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Suggested Reading: Jeremiah 14-15

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Here is a modern building in the Old City of Jerusalem made with the same type of stone that the ancients used to build Jerusalem. This is the Aish Hatorah World Centre, built by the Dan family of Canada. On top of this building, encased in glass, is a replica model of the Temple that once sat upon the Temple Mount. The history of Jerusalem is "terrible." It has been destroyed and rebuilt more times than any other city on earth.

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Key Verse: Jeremiah 15:21b

I will redeem you from the grip of the terrible.


The word “terrible” refers to that which causes TERROR! We’re all familiar with that word and with the Satan-inspired evil of terrorism. Jerusalem suffered from lack of rain and from attacks by its enemies in the years prior to its total destruction by the Babylonian (Iraq) army. The people were terrorized and yet they did not turn with all their hearts to the true and living God. Jeremiah refused to cease his prayers of intercession for his people. He prayed, “Are You not He, O Lord our God? Therefore, we will wait for You!” In spite of what Jeremiah calls, “the grip of the terrible,” he adamantly refuses to give up on God!

Chapter 14 tells us of those claiming to be prophets who speak lies using God’s Name. Contrast this with Jeremiah, God’s true spokesperson. God’s person, when God’s Word is read, “eats the book!” (Jeremiah 15:16). The man or woman of God inwardly digests God’s book! We are doing this daily here in this blog. The result is as Jeremiah experienced, “Joy and rejoicing of my heart!”


Lord God, just as Jeremiah refused to give up his preaching of Your Word, so may I pray that I will never give up sharing Your Word in every possible way. Teach me, O Lord, to be more effective in intercessory prayer, waiting in faith for Your deliverance from “the grip of the terrible!” I pray this in the Name of the greatest Intercessor, Jesus Christ, Amen!!!


I’ve just read the intercessory prayer of Jesus (John 17:1-26). Jesus, in His life and death on the Cross, experienced the greatest and most “terrible” disaster possible, and He accomplished redemption. The word “mortgage” means “death” (mort) “grip” (gage). According to the dictionary, the word “redemption” means “the act of regaining or gaining possession of something in exchange for payment.” The word “redemption” comes to us in the English language from Latin and literally means “buy back.” Ever heard of Ivan the Terrible, Czar of Russia? He built St. Bazil’s Cathedral to celebrate his victory over the Muslim Tartars (picture below). He made England’s Henry VIII look good. Ivan was excommunicated by the Orthodox Church, but he was so “religious” (like many in Jeremiah’s day) that he made a hole in the wall of the church and would stand outside in below zero weather for two hours each Sunday morning, so he could still observe the service inside. His wife and children were only allowed to sit in the balcony.

Yours for God’s deliverance from dead religious observance and for the reality of the experience described by Jeremiah, “Your Word was to me the joy and rejoicing of my heart” (Jeremiah 15:16b),


St. Bazil's Cathedral, Moscow, in the winter.

An artist's depiction of Ivan the Terrible.


34 thoughts on “Wednesday, January 29, 2014

  1. Meaningful words! Outstanding pictures! Lord, I pray everyone of us literally “eats the book” and experiences joy in our hearts as we draw nearer to God daily by reading scripture and seeking understanding. May the concepts and writings which may seem obscure in scripture, take root in our hearts and flourish into understanding. May we be strengthened such to intercede for others in our prayers and intentions, not to be caught up in “dry religion.” Lift up those who need to rise above current circumstances and strengthen those who need to persevere and endure. Cause change where change needs to happen and fearlessness to overcome fear. In Jesus’ name, Amen!

  2. I am very perplexed by today’s reading. I am not quite sure even how to address it, ‘with the glory which I had with You before the world was’. John 3:16 has always been one of my favorite scriptures. I thought that Jesus was born through the Holy Spirit by Mary’s acceptance. I have been told by the Jehovah Witness that Jesus was one of God’s angels. ‘Before the world was’, was HE?

    • Claudette:

      You are correct – Jesus was conceived by the Holy Spirit. Read Luke 1:26-35

      God is an eternal, personal, spiritual Being in 3 persons – the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit (Matthew 3:13-17; 28:19, 2 Cor.: 13:14)

      Christ is Divine, a part of the Trinity, God Himself –
      John 1:1 states “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God”
      See also Col.: 1:15-19; 2:9 & 1 John 5:7-8

      So you see that the Jehovah’s Witness teaching is wrong.

      I hope this clarifies it for you.

      Blessings to you today!!!

    • Dear fellow saint– Scripture teaches the Son and the Father are one so if God made the angels, how can He be something He created? The Son is the second person in the Trinity. I know the Trinity is a difficult concept and mysterious to understand, but the Son existed as One with the Father and the Holy Spirit before anything existed; it was through the Son all things were created
      Now Jesus is the Son, the Word of God made flesh. Jesus is as human as you and I, but He is also the Son. Jesus is his human name, meaning God with us– as God he was known as I AM. When he rose from the dead, He remain both human and divine. If anyone denies Jesus was human, John states that person has the spirit of the antichrist. ( 1 John 4:2-30)
      There is only one angel I know that is trying to pass himself as God, and that is Satan, not Jesus, no where did Jesus say in Scripture he was an angel, but He did say He was I AM.
      Satan was created. He is an angel, he rebelled, he got thrown out of heaven, he is the one still trying to pass himself as God and J. Witnesses believe him, but please don’t you be deceived. Get to know the real Word of God and arm yourself with the truth, because they are a lot false teaching out there.

    • Christine, No.No.No! Jesus was never an angel! To discover how false this cult is, read Hebrews chapter 1, also Isaiah 9:6! Jesus is “Mighty God! Everlasting Father!” Anything that diminishes Jesus from being 100% Jehovah God is the “spirit of antichrist.” Please check with the Pastor of a congregation that holds to the historical understanding of the Holy Scriptures and the Bible teachings concerning who Jesus is. Also read the book of 2nd Peter about th danger of false teachers.

  3. Thanks, David–that was a great history lesson, today about Ivan the Terrible!

    The words of Jeremiah 15: 19-21 are so powerful!

    Therefore this is what the Lord says:

    • “If you return, then I will bring you back;
      You shall stand before Me;
      If you take out the precious from the vile,
      You shall be as My mouth.
      Let them return to you,
      But you must not return to them.
      And I will make you to this people a fortified bronze wall;
      And they will fight against you,
      But they shall not prevail against you;
      For I am with you to save you
      And deliver you,” says the Lord.
      “And I will deliver you from the hand of the wicked,
      And I will redeem you from the grip of the terrible.”

      The Word of the Lord to Jeremiah reassured him, and does the same to us. We are confident in God’s Word of truth in the Holy Bible, from the Old Testament to the New, with Jesus, Son of God, as our ultimate Saviour. When the trials and tribulations of life attempt to pull us down, let our hopes be lifted and hearts be comforted as we find solace in the loving arms of our precious Lord.

      Wishing all saints a blessed day–stay warm!!

  4. John 17: 1-26 the intercessory prayer of Jesus… Through Christ Jesus we have been cleansed… Though we are imperfectly Holy unlike God and his son Jesus who are perfectly Holy – our bodies are as temples for the Holy Spirit that lives within…

    May our Holy Father bless the gifts of the Holy Spirit in each of us for his honour and glory… Amen!

  5. Thank you for 100 Words ……….. I read it daily. It is like going to school:)
    You surely are a man of God David Mainse ………….. I pray for you always
    and am reminded to do so for others.

  6. Thanks David M. for being such a devout Christian. So happy Jeremiah was so special to God that He would separate him out from the bad people.
    Ivan The Terrible’s picture is in direct contrast to your father’s.
    Enjoying the daily blog and blessings to everyone.

  7. Dear Rev. David M.
    Todays blog brings so much clarity to the concept of Trinity. Many past questions that I had till now have been answered . The intercessory prayer of Jesus ( JOHN 17:1-26 ). could also be called the Christian Anthem …, will be sharing todays daily blog with my bible study group tonight at church.
    Have a blessed day everyone.

    xxxx Carole.

  8. OOPS. sorry I wanted to say many past questions on the subject of Trinity have been answered so clearly by todays blog.

    I am so grateful

  9. Today Just want to say I feel so blessed and joyful to be a child of THE MOST HIGH GOD, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


  10. You got it Catherine A CHILD OF THe KING . Our FATHER <SON < AND
    HOLY , SPIRIT , ONE IN THREE, Amen Amen Amen…..R…

  11. Asking intersessor prayer fo Brad again….He left hospital in panoka
    went and got drunk…slashed himself…and now back there on lockdown. No one allowed to see him. I’m afraid he will do himself in.
    Feeling helpless…………
    and so sad

    • It is late so I don’t know if you will read this but just wanted you to know I am still praying for Brad and for you too. One of the hardest things in life is watch those we love suffer and know there is nothing we can do to stop their pain.

  12. To Claudette Hann: I can understand your confusion as the Trinity is sometimes hard to fully understand. My favourite passage of scripture which I always use to help people is found in Philippians 2:5-11. ” Have this attitude in you which was also in Christ Jesus. which although He existed in the form of God, did not regard equality with God a thing to be grasped but emptied Himself taking the form of a bond servant and being made in the likeness of man. and being found in the appearance of man, He humbled himself by becoming obedient to death, even death on the cross.” The Lord is shown all through the Old Testament with many prophesies which point to the coming of Jesus.
    I pray you can find someone to teach you all these wonderful amazing truths. God bless you.

  13. I used to teach young children about the Trinity. I had a book for young children that depicted the Three Person Trinity as an apple that has 3 district parts but all are apple. Skin, flesh, and seed/core. Similarly, an egg. Shell, white, and, yellow centre. God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, all worked together in the creation of the world (Genesis). Each person of the Trinity has a special part in the God Head. The Spirit is our teacher – the Bible says that He will teach us. Jesus is our Saviour. He is the one who took upon Himself our sins. God the Father knew we would sin and that we needed to pay for our sins. Jesus took our place. The Bible says that without the shedding of blood, there is no forgiveness of sin. Hebrews 2: 9 says Jesus was made a little lower than the angels and he willingly went to the cross.

  14. Hi Mr. Mainse,

    I’ve enjoyed the stories of your life that you’ve shared over the past months. Recently, I’ve asked my Dad and Mom to put their testimonies in written form so that I may treasure them for times to come. I left a comment possibly a year or so ago stating that my Dad was saved at a meeting you spoke at in Kelvington, SK. This was incorrect. It was a banquet you spoke at in Yorkton, SK in 1984. If I could ask a great favour, is there any way we could track down the date of that meeting in that year? I know this may be impossible, but we thought it worthwhile to at least ask. Many thanks. 3 John 2

  15. I feel the Holy Spirit crying out for repentance as we read through Jeremiah. That dear preachers’ anguish brought me to tears today as I read Jeremiah 13: 15-27.

    Let us lift up the names of those who are struggling in their walk with Jesus. I am so thankful for all who prayed for me in my rebellion. Thank you Jesus for rounding up this lost sheep!

    Loving, John 17:20-26, these are my favorite verses this year!

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