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Suggested Reading: Psalms 108-109

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Looking over the Western Wall visitor area in the Old City of Jerusalem, you can see into the Arab Quarter where many satellite dishes are mounted on roofs. You can also see solar panels which heat the water tanks, also located on the roofs. Since 1967, the flag of Israel has flown over what was part of Jordan. Over thousands of years Jerusalem has been ruled by many different powers. Every day the Good News of Jesus comes into Jerusalem homes through those satellite dishes. The modern city of Jerusalem, with its high-rise buildings, can be seen in the distance.

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Key Verses: Psalm 108:2-3

Awake, lute and harp!

I will awaken the dawn.

I will praise You, O Lord, among the peoples,

And I will sing praises to You among the nations.

David could not have imagined a scene like the one pictured above in his city of Jerusalem. In a way, Psalm 108:5 is being fulfilled in that the satellites, which are in position 22,500 miles above the earth in space, do proclaim the Lord’s “glory above all the earth.” The “Light For All Nations” television ministry, originating from our Crossroads Centre building and distributed on a dozen satellites in the Arabic language, is praising the “Lord among the peoples,” as our key verse says. King David has made a decision as shown in the words, “I will.” He has decided to “awaken the dawn!” First thing each morning he is determined to “sing praises!”

Psalm 108 shows a king who prays vindictive prayers. This was probably written just after the rebellion of Absalom when many of those to whom David had shown only kindness had joined in treason against him. While David’s words do not show mercy toward his enemies, his later actions did show mercy. Jesus, who in Christian belief assumed the throne of David, not only shows mercy, but Jesus’ prayer for His enemies was, “Father forgive them for they don’t know what they are doing!” (read Luke 23:26-38).


Lord God, because I pray “In the Name of Jesus,” I cannot pray the prayers that David prayed in Psalm 108:1-20.” But I do pray David’s prayers from 108:21-26. Particularly verse 26 expresses my heart, “Help me, O Lord my God! Oh save me according to Your mercy.” I also pray for the continuing television ministry of “Light For All Nations,” as Nizar and his guests come into those Jerusalem homes with the message of God’s love and mercy through Jesus Christ. Amen!!!


I’ve walked the streets, inside the walls of Old Jerusalem, with my son-in-law, Nizar. It takes hours when I’m with him. The people all want to talk to him. He has visited their homes daily for years through those rooftop satellite dishes. I marvel at the plan of God in bringing this man from Cana of Galilee into our family. Our daughter was led by God to study for a year at The American Institute of Holy Land Studies, where she met Nizar, and soon they were married in his home town of Cana, where Jesus performed His first miracle at a wedding (John 2:1-12). I believe that Jesus attended another marriage in Cana! It was definitely, as the middle-eastern custom is, “an arranged marriage,” arranged by God back in 1983. I’ve just googled “Light For All Nations” and once again I’m amazed at the grace and mercy of God (click here).

As I read from my Bible this morning, I quoted King David and said to the dawn, “Wake Up!” The dawn had awakened in Jerusalem. It was already 11 a.m. in Jerusalem. People there may have already been watching “Light for all Nations” ministry programs. I believe Psalm 108:13a, “Through God we will do valiantly!”

Yours for all of us doing “valiantly” for another day!


P.S. On Google, I found an interview which Ron (who does the technical side of this blog) did with Nizar. It’s from a few years ago. I enjoyed watching and listening. It occurred to me that others might enjoy this too (click here).

10 thoughts on “Monday, October 28, 2013

  1. It reminds me of the phrase, “Humble beginnings.” In the 60’s, I lived in Buffalo, NY and remember that we only had five channels on the TV (three from the US and two from Canada). Each Sunday morning, I recall seeing a young preacher in black and white on one of the Canadian channels speaking of God’s love for about 15 minutes. That was it. Later, I recall talking to David M and finding out that if that first Crossroads show was not done in color, it would be cancelled. To his credit, he chose to drive a long drive to Kitchener, Ontario and film five or six segments at a time as that studio had the color capabilities needed and the drive was too long for a weekly commute.

    From there, following God’s plan perhaps as mentioned in Acts 2:47 of “added to their number daily,” 100 Huntley Street became a reality in the mid 70’s providing a live daily show with many repeats throughout the day and night. Then so many things have transpired including the Pavilion of Promises, Circle Square and Nizar’s work with the “Light of All Nations” to name of few.

    God has used the current technological advances and great men like you to advance the Word of God to all nations. What surprises me and impresses me the most is that the guy who could have “folded his tent” back in the 60’s when the idea of color broadcasting was so new and likely expensive, did not. It would have been easy to continue on as a good pastor knowing that you did reach out for a while. Who could blame you? I am so glad you didn’t….

    The world and we are better for it…that is for sure!

  2. I will bless the Lord at all times His praise shall continually be in my mouth foget not all His benefits Rejoice in the Lord my Saviour .
    I remember when Nizar started doing segments at 100 Huntley Street, he has been used mightily of God and continues to bless Jerusalem
    We pray for the peace of Jerusalem and all the jews for peace The city of God those who pray for the peace of Jerusalem shall be blessed
    God Bless Jerusalem ?:)

  3. David Mainse spiritually led hard work and determination in ministry has followed a principle ethic of, “if you don’t suffer the pain of hard work now, you will suffer the pain of regret later.” Truly an example set, for which we can follow! Have a great day, to all!

  4. Yesterday, afternoon my husband and I watched, “God In Ancient China”. Thank you David M for sharing this video with us. It was so interesting and the pastor with his interpreter did a wonderful job! We were very Blessed!!! Blessings to all!!!(Father, Son & Holy Spirit).

  5. I don’t know what everybody is going through this morning, but I have shared about my pain in the past. It has lessened a little, but I cannot sleep and I cried out to God in the night and did sleep for about 2hours at one time. This morning God reminded me of the wonderful old hymn
    He’s the One

    Is there anyone can help us-One who understands our hearts,
    When the thorns of life have pierced them till they bleed:
    One who sympathizes with us, and who in wonderous love imparts
    Just the very, very blessing that we need?

    Is there anyone can help us when the load is hard to bear,
    And we faint and fall beneath it in alarm;
    Who in tenderness will lift us, and the heavy burden share,
    And support us with an everlasting arm?

    Yes, there’s One, only One!
    The blessed, blessed Jesus, He’s the One!
    When afflictions press the soul,
    When waves of troubles roll,
    And you need a friend to help you,
    He’ the One.

    He said ” I will never leave you or forsake you. I won’t give you more than you can bear. I will work it out for your good, because you love Me.”
    Yes, JESUS is the ONE, the only ONE.

    Thank You, Lord for all your blessings, even pain drives us to You. And You are the only One who can give sleep to my eyelids. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. Amen, Mary

  6. I saw a t.v. show last night while visiting my mother called Anthony Bourdain: parts unknown. He visited Israel and Palestine. In Palestine the children brought tears to my eyes (but so does The Wonder Years and Rocky movies). The children were real. Tears on the face of a chubby faced child while dinner was served might have been teased out of her for the camera but the realities are the realities. Other children and there vulnerabilty were also real. For politics in the name of religion they will be taught it is good to kill for God. Walking back to my place, I thought of when Jesus returns and chastises there leaders for teaching this evil and chastising Israel for not doing more to show the ways of the True God and us in the West for our whoredoms.

  7. I have a suggestion to address the darkness I saw from Israel and Palestine on the program Parts Unknown. Make a settlement for Palestinians, Isaelies and Christians somewhere in those lands. Those who are willing to try to live in peace with each other would live there and be free to be either muslem, jew or christian without conspiring to persecute the others. If one wants to go to a christian or jewish temple or muslem temple, or even convert, they are free to do it. They should live among each other and be free to eat with each other etc. The rules would be enforced that they can not conspire to corrupt with sneaky ways or do violence. They would need to live by some basic rules of respect and morality or would have to go out. However, the purpose would be to show that they are basically one people and God is not a politician. I know that the Quran is false. I know God sent Jesus to be Lord over all His children, but the sword won’t force people to accept Him. So, give people a chance to live in a place in peace, if they want, and respect each other’s right and desire to seek a Godly life. I am not sure if this is the perfect solution but it is probably one many people would like to try. Some politicians in Palestine and Israel might oppose it. Also, entry to the settlement would need to be controlled because violent people would want to sabotage and kill them. So, no guns would be alowed and no means to make bombs. Some violence would probably still happen but steps should be taken to try to prevent violence and sabotage. When snakes try to recruit people to do evil, they should be revealed. I don’t have people to make these suggestions to but Crossroads does if you think it is good.

  8. Many years ago I could have prayed the way David did, but then I met JESUS and through His mercy, grace and love I no longer live for me, but for HIM?

    To HIM by be glory, honour and power!!

  9. I agree with You Rev Mainse, because the Bible says, ” love your enemies and pray for those who hate you” , I will rather do that than the other way round:) stay blessed bellow bloggers

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