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Suggested Reading: Ezekiel 36-37

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Mary and Joseph gazing upon the little One of whom it was written by the Prophet Micah (5:2) more than 100 years before Ezekiel's prophecies, "But you, Bethlehem .... out of you shall come forth to Me the One to be Ruler in Israel, Whose goings forth have been from old, from everlasting!" I checked the dictionary this morning for the word "aha" found in 36:2 and here's what I read, "Aha, so that's your secret plan!" Jesus is the greatest "Aha" revelation in human history.

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Key Verses: Ezekiel 36:26-27

I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you; I will take the heart of stone out of your flesh and give you a heart of flesh. I will put My Spirit within you and cause you to walk in My statutes, and you will keep My judgments and do them.


Twenty-five times in today’s reading Ezekiel quotes God saying,”I will.” The fulfillment of these prophecies is still decades away in the restoration and rebuilding of Israel under the leadership of Ezra, Nehemiah, and a dozen prophets whose short books we’ll read by the time we complete our readings on June 2nd. When God says, “I WILL!!!” and when people pay attention and co-operate with Him in deliberate, obedient, positive action, good things happen.

Ezekiel 36 states what God will do and we know from history that these good things happened. Verse 31 tells us what the people would do as a result, “Then you will remember!” Let us take time today to remember the good things God has done in our lives.

Ezekiel 37 is another example of Ezekiel’s unique prophetic word pictures. Another old song is “Them bones, them dry bones…now hear the Word of the Lord” (click here for a fun children’s version produced by “Muffin” songs). We’ve read a lot of heavy stuff; perhaps it’s time to lighten up with the Light of God’s Word and with a light happy obedient heart.


Lord God, I thank You for the “aha” moment in my life when You became more than Someone I heard about in family devotions and church. I pray that You’ll surprise many others today with a revelation of Your secret plan. May I be Your communications agent to all those I meet today. With Your Holy Spirit’s help, I will do my best to make sure Your plan is not a secret anymore. I pray this in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ (Messiah), the One who shone a bright light on Who You really are, Father God, Amen!!!


I’m doing as our reading tells me…remembering. It will be 52 years ago the first Saturday night of this coming June when the lights went on for a new TV show called, Crossroads. There was only one TV station available and we were there with the greatest message the world has ever heard. Now the descriptive name for this is “The Crossroads Media Group.” There are dozens of shows for children, teens, and the whole human family. They’ve been produced in many languages and distributed around the world. It’s been said, “If there’s no feedback from viewers, there’s been no communication!” For example, there were over a million letters from children to our Russian language edition of Kingdom Adventure. They asked for a colouring book which taught about God. This was an amazing opportunity back when the Soviet Union first emerged from the 70 years of communist captivity.

Now, here’s the website of another new “I will” initiative from Crossroads (click here). Yesterday, I featured here one of the hosts of 100 Huntley Street USA, Eric Metaxas, and now here’s Eric’s hosting partner, April Hernandez. April is a successful Hollywood actress, and now she’s not acting a part but living the reality of God’s “aha” revelation in Jesus (click here for April’s 700 Club interview). Tomorrow, God willing, I will share here Moira Brown’s interview with both April and Eric, which airs on 100 Huntley Street today.

Yours for millions of “aha” revelations!!!


P.S. The 100 Huntley Street Canada TV show will continue to be there every day, God willing. I have a Canadian satellite TV dish mounted on the back of our mobile home here in the seniors park in central Florida. We watch the Canadian Global and CTS networks for all the Crossroads productions. My heart is full of deep gratitude to God and to all who pray and give to make God’s message a daily presence and a powerful life-changing reality. May God bless Dr. John Hull, our Crossroads Global CEO, and all his great team of “aha” world changers.

18 thoughts on “Wednesday, March 12, 2014

  1. Father God
    Thank you for everything you have done in my life for you have changed
    my heart. Father I ask that you speak through me to others I come into
    contact and even through my prayers for them so they will have aha moments
    as well
    In Jesus Christ name
    Renold I love the picture you took
    David you are lucky to be in where you are today there are is a storm coming
    lots of snow and ice.

  2. It is truly mind boggling how many “aha” moments we share in life, and how infinitesimal these are in relationship to the universe and God. Lord, grant us clarity of mind and spirit, as we are filled with awe over Your Splendour in every aspect, and in our personal relationship with You. All glory and honour is Yours, forever more!! Amen!

  3. Thank you Lord for all you have done in my life. I would not be where I am today without you. You are my hope, my peace and my strength. Thanks for David, 100 Huntley and to all the bloggers. They have all helped me on my walk. One day we will all meet in heaven.

  4. May all your prayers be answered Rev. Mainse. 100 Huntley St. has been such a blessing to many and now it reaches such a vast audience in the States. Thank you Jesus!

  5. One sure sign any ministry is from God is to look at it’s humble beginnings. Everything God does seems to start out small and expands into something bigger and bigger. From tiny seeds the largest trees grow; from a single egg and sperm the vast complexity that is animal and human bodies are formed; from one word the vastness of time and space, a universe beyond our imagination and understanding came into existence. And in the life of one man, Jesus, through his death and Resurrection heaven and earth are in the process of being completely transform to be a part of God’s Kingdom. It is truly amazing.
    As Crossroads continues to grow outward as witness of God’s work in our lives, I pray for it’s protection, for the larger an organization gets more tempted to lose it way. It becomes easier for evil to sneak in and corrupt, changing the mission and goals from God’s to man’s—-just look at some of the larger churches /ministries past and present and know how true that is– so proceed with caution and heed the lessons taught so Crossroads will always remain a shining beacon for God’s light and not end up fallen in disgrace as many have done in the past. Amen

  6. You sprinkle new water on us, Lord, and we are cleansed. As we are covered by the blood of Jesus, we are protected. The greatness of Your mighty Name has been proclaimed! We shout with thanks as the Spirit of Christ, lives and breathes in us! We sing praises as Your Kingdom spreads, and Your living Word sinks into the hearts and souls of all who call in prayer to be saved by You, Lord. For You alone are Holy! You alone are mighty! We bow down and worship Your precious Name!!! We belong to You, LORD! It is all for Your glory!! We give YOU all the praise!!!

    Thanks for the link, David, to April Hernandez’s testimony. Praise God for the work she and Eric will do as hosts of the show in the US!!!

  7. Thank you blog family… Your messages and testimonies stir the Holy Spirit within…

    May the Crossroads family continue to grow strong in all their ministries as a beacon of light in the shores of time… for the Glory of God! Amen!

  8. AMEN & AMEN blog-buddies!!! Yes, we all have those “AHA” moments!!

    When I was reading the scripture reading this morning, that song came immediately to mind. I so enjoyed listening to the song “Dem Bones” My 3 year old granddaughter perked up when she heard it and we watched it several times and I sang along with it. Even her 16 month old sister enjoyed it too!!!

    Have a great day and be careful those who are driving. We are having a winter storm here in Ontario. Blessings to all!!

    • Hi David and Norma Jean: I am glad you are down in Florida in the winter enjoying some Rand R but I see you keep very busy. Everyday I think of last Nov. when we were all together touring Israel. What a wonderful blessed trip that was!! I an so glad I went. Now I am enjoying 100 words and of course as I have for many years watch 100 Huntley on my days off! I am happy to hear of your healing Praise God!! Please say a big hello to Ron and Ann and their son-inlaw Jason.
      Joyce Kiselbach

  9. Dear Rev. David M.
    Thank you so much for another fantastic teaching of Gods Precious WORD.

    So many aha moments that I have to be grateful to the Lord and not because I deserved them but only because of HIS UNFAILING LOVE. So Lord we give You Thanks , we worship You, let us be Your shining light , in the Name of The One and Only Jesus Christ (MESSIAH) , Amen.

    Dear fellow bloggers , may you all stay safe and warm through this winter storm and do focus on the fact that we are not in December, but good news April is almost there.

    Have a blessed day everyone…
    xxxx Carole.

  10. I thank God for you David and your wonderful messages and guidance…these things Make my day and I pray for your continued health and that God will guide those who continue in the path you have set. Moira and Ron…I just don’t have words to express my joy when they appear on the TV screen. I am an octogenarian, so you will hopefully understand that at times I have difficulty in expressing my thoughts, but your ‘100 Words’ really give a wonderful start to my day as I always do my ‘devotionals’ first thing in the morning. blessings galore to you and yours!!!

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