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Suggested Reading: Zechariah 7-8

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Jews of all ages visit the Western Wall, which is the retaining wall of the platform which enabled the creation of the large flat area on top of Mt. Moriah, where the Temple once stood in Jerusalem. Large numbers of men and women come here to pray. Today's reading is about the prayers God ignores and those prayers to which God pays attention.

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Key Verses: Zechariah 8:4-5 and 8:21b

Thus says the Lord of hosts:

“Old men and old women shall again sit

In the streets of Jerusalem,

Each one with his staff in his hand

Because of great age.

The streets of the city

Shall be full of boys and girls

Playing in its streets.” …Let us continue to go and pray before the Lord!


Zechariah 7 sounds like a good prayer at first reading, but then we understand that their prayers were all about themselves, not about God and others. An example of this kind of prayer is found in Isaiah 58, “They made their hearts like flint!” (7:12a). But God, through Ezekiel who prophesied in Babylon during the captivity of the Jews, said that their hearts would be changed! “I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you; I will take the heart of stone out of your flesh and give you a heart of flesh. I will put My Spirit within you.” Read Ezekiel 36:24-28.

Zechariah 8 is the result of the genuine repentance of God’s people during the years of exile in Babylon. Renewed and rebuilt Jerusalem is a beautiful picture of contentment, old men and old women sitting in the streets with boys and girls playing around them. Let us learn the lessons taught here. As Jesus said, “Ask…seek…knock” in consistent God-centred and people-centred prayer, and God’s promises are activated for the good of all. Read Jesus’ Words on this in Matthew 7:7-11.


Lord God, as Jesus was asked, so I ask, “Teach me to pray!” I pray not just for the words to say, but to actually “Pray!” You said through James, “Confess your trespasses one to another and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The effective fervent prayer of a righteous man [or woman] avails much!!!” Give me grace to always have a soft heart for others and toward You! I ask this in the Name of the One who got up early in the morning to pray, our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen! (Mark 1:35).


This past week I’ve visited God in prayer every day and thanked Him for what feels like excellent health after passing the date when it was predicted I would die. That was this past March. I was diagnosed two years ago with MDS acute leukaemia. King Hezekiah of Judah was told that he would shortly die, but God gave him another 15 years. Also the prophet Isaiah (obviously some kind of medical practitioner) prescribed treatment (Isaiah 38:1-5 and 38:21). In Isaiah 39:8 Hezekiah commended Isaiah for “good” prescriptions (words of advice). I would like to do the same for those doctors who helped me regain what most certainly feels like good health. I’ll do this in chronological order (you can click on their names for a link to more info). Kin Chung, M.D., our family physician, who sent me to the Juravinski Cancer Centre where I began treatment with cancer specialist, Ronan Foley. M.D. Dr. Foley said of my turn around this past winter, “Remarkable, jaw dropping!” Simultaneously I visited an old friend who had at one time been on the Crossroads staff before studying natural medicine, Rob Tomilson, Doctor of Natural Medicine, and his wife Silvana, who also is a D.N.M. They are Founders of “The Instutute of Natural Health Technologies” and provided me with great nutritional advice along with some unique products for me to take daily. Along the way, through the kindness of friends, I visited the Mayo Clinic. Then a long-time friend, Ciro Madonia, sent me to Dr. Fred Hui, M.D. His clinic is located at the corner of Bloor and Sherbourne Streets in Toronto.  Dr. Hui’s treatments and prescriptions have helped greatly, I’m sure. He is under pressure by some of his fellow M.D.s to back off from the practice of alternative medicines, and he could use the support of my blog readers in order to continue his good work. Click here for P.R.I.M. (People’s Rights to Integrative Medicine) to see how one can help maintain the rights of this good man to practice what has already helped thousands of people.

Yours in thankfulness for the prayers of my blog readers, for God’s healing Power, and for health practitioners,


P.S. God willing, tomorrow, I want to emphasize my heartfelt thanks for everyone who prayed for me individually, and for the churches and ministries that prayed collectively.

These ladies with a child are from Harran, which was a major city in ancient Mesopotamia, reflecting the title of today's blog.

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12 thoughts on “Sunday, April 27, 2014

  1. Thank you for sharing your course of treatment professionals. Together, with your faith and prayers, we have undoubtably witnessed a miracle of healing. This information comes at a pivotal time in our lives too. Natural and pharmaceutical medicine require thorough patient assessment by well informed doctors who understand contraindications with their patients health. As an example, someone treated with immunosuppressive medication cannot be given alternative immune boosting medications. Dr. Hui would be knowledgable in this respect. I would caution buying into a laymen’s (often pyramid scheme) natural formula’s which supposedly promise incredible health. Blessings and His strength, to all!

    • Very good point David. Our pharmatist is very good at checking our medication as to relation to unprescribed things. We all wanted to pray for you, David M. We know a good thing when we see it! We love the walk through the Bible to. God continue to bless you & family.

  2. David, I’m alive and well today because someone (a life-long real friend) persisted until I went to listen to what, at the time, sounded very strange to me. Alternative ‘medicine’ products and practices have saved my life. And even the orthopedic surgeons that have put me back together over the past 4 years have both agreed, after checking out what ‘alternative’ stuff I was taking, that I should continue doing so “since it is obviously working for you.”
    Keep on the firing line! I love your heart felt burden and compassion.

  3. It would be wonderful to see alternative medicine integrated with the conventional.Nutrition seems to be such a large part of one’s health so if we educate ourselves, and there are so many reliable study sources these days, why would we not? It sounds like you have many reliable friends and other sources to guide you to great health help. Praise the Lord Who is your best health Helper. I will do anything I can to further sound alternative medicine in Canada. Thank you for asking for our input DM.
    Have a happy Sabbath fellow bloggers, in Jesus name.

  4. Congratulations on your grand-daughters success…..and thanking God for your blessing of having her nearby as she continues her studies and preparation!

  5. Dear David I praise the Lord indeed for your wonderful healing ,May God give you
    strength to continue with your work , and I believe He will….R…

  6. Praise the Lord for good health. I also believe in natural remedies. My prayer is that every person suffering from cancer would all be treated the same but I highly suspect that if a person is wealthy and has alot of money they can go anywhere for treatment. That is how it works in British COlumbia and anywhere else in Canada. We have health care but only minimal….if you have the $$$ YOU CAN GET THE BEST….it is sad but that is reality. I’ve seen this personally with friends THe same with care for the elderly, if you have lots of $$$ you can get good care, otherwise your loved ones are at the mercy of the Interior Health and the care is dedplorable. it is only the bar minimal and it’s about money; the shareholders want their top $$$ first and receive HUGH investments $$$ and the people who need special care get the worst care….I pray God will stmop out all this for profit nonsence…..We need to pray for those in care facilities and we need at least 2 advocates for each person. Mr. Mainse is fortunate. He is blessed with great financial means and good health. THank you Lord. Please Lord protect all those who need special care. It grieves me Lord that they suffer so much, loss of dignity and treated like dogs….forgive those who lead these for profit places. Help the people; protect them, In Jesus Name I pray. Amen.

    • Your comments closely reflect the views of most people about the state of Ontario’s healthcare system – which pays doctors to practice “evidence-based medicine” that focuses on TREATING SYMPTOMS, with startling unsuccessful results, and operates like a “Sickness Care” system!
      What Ontario taxpayers deserve is an “Outcomes-Based” healthcare system, that effectively address the underlying causes of disease, known as Integrative Medicine. It is a comprehensive, science-based approach to medical care that draws on the best of many different specialities.
      PRIM – People’s Right to Integrative Medicine is a not-for-profit organization that has helped David to recover his health. Browse the website: to read many more stories about similar dramatic stories. Please support this organization by Joining the Community of supporters.
      Pat Gill

  7. I watched 60 minutes tonight and they had an interview with a 104 yr old Englishman on this week’s episode. He freed over 350 Jewish children from Czechoslovakia when Hitler rose to power and invaded Prog. Nicolas Winton’s Motto “If something’s not impossible then there must be a way of doing it”.

    Thank you Nicolas Winton! The Lord works in wondrous ways! Amen!

    Congratulations Hannah on becoming an MD. May our Heavenly Father guide you and protect you as He works through you in your newborn career! Amen!

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