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Suggested Reading: Ezekiel 38-40

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You can see one of the main entrances to what was the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. The three closed arches were once open for the public to go in and out from the Temple courtyard. The religion that calls itself Islam now controls the Temple Mount. One wonders, when considering today's reading of prophecies yet to be fulfilled, what will become of this ancient Jewish centre of the worship of the true God.

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Key Verse: Ezekiel 38:18

“And it will come to pass at the same time, when Gog comes against the land of Israel,” says the Lord God, “that My fury will show in My face.”


It seems obvious that the prophecies of today’s reading is yet in the future. The geographical and political indications are that Gog, Rosh, Meshek and Tubal are the lands north of Israel. That could be a combination of modern Syria, Turkey, Ukraine, and Russia. In recent days, Russia has demonstrated its willingness to move its armies into Ukraine, seizing the region of Crimea. Could this be an indicator of what is to come with these powers continuing to move south, eventually attacking the modern state of Israel? Whatever the intentions of the nations mentioned in Ezekiel’s prophecy, it should be clear to Bible readers that God will come down on the side of His ancient people, Israel. Vladimir Putin, leader of Russia, said in an interview that he reads the Bible as he travels from place to place. God only knows if he has read Ezekiel 38 and 39, or perhaps he has read Revelation 20:7-15.Prophecy, yet to be fulfilled, is much more difficult to understand because we can’t read about it in history, as is the case of so much already-fulfilled prophecy. We should be very careful lest we be carried away with speculation. Chapter 40 is filled with amazing word pictures which underline the importance of our worship of God.


Lord God, I know from Scripture that You are for individual people and families, but I read today that You will be against certain national entities in the future. I pray for Vladimir Putin as an individual and for his family. I pray for the leaders of Ukraine, and, in particular, for the people of Crimea. Bring peace and most of all Your Message of eternal salvation to these precious people. God, Your Word tells us that You: “So loved the world that You gave Your only begotten Son” (John 3:16). His Name is Jesus, and it’s in His Name I pray. Amen!!!


As the leader of the Crossroads Ministries in the past, I was excited to place two television series on national TV networks in the USSR (Russia and 14 other republics). They were 13 episodes of The Crossroads Creation Series and 22 episodes of Kingdom Adventure (a production for children). These releases were a first for these officially atheistic states. A missions group led by Hannu Hauka of Finland did the voice translations into the Russian language. Crossroads is currently involved in an outreach mission to precious orphans in Ukraine (click here for information, as well as how to support). These involvements touch my heart deeply as I hear the current newscasts and as I read about the future in tomorrow’s headlines here in Ezekiel. In today’s reading we discover the time it would take to cleanse the land (mentioned twice). As a young student, I worked for a summer at Atomic Energy of Canada. Many people were employed in “cleansing” the reactor and Building 100, where there had been a serious spill of radioactive material. The cleansing of the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan after the nuclear bombing resembled the efforts which will be made by Israel to cleanse the land. I can’t help but wonder if a form of atomic weapons will be used in the battle described in our reading.

Yours for “Holy conduct and godliness” (Read 2 Peter 3:10-13 which looks like a nuclear holocaust),


P.S. I promised yesterday I’d place here an interview from this week’s 100 Huntley Street (Canada), where Moira interviewed the new hosts of 100 Huntley Street USA (click here).

12 thoughts on “Thursday, March 13, 2013

  1. It is interesting to compare today’s reading to nuclear warfare. Brimstone is archaic for sulphur. The term fire and brimstone can be likened to nuclear fusion which is an atomic reaction followed by the fusion of carbon and oxygen into neon, sodium, magnesium, sulphur and silicon. Sulfur or sulphur (brimstone) is a chemical element with the symbol S and atomic number 16. As you’ve said David, one can only speculate future headlines based on Ezekiel’s prophesy. For today, let us pray, hope for this and future generations, and understand Father God is in control. Amen.

  2. I am so happy to hear that Mr. Putin reads the bible. He should then realize that God is in control of what transpires in Ukraine as well as any other country he attempts to invade. I pray that whole conflict settles into a peaceful resolution. I also pray for the families and friends of those souls lost in the Malaysian airplane. What a mystery!
    May the grace of our heavenly Father be upon all of us today and always, amen.

  3. The prophecies in today’s reading seen horrendous, but knowing God is in control gives hope. The specific measurements of the temple shows me how detailed God is in all things and it is there for our benefit. Creation in itself is beautiful and each, flower, animal and we humans are so intricate, how could they not be from loving hands!!!!

    Blessings for all today.

  4. How do we benefit from knowing all the details of the temple? I find it almost impossible to even imagine all the details and the dimentions. I do pray that the location of the plane is discovered and, also that God will have mercy on Pastor Amadini (not sure of spelling). He has been beaten for his faith many times and is in need of medical help, which has been denied. (He was formerly a muslim). He has a wife and children in the US. He is a US citizen imprisoned in Iran.

    • I admit that I did not read most of details of building of the temple, I just scanned thru quickly. And I don’t know how much more I can read of the awful things God did or will do to sinners. Do we have to know all the gory details and all the names and dates. There must have been some good and happy things going on in the old testament days. Sorry if this offends you God.

  5. Father God , How do we pray in times like these ?? Help us, Jesus to pray. The bible says, you Jesus, sit at the right hand of God .. interceding for us.
    In Genesis Abraham asked God to save the innocent people. God saved Lot and his children. In the countries north of Israel we are with you David in prayer for salvation of the precious people in these countries. Lord we ask in Jesus name, send your angles to escort the innocent out of these countries . And here I am contradicting myself Jesus is interceding, for these precious people.
    Show us how to pray Lord ! ! I always feel so insignificant in praying. You say Lord come to you as little children. I prayed with my little grand son this AM and I ask that you hear our prayers as you heard his this morning. God be with you all as we pray for God’s will to be done. God is in control of all . Amen

    us people

  6. I don’t know how I got ( us people ) at the end of the last message and I could not get it out of there either.

  7. Dear Rev David M:
    As I was reading today I turned my head and looked at a beautiful plaque that a friend of mine gave me last year that I always put beside my bible as I do my 100 Words with all of you. It says *The word of God is living and active, Sharper than any double edged sword* Heb 4:12. So Heavenly Father thank you that we can turn to you to pray like your precious beloved Son, Jesus Christ, Messiah the Lords prayer. Amen

  8. I so appreciate that you explain where the regions named in the Bible are today. That, your insights, and Reynold’s pictures bring some of the harder to understand readings in the Old Testament to life. I also pray God brings the Russian people to know The Lord Jesus as their Savior and King. May He also forgive America’s grave sins and bring us wise and God fearing leaders, bless the searchers for the missing plane and comfort all the hurting families, in Jesus matchless and wonderful name, Amen!

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