebook and by word of mouth to my friends and any one i am privileged to talk to about this blog. I love the Word but i get little discouraged when pastors place more emphasis on miracles and material things than trying to prepare us for heaven. I never really have a connection with any of the pastors i listened to, i always had a thing or two that i disagree with about what they preach, but when i first saw you on TV, listen to you preach about forgiveness, and being non-Judgmental, then i heard you spoke about selfless love and salvation, There!! that’s exactly what i was looking for! That is what i thought was more important and since then, i have been willing to listen. Your blog helps me to be constant with my morning devotion, the only weakness i have is being unable to wake up at 5am every morning, but i know God is in control! Continue doing what you do, you have touched a lot of people and i am one of them. Stay blessed Sir

  6. I love you David you are a great inspiration to me I read yourblog my husbznd and I had anarguement last night and its hard to feel happy again please helpus Lord to live in peace we are healthy and I know we are goingto make it through God Bless you and your entire family
    please pray that God will restore my family totogetherness and God helpUs Amen

  7. Dear David: I have enjoyed Exodus so much, I have been contemplating it each day. I wonder where they got all the fine wood and all the different materials. Realizing that God taught man all these skills is amazing. I have been thinking how God has given each of us gifts to use for His Glory. Art, woodwork and creativity in so many ways. Then all the gems and the beauty of the colors God chooses. It is amazing. So much to think about.

  8. Good morning David,
    I am fine thank you. How are you?
    This is amazing to get to follow this blog every day and when I miss I am anxious to catch up the next day. This has really helped to set the tone for me each day.
    God bless you, I was very thankful when you you said in June that you were going to start over as I had missed the first month or so of the last 2 years.
    I feel blessed every day.
    Thank you and God bless you.

  9. Hi David, l am feeling great! l am getting more and more revelation on the word. It occured to me this morning that we really don’t have blind faith. Father God has placed in all of our lives signs and wonders, that help us to believe. l pray to have eyes to see and ears to hear, what my precious Lord is doing and how he is leading in my life, and so it is with all of us, as we are equally loved and cared for. Glad to see you looking so well! Thank you for encouraging so many with this wonderful blog!

  10. Dear David,
    Your daily blog is truly an inspiration to me. I was at the Salvation Army evening meeting in Brockville on that Ash Wednesday when you shared your vision of this daily blog with all of us there. You then drove to Crossroads to have breakfast with then CEO Don Simmonds, to get his approval to procced with this blog before driving back to Smiths Falls the next day as part of your cross Canada tour. What dedication you displayed at that time just prior to your leukemia diagnosis..
    Vivienne and I were fortunate enough to be with you on the 2012 Holy Land Tour and actually saw you and Ron using the Hotel’s wi-fi in the foyer to upload your daily 100 words at that time.
    Your daily wisdom and interesting stories has increased my understanding of the Bible and I look forward to your comments on the Book of Revelation!
    Yellow Bus.

  11. Good morning David, I hope you are well. I struggle with anxiety and depression. You’re blog every morning helps me start my day, and the Lord gives me strength through his Word. Thank you for the tireless work you do for God’s Kingdom. God Bless.

  12. I am doing fine thank-you, David. I have not missed a day this time around in the 2 year blog. I am glad to see you looking so well. Blessings to you and your family! I had never seen the similarities between Christ & Moses before. Thank-you for pointing it out. I have one question though: Is this tabernacle the one that was carried from place to place or was it in a permanent location?

  13. David you have brought the Holy Scriptures to life with your blogs. I have read the Bible through some years ago, and found it difficult to concentrate on the text, especially in Old Testament readings. However, by adding voice to the scriptures, every word comes alive. Then, reading your 100 Word commentary and prayer, the whole experience is cemented into one’s mind. Your final comments are also much appreciated. Thank you for doing this, and may you continue to prosper and receive the Lord’s Blessing for these daily works.

  14. I am with God’s grace living day by day, doing my best to live fully in the moment, letting go of yesterday, but remembering the lessons I learned; trying not to worry about the future, but mindful for the need to be ready for the possibilities as they come my way. But most of all I have learned that although there are many ways to study the Bible, all good and necessary at times, it is still very important to read it cover to cover more than one time.

    I know some might say, if I read it cover to cover, why do I have to do it again? All I can say is we are never the same person we were when we first read the Bible– so with every reading we will be reading it with new eyes. God will always make the Bible fresh, and with each reading we will learn and see things in it we missed no matter how many times we read it or think we know it.

    I haven’t read it 50 times like your father David, but thanks to this blog I have added to my number. I would read it without this blog, but having it not only helps me to focus on the reading it allows me to have fellowships with others who reading with us and that has given it a whole new dimension. So thank you and God bless you for your faithfulness to the Word.

  15. Good morning pastor David and blog friends. I started following this wonderful faith-filled blog several months into the first time through the bible in 2 years… It has been a part of my morning devotion ever since.

    Your miraculous healing has inspired and re-enforced my faith that healing miracles are very real today, yesterday, and tomorrow. Your unceasing energy is a blessing from God as he continues to work through you each and every day… God bless you, your family, 100 Huntley Street telecast and all the work God has done and will continue to do through TV and other mediums because of it.

    Blessings to all this day of miracles. Amen and Amen!

    • These were words I’d also like to say to you, David. I have been so uplifted by re-studying these words in Exodus. I love your comments David and am so inspired by the energy God has given you. I am just turning 70 and God has blessed me and my husband Dave with mobility also ..I thank Him every day. Your battle with cancer was another of God’s miracles that is inspiring me to believe more. I must say again that i just LOVE the pictures Reynold posts…..they often remind me of our trip with you last November. Please keep up the good work you are doing David.

  16. I love reading God ‘s Word It Is new every morning. Since my husband
    passed away 9 months ago reading Gods word is a comfort to me
    so thank you for doing this blog David ….God bless you and your

  17. David, I look forward to your blog every day. Thanks so much to you and all those working with you. You are blessing many people! May God continue to richly Bless you and your family!!! I am very happy that the Lord has healed you. Would you please pray for two of my grandsons(Will and Nicky) to be healed of autism. They are 5 and 3 years of age and are the two sons of my youngest daughter, Christina. She and her husband John are working with YWAM.

  18. Thank you David! I enjoy reading your blog, very insightful and learning all the time. Since 1985 when I met Illamay Vineham she was a hostess at 100 Huntley Street…I gave my heart o Jesus while living in her house. The very next day she had me come to 100 Huntley Street to.purchase a Bible. I met you and Norma Jean. Never looked back in follwing Christ. Thank you.

  19. There are not enough words to thank you Pastor David and your precious family for this daily blog and manna from Heaven. I have been with you from the beginning and when I do not get internet at the cottage still read The Word and catch up on the comments when I get home.
    I have sensed the presence of The Almighty as He has answered our prayers for your healing and also for me as I went thru my mastectomy and reconstruction, many surgeries later. Also our Son through his diagnosis of bipolar, but The Lord has been right there healing and stabalizing him. So to answer your question Pastor David. I AM BLESSED beyond measure. The people I have met and had the privilege to pray for has shown me how very much God loves us. Hallelujah to our Triune God … Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Blessings to a.

  20. I look forward to the blog each day (bought a Tablet for the blog) and have followed since day one the first time around. It keeps me going through challenges. My husband & I both had surgery last week. We also had 56th anniversary so not all bad! Finding it harder to remember new concepts now. Wish we could have had this blog years ago. Thanks to all involved. Prayers for you

  21. Hi David, Your daily blog has helped me so much and your right, it is about consistency. It has been so interesting and I often share some of the information at our local Care Centre where I do a weekly Christian Fellowship. I just want to say thank you again for all you do and especially for what you’ve done for me. I look forward to starting in the book of Luke tomorrow.

  22. Thank you for asking how your bloggers are doing Pastor David.
    My husband had surgery and is back home again, and we have been able to keep up with the daily readings, they have been an encouragement to us.!
    Thank you so much.
    Blessings to one and all.

  23. David, I have been part of this blog for over a year now, and I would not want to be without it. I am more consistent in my daily reading, and I mostly do the reading first thing each morning.
    I find that God impresses different verses on my mind, to teach me things I need to know personally. Like when the children of Israel complained against Moses, they were not complaining against Moses but against God. So now I am aware that anytime I complain, it is against God, wow that should change what I say.
    I understand that what comes to me is allowed by Him and He has a purpose for it and it is for my good.
    Also when I think of the colours in the tabernacle, and the gold, silver, and bronze, it certainly was not boring. We are the Temple of the Holy Spirit, and our lives should reflect differences, we are not all the same.
    Also the incense would have been smelled wonderful, we too are to be the aroma of Christ in the lives of those persisting in sin, as God leads us in Christ to spread the fragrance of Our knowledge of Him. And we are learning more each day.
    Yes, David I am being blessed by this blog, by the interaction between the participants, being able to share our thoughts, ask for prayer etc., I know that God will bless your family, for all you have done to make this blog possible for us, also God says His Word will not return to Him void, but will accomplish what He desires. So reading His Word each day consistently is His will for us and it will accomplish His purpose for each one of us. Thank you David. Mary

  24. Thank you Rev. David Mainse for this blog. Good to see you so well; enjoyed your sharing your Motorcycle ride story.
    Blessings on you and your family and all they do to share the truth of God’s love for us. For yours and their ministry through TV and this blog.
    I particularly appreciate your picking out a particular verse within the scripture of the day, and expounding on it, then applying it within your prayer of the day. Also the scriptures and videos you share with us to give us a deeper understanding of what is being presented.
    This certainly provided meat for me for the day, and I look forward to what you have to say. Thank you.
    Once again, Reynold your photo has captured the glow of what the Holy of Holies must have appeared like! thank you.

  25. I love studing God’s WOrd! I don’t understand alot but every time I learn something! Yesterday a member of my church Richard returned from BULGARIA! He went with Dennis Mitcheke who is with Habitat for Humanity, they went to Sofia! And Ger is going to Roma I believe! I was in awe, 2 people spreading the Gospel in Bulgaria and now Ger is going! AMAZING GRACE! I am thankful this bog is in shorter segments! In my notes I wrote “In Exodus the cloud was the Presence of God, In the New Testament Jesus is the Presence of God! The cloud lasted for 40 years. When the cloud moved so did the people! Imagine! Makes me look differently at clouds! Please pray for Sheila afer 6 months they found cancer however I believe she is healed because during this time reconciliation happend in her family! PRAISE THE LORD! will pray for total healing for Will and Nicky of their autism! they are healed by the BLood of the Lamb! Those with addictions: tell the Lord you want to be free from all addictions and begin a plan of praying, exercise at something and tell the Lord and tell Yourself that you are free from any bad habits! The Holy Spirit took smokes/alcohol away from me 20 years and just like that! THEY WERE GONE! With God all things are things are possible for those who believe! The Three in One! He is our Deliverer, Healer, our Friend, our Saviour, HOW GREAT IS OUR GOD! Pray for energy for me!
    “For throughout all their journeys the cloud of the Lord was upon the tabernacle by day, and fire was in it by night, in the sight of all the house of Israel” las v of Chapter 40 blessings to all!

    • Dear Sah,
      Thank you for sharing with us your testimony .
      Heavenly Father , may you fill Sah with an energy that goes beyond all understanding , in the Name of the One and Only Messiah , Healer, Councelor Jesus Christ. Amen.

      God bless you.
      Carole P.

  26. Dear Rev. David M.
    Doing great and you and your family greatly contribute to this answer. The daily blog for the past 2 years and 4 months has become such a building block to my walk as a christian.
    For so long I was trying to understand the true meaning of
    (Hebrews 4.12).
    and through your faithful comittement you have made it so real and clear . So I thank you ,your family for their dedication .
    God bless you all.
    xoxoxo Carole Pony Meunier.

  27. Thank you…Pastor David, God bless you for doing this blog. Your prayers and insights add to my daily strength. I thank God for you and your continuing good health! I thank a God for your ministry!

  28. Ahh, thank you David Mainse for asking how we are. I am rekindled above the changes and challenges I currently face in life by your guidance with the Bible, saints in the faith, and prayer. Jesus is my Saviour, Deliverer and Redeemer! Amen! I look forward to the new doors He has opened! I began the blog from the beginning but did not start posting for a month or so; too shy. Hard to believe. πŸ™‚ Reading the Word everyday and staying in the Light of Christ has been my saving grace!! Your commentary has been enriching and challenges me to have a deeper understanding, for which I am so grateful.

    Fear not, for I am with you;
    Be not dismayed, for I am your God.
    I will strengthen you,
    Yes, I will help you,
    I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.’
    Isaiah 41:10New King James Version (NKJV)

    I am in awe of the message, today, by the reminder about the similarities between Moses and Christ. I think of your father, yourself and your son(s) in the same way–exemplary servants to our Living God–following His direction!! Thank you fine sir!!! The end of Exodus and start of Luke is a joy to experience with all of you!

    Follow Me. I am the way and the truth and the life. John 14:6
    Amen! Praise God through whom all blessings flow!!

  29. Thank you David for being concerned about us. We are so blessed to be recipients of His Amazing grace and this blog is such an inspiration and encouragement so many thanks to all involved. I have not missed my Bible reading but today I could not access the internet until now. Reading the Word consistently does make a difference!

  30. I am doing well David M….and still following along each day, enjoying this time in the Word. So thankful for your dedication each day for getting this fresh manna prepared for us all.
    PS…you and Norma-Jean have an anniversary coming up soon don’t you? πŸ™‚

  31. Thank you, David. I am continuing on fine now. I had missed 3 or 4 days near
    the beginning but have been able to catch up. I read your blog in the evening.
    Not too great at getting up early anymore although I’m a tiny bit younger than
    you – not much thought!

    Thank you so much for blessing us with your insight. The pictures are wonderful

    Take care,

  32. I am doing good, thanks for asking Pastor David. Your daily blog has been a huge help to me. I found it difficult reading in 1 year but it is no problem now. Hope it continues for many more years as you say we get fresh bread every day. Prayer note: my little 10 year old granddaughter Lena in Texas has been in hospitable since Saturday night. She has a very bad infection in her kidneys, atlough lots of people are praying I thought my blog friends would like to also. Sorry it is so late hope some will see this. Blessings to all.

  33. Thanks David Mainse for your blog in daily BIble Ready. Been keeping up since part way through the 1st two years and continue. Enjoyed and blessed by the Book of Exodus. I don’t just read it but do a lot of writing as well as it helps me to really get the message of what he word is saying. Amazed again as I read Ex. 39 & 40 tonight. 1. The ‘faithfulness’ in following all that God commanded Moses. 2. The ‘detailed’ recording every step in the process. What God said to Moses, what Moses commanded, “very detailed” 3. The ‘expertise of each one with various responsibilities. “Skilled Craftsman” ” Weaver” “The Embroiderer”. 4. “The Glory of the Lord filling the tabernacle. (May the Glory – the very Presence & Power of God fill our lives” 5. Again how faithful God was in directing the Israelites, the Cloud of His Presence by day and Fire in the Cloud that led them by nilght. Thank you David for going the extra mile in guiding us through these Scriptures and sharing personal stories that bless and encourage,. Thank God for you and Norma-Jean – and your family – and Huntley Street for the great ministry to the world,. As for me, I am doing well. Love the Word of God – more than ever and thoroughly blessed by it. – and enjoying my relationship with the Lord. Though retired, I have been blessed in the past year in filling in for weeking sunday services and providing pastoral care for a small congregation. I had a heart attack 5 years ago but have been doing extremely well. Off all meds except low dose aspirin. Today I started comprehensive Cardio Fitness program one hour twice a week. Praise God, God is able to do…exceeeding abundantly above all…Thanks to all the bloggers for your messages today… special prayers for 10 yr old grandaughter, Lena, who is in hospital fight a bad infection involving the kidneys. May the unfailing healing love of God flow through Lena’s life – loving her – healing her – blessings her – all because of what Jesus has done for us. Samuel

  34. I met you at the CLF conference hosted at the Crossroads Centre last September. I don’t recall when I joined, but it was at or near Genesis 1. It has really helped me to be consistent each in reading my Bible. Thanks so much!

  35. Hi David,

    I enjoy reading your blog. Very informative for me. I love the photos too.
    Its a habit for me now before going to bed I read the blog. I thank God for you
    and your wife Norma-Jean. God bless.
    Diane from Ottawa

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