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Suggested Reading: Zechariah 9-10

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The Palm Sunday Church on the east side of the Mount of Olives is in Bethphage. This is where Jesus mounted the unbroken donkey colt and started His triumphal entry from the Mount of Olives and into Jerusalem. From this point onwards, Jesus left no room for doubt as to His claims to be the Messiah (Christ).

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Key Verses: Zechariah 9:9 & 10b

Rejoice greatly, O daughter of Zion!

Shout, O daughter of Jerusalem!

Behold, your King is coming to you;

He is just and having salvation,

Lowly and riding on a donkey,

A colt, the foal of a donkey… His dominion shall be from sea to sea, and from the river to the ends of the earth.


It was very clear to every person in the vicinity of Jerusalem that Jesus’ ride on the donkey into Jerusalem meant that He claimed to be, and the people believed He was, Messiah, King of the Jews. To protect their Roman appointed and enforced positions, the Jewish leaders had to act to destroy Jesus quickly or the thousands of pilgrims in Jerusalem would riot, bringing down the wrath of Rome on all Jerusalem and the Jewish people. Peter had even bought a sword with which to fight. When Jesus showed no interest in an armed overthrow of the occupying power and their Jewish backers, Judas tried to force Jesus’ hand, forcing Him into action at His arrest. All the people, His disciples, the Jewish leaders, and the Romans, failed to see that our key verses, known well by all, had two completely different times of fulfillment, the first and second comings of the Messiah. The people, including Jesus’ disciples, missed all the prophetic Scriptures which inform us of the lowly, suffering Messiah (Read Psalm 22…also read Isaiah 53). The donkey, the Bethlehem manger, and Jesus’ refusal to use His miracle-working power to help Himself, symbolized His first coming. He taught clearly that there would be another arrival in Jerusalem (Matthew 25:31-46). When He stood before the Jewish parliament He left no room for doubt when He was asked, “Are You the Christ, the Son of God?” His answer was to refer them to the prophet Daniel, another Scripture with which they were totally familiar. Jesus said, “Hereafter you will see the Son of Man sitting at the right hand of the Power, and coming on the clouds of Heaven.” Read Daniel 7:13-14. Also read and perhaps weep, Matthew 26:47-68.


Lord God, as I read the Bible with the advantage of hindsight, it’s very clear that there are two very different times involved in the Messiah’s coming to rule and to reign on the earth. Once again today I bow before Him, confessing that He rules and reigns over my heart, my mind, and all of me by love and grace. I also confess that He is yet to come to rule and to reign over all the earth with great power and glory. I pray for a greater manifestation of Your love and grace through me! In the Name of the lowly suffering Saviour… the One who shall soon return in His second coming, Jesus Christ! Amen!!!


I can identify with Jesus’ disciples (“talmudim”…used in Hebrew today to mean students). Over and over again Jesus had told them, as recorded in the Gospels, that He was going to Jerusalem where He would be arrested, crucified, die, and rise again. How did they miss it? There’s a Ben Franklin couplet that says, “Convince a man against his will, he stays the same opinion still.” I know myself well enough to say that once I think I have all the facts, and once I’ve made up my mind, it’s tough to change my mind. Just ask Norma-Jean! Let me give you just one example of what was going on with two of Jesus’ students, James and John. Both Mark and Matthew record the fact that Jesus took His disciples aside while they were travelling to Jerusalem and told them, with absolute clarity, that when they arrived at Jerusalem He would be mocked, scourged, crucified, and He would rise again the third day. He could not have made it more plain, but what was really on the minds of James and John? It was the planned request of their mother, “Grant that these two sons of mine may sit, one on Your right hand, and the other on the left in Your kingdom.” In this case, human pride and ambition made them incapable of actually hearing what Jesus had just said (Matthew 20:17-28 and Mark 10:32-45). Through the years, as I’ve read the Gospels over and over, I’ve come to realize that God is often speaking to me through His Word, and because I have my own plans, I don’t really hear Him. I have a recommendation for all blog readers. It’s this…at some point take just the Gospel of Matthew, take note of all the times Jesus tried to tell His students about His death, and see if you can find the reasons why Jesus’ message didn’t get through. Take those reasons and think about yourself and your reactions to God’s truth. You’ll learn, as I have sought to do, what the mental blocks are (for me I would call it thickheadedness!!!).

Yours with a measure of frustration, because often I feel like a blockhead when it comes to truly understanding what God is trying to say to me as I read His Word! Also, I’m increasingly disappointed in myself when I look at the name of this blog (my original intention when I named it)…””


P.S. O yes, I forgot to mention that Canada’s official motto, “A Mare Usque Ad Mare” (Latin) is taken directly from today’s reading, as well as Psalm 72:8. “From Sea to Sea.” Also I wanted to write a special thanks to all blog readers who have prayed for me of healing from MDS acute leukemia. I truly believe that God has said “yes” in answer to your prayers for me. I feel so good that I’ll challenge any 77-year-old reading this to a race… ha-ha! As the doxology says, “Praise God from Whom all blessings flow! Praise Him all creatures here below! Amen!!!

Also on display in The Palm Sunday Church is a large square rock on which the story of the donkey is told by an artist.

22 thoughts on “Monday, April 28, 2014

  1. It is clear God heard and responded to our prayers for your healing David, but I find greater meaning in God having divine purpose for the timing of your life. I am challenged to think about why Jesus’ students filtered His Words which stymied the truth of Christ’s pending crucifixion, death and resurrection. You do make us think! Let us live this day, fully aware of His presence in our lives and those around us. Amen.

    • They were human, just like us, David. James and John were swayed by their mother’s request; just like we are swayed by others, moved away from staying in the Word and in our relationship with Jesus Christ at all times. Without the teaching of the Word, and being led to live Godly lives, from the very beginning, and making the choice to serve, and being filled with the conviction of the Holy Spirit (I think of the example of David Mainse’ life), it is so easy to be swayed. I think myself, about other Christians who are not centered, who sway me away from the Word and my right relationship with Christ. It is up to me to stay centered in Him, and that is the same goal for all of us. How sad, we think, when Jesus, the very Messiah, son of God, was in their midst, and their teacher all along. And yet, we, as humans, have the same gift because of the teaching of the Word, and teachers, such as David Mainse, and our blog; we are blessed with the gift of the Holy Spirit to live and breathe through us, and yet, we are still pulled away. Lots to think about, indeed. Bless you, David!

  2. I thank the Lord for your healing David.
    Praise Him, from Whom all blessings flow.
    I look forward to your blog each A.M. I’m
    enjoying Zechariah and your helpful comments.
    The Pics today were awesome. Thank you
    Reynold, also Ron and Ann for your labors
    of love too.
    Enjoy God’s presence today Blog Buddies.
    Live in the moment – each one is a gift to
    us today.

  3. Praise Father, Son
    Praise Father, Son
    Praise Father, Son
    and Holy Ghost

    Oh enter then His gates with joy,
    Within His courts His praise proclaim,
    Let thankful songs your tongues employ,
    Oh bless and magnify His name.

    Because the Lord our God is good,
    His mercy is forever sure,
    His truth at all times firmly stood,
    And shall from age to age endure…endure

    Praise God, from whom all blessings flow,
    Praise Him, all creatures here below,
    Praise Him above, ye heavenly hosts,
    Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.
    Amen, Amen, Amen.

    Praise God, from whom all blessings flow,
    Praise Him, all creatures here below,
    Praise Him above, ye heavenly hosts,
    Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

    Praise Father, Son
    Praise Father, Son
    Praise Father, Son
    and Holy Ghost.

    Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change. James 1:17 ESV

    God’s continued blessings to you, David Mainse!! Blessings, today, dear fellow saints!!

    • Thank you for the beautiful rendition of the doxology, Beverlee. Beautiful. The photography is amazing too. God gave His amazing canvas as an amazing background. The reading, as usual, gives us a lot to think about. God bless everyone!

  4. Thank you again for this “fresh bread” this morning. God is not finished with you yet Pastor David!!! We praise Him for your healing!!!!!

    Have a beautiful day blog-buddies – it is a gorgeous morning here in Eastern Ontario!!!

  5. Good morning David Mainse and fellow bloggers. Greetings from the west coast of Canada.

    We bloggers are truly thankful that this blog was created by you David and brought to us with the help of your beloved family. It has been and is truly a gift from God.

    You say that you are disappointed in yourself that most times you exceed 100 words with each post. We recipients of this blog have not once been frustrated by this fact. 🙂

    God has healed you for His purpose David. At 77 you are again blessed with good health as is very evident in this blog ministry. You have positively influenced 100s of thousands of people including world leaders over the course of your life thus far…

    How many more millions will God reach through you before that wonderful day when you meet Him in person in Heaven? God continues to bless you and your family! Praise God!

    God also works in wondrous ways not always revealed until years later. For a good example: I posted late yesterday on this blog… God worked through Nicolas Winton to save more than 350 Jewish children from certain death during Hitler’s rise to power…

    May God continue to work through us as we go about our daily activities this day. Have a great day for God everyone! Amen!

  6. Thank you for your longer than usual blogs DM. Always enjoy reading your comments no matter how long.
    I think God didn’t mean for the Jews to understand the coming death and resurrection of Jesus. He works in mysterious ways. We just have to trust Him and have faith in Him and all will work out as He says.
    My husband and I went to high school together in Ontario. He took Latin and I took French and I couldn’t understand why he would take Latin. He never uses. I’m sure God knows. I was just trying to be practical and only God knows what my husband was thinking. We don’t always know ‘why’.
    God bless us all this great Spring day.

  7. Lots to think about, David and some concepts I never thought about before like Judas forcing Jesus’ hand when he betrayed Him. Yes, we surely do have our own plans that interfere with hearing God’s voice through His Word even with the disciples who walked with Jesus daily. Have been contemplating the Lord’s command to all of us as disciples, “Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils: freely ye have received, freely give.”(Matthew 10:8). Thank you David, you certainly are giving your maximum to the Lord. Thank you all blogging friends for your comments and your song, Beverlee. They all help to build us up in the most holy faith. The sun is breaking through in the east coast. Hurrah!

  8. “”I sing praises to Your Name, Oh Lord””
    “”Praises to Your Name, Oh Lord””
    “”For Your Name is GREAT and greatly to be Praised!””
    “”I sing Praises to Your Name Oh Lord””
    “”Praises to Your Name, oh Lord””
    “”For Your Name is GREAT and Greatly to be Praised!!!””

    I could sing that over and over for what The Lord has done in Healing you David.
    I prayed so fervently for you and your healing!!! The Lord uses you David..your such a leader into His Kingdom…and there is no greater joy then to Know Him and have Him. You have been SO faithful and obedient in spreading the Good News…my whole family is SO blessed by you and 100 Huntley Street, CTS, 100 WORDS (which you can make it 500 words and we would all be blessed!) and beyond…Yes, Praise Him from Whom ALL BLESSINGS FLOW…Thank YOU Jesus, Almighty!!! Amen!!!

  9. Your last sentence made me laugh… Yes it’s true that you went way over a 100words but the truth is, I enjoyed reading every bit of it by His grace:) may the good Lord continue to Bind us together with cords that can not be broken. I listen to a sermon this morning about the Spirit of Prayer…and I pray that the good Lord gives us all the spirit of prayer so that we can serve Him in spirit and in truth! Amen

  10. Thank you for the challenge of reading the Gospel of Matthew and noting how many times Jesus told his disciples what would happen. We too need to pay attention to our reading as I confess sometimes my mind is somewhere else and a second reading is necessary. Please feel free to go over 100 words as there is always an extra nugget for us to bite on!!!

    We praise God for answering our prayers for your healing and we know He is not finished yet with what you have to do to serve The Lord. Thank you Pastor David and your beloved family for taking us on this wonderful journey.

    May I ask once again for prayer for our son Neil (who has a diagnosis of bipolar) and is once again in a deep depression. He works for an unethical boss and finds it difficult as it goes against his faith. I ask that The Lord will
    help him see his boss through God’s eyes and stay true to what he knows is God’s way. Thank you fellow bloggers. Blessings.

  11. Dear Rev. David M.
    What a fabulous blog today. We are so thankful to The Lord for answering our prayers for your healing . Your daily bread since almost 2 years has been such a blessing for me has a new reborn in Christ. I could not have asked for better teaching than from you and all the blog buddies.

    Will make a point of studying Mathews and sharing the result with my Bible study gang at Fairview Alliance Church, God willing this coming wednesday .

    PS…. Dear Catherine will be keeping and praying for your son Neil with my church sisters and brothers in Christ.

    We also are blessed today here in Montreal by a beautiful sunny spring day.

    Have a blessed day everyone.
    xxxx Carole.

  12. David I enjoy your words just change it to 100 Words Plus great to see you feeling so well. What you were saying is exactly what I have been thinking the disciples didn’t get it that Jesus was going to die. As Christians today we forget the message that Jesus gave us about His soon return. When I was growing up in Highway Temple in Brockville Ont. our Pastor and his wife Tom and Elileen Richardson preached regularly on the second coming. It caused us as young people to keep short accounts with God we went to school on Monday looking up expecting the Return of the Lord not in fear but in Glorious expectation. Love reading your Blog my sister-in-law Edith Osborne who you know well is also experiencing a touch from the Lord in her physical being. Bye for now Lorena Crocker

  13. Dear Pastor David,

    Thankyou for writing this blog. I have forwarded today’s blog to my son. Please pray that God will use this blog to set him free from doubts and open his eyes to see Jesus the Messiah who He was there in the beginning of creation and will come back in His glory the second time! God bless you, pastor David!

  14. I think they were still expecting that Jesus was going to free them from the Roman Empire and be King of the Jews in the natural. That’s why there minds were rejecting His words about having to suffer at the hands of their Jewish leaders!

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