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Suggested Reading: Psalms 106

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The North end of the Red Sea is in the south of Israel and also the south of the Kingdom of Jordan. The border between Israel and Jordan runs south from the Dead Sea to Elat on the Israeli side and to Aquaba on the Jordanian side. The coral reefs and marine life in the Red Sea are, to my judgement, the most spectacular in the world. In today's reading it says of God, "He rebuked the Red Sea also, and it dried up; so He led them through the depths, as through the wilderness" (Psalm 106:9). Egypt borders Israel on the west at this point on the shores of the Red Sea. God made a way of escape for the Hebrew slaves from Egypt into what now would be the territory of Jordan or Saudi Arabia.

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Key Verses: Psalm 106:13, 15

They soon forgot His works;

They did not wait for His counsel…

And He gave them their request,

But sent leanness into their soul.


Psalms 105 & 106 are historical records of Israel’s journeys and struggles, their high points in their relationship with God and the rebellions against their God. These Psalms were repeated by the people in their worship of God in the liturgical calendar at least once a year. The privileges of the covenant with God come with responsibilities. Israel was to worship Him and obey Him. God was faithful to keep His covenant, but the people, most of the time, were not faithful. Psalm 106 documents their unfaithfulness. The composer of this Psalm writes with a repentant heart. Verse one tells us that, “His mercy endures forever.” Without this fact, the human race would’ve been extinct long ago. No wonder we are told to, “Give thanks to the Lord for He is good!”

Our key verse is still true today. God has answered our prayers, as He did with Israel. He has blessed us with so many good things, but a materialistic, self-centred life will always bring leanness to our souls. Our souls will be malnourished.


Lord God, I pray that as I partake of the fresh bread and the meat of this daily blog, that I will be well nourished. Thank You, Lord, for Your patience with me when I grieve Your great heart of love and mercy with vain pursuits and foolish pride. Lord Jesus, You gave us the sinner’s prayer. I pray it now: “Lord be merciful to me, a sinner.” In the Name of the One who promised that this prayer, prayed in true repentance, would result in my being justified in the sight of God. Amen!!! (read Luke 18:9-14).


In my leadership calling at Crossroads over the years, I worked hard to make sure every cent given to the ministry was well spent for the cause to which God’s people gave. Apart from things I learned from my Dad, like turning out lights that are not needed, etc., I would list everything we did under three categories… (1) Necessary (2) Essential (3) Absolutely Essential. If funds were not available, the “Necessary” would be cut. If there still was not enough money coming in from the offerings of our wonderful partners, the “Essential” would be cut. Never, never, never was the “Absolutely Essential” cut, as these were the vital organs of ministry! Without the television ministry going out every day, the ministry would loose its purpose and die. Winning people to Christ on the telephones in response to the telecasts was never on the table for cuts!!! In yesterday’s blog, I placed an appeal from our Global CEO, Dr. John Hull, for funds to upgrade the whole telephone centre and the computer software. What he didn’t say was that his reason was that with the present set up, we’re losing 23% of the calls because of technical shortcomings. This means that 200 to 250 calls every day are not being answered by our prayer partners. John is very deeply concerned about this. He has shared this with me personally. To me, a busy signal on those lines is like a person heading for the altar in church and an usher tripping them on the way down the aisle! Souls are being lost as not everyone will call back again. I’m so thankful for the hundreds of calls being answered each day, and many are giving their lives to Christ. But I ask myself, “What about that one ‘prodigal son’ or that one ‘lost sheep’ who may be lost because of the lack of resources?” John’s burden for this “Absolutely Essential” component of Crossroads is the reason Norma-Jean and I called in yesterday an increase of $50.00 per month in our giving to Crossroads. I’m told that a complete upgrade in our telephone equipment will cost a considerable amount. This needs to be over and above regular giving which carries the ongoing operational costs of doing television ministry. The pledge line number is 1-888-288-0003. Would I be too bold in asking for extra help from my blog readers?

Yours with an apology for going way over my goal of 100 words again,


P.S. Here is a video of our Crossroads Spiritual Director, Ron, with a “Stay In Touch” message called “Beyond Just Hearing, Just Do It” (click here).

P.P.S. I realized that in yesterday’s blog I gave the wrong email address for Dr. John Hull. It’s actually Please consider sending him an email of encouragement in his new leadership role at Crossroads.

17 thoughts on “Saturday, October 26, 2013

  1. It was facinating clicking Google Maps from Reynold’s link, and then tapping the human figure in the bottom right corner to be put at street level, and scroll through town using the arrows. If you haven’t tried it, give it a try. Today’s key verses give us the sad reality of being luke warm in our faith and subsequently lacking tenacity and strength, leanness, in our souls. Our lives seem to be on a continuum of weakness and strength, depending on our focus on Christ and appreciating His redemption for our sins. Also, appreciating the many blessings we have experienced over our lifetime. My hope is to stay at the top end of this continuum. This daily blog and David’s words of guidence, have been an invaluable blessing!! Have a great day, to all!

  2. Thank you David Mainse for giving us the request for finaces to help upgrade the telephone ministery and whatever we your bloggers can do let us give out of sacrifice to our Lord and Saviour so many will come to know Jesus as theirLord and Saviour
    I will be one to give to help update the telephone s at crossroads

  3. Hi David, Psalm 106 had me entering in to what was being said about the amazing journey across the wilderness into the promised land, hanging on to every word.The words” v,21: They forgot God, v24:they did not believe his word, v26: He(God) raised his hand in an oath against them to overthrow and scatter them,v30/31 Phinehas stood up and intervened and the plaque stopped,v39: they played the harlot v40: He(God)abhorred his own inheritance v43: nevertheless he(God)relented in mercy and pitied them.” Wow! God is longsuffering and even after the great, awesome and wonderous works God did for Israel and then after failing him ,he was willing to forgive their transgressions when they turned back to him. The fear of the Lord was obviously missing. Pastor Jeremiah pointed out in his new book”What are you afraid of?” the great importance of having a healthy Fear of the Lord, God is awesome and mighty! We serve such a merciful and loving Saviour. Thank you Lord, thank you, thank you, for the great things you are still doing! Thank you for the provision you are providing for 100 Huntley Street telephone ministry and other needs. You are faithful! We love you Lord!

  4. Can we join together to pray for boldness and courage for all of God’s children throughout the world, some in comfort, some in dire need? “Lord, please light the fire that once burned bright and clean…please wash us clean, fill us with Your precious Holy Spirit, so that we can be Your witnesses in this world to the reality of Your Presence with us, so that we can bring the wonderful message of Your grace to those around us. We need You, as John said, more of You and less of me. Be glorified, Lord God, in and through Your church. In Jesus’s name, amen

  5. Amen to your prayer Pastor David, and I am forever grateful our Lord is long suffering.

    Do not ever be sorry for going over your 100 words, as they are blessings to our ears, and thank you for the challenge to support, not only in prayer but monetary gifts.

    Blessings to my fellows bloggers on this rainy, windy day on Ontario.

  6. I know that leaness of the soul very well. I am always aware that God in me is like a fire but sometimes it is small and seems that it could be choked out. There are a few things that keep it burning like holding to the things that I still do including avoiding adultery, reading the bible and warning others of the snake pits. It recently also includes reading this blog everyday. This is very good for keeping me closer to the path. Years ago, when I was not seeking God and Jesus, I sometimes (rarely) happened upon 100 Huntley Street or other t.v. ministry and it put God more strongly in my mind. I had already been born again and did not reject Jesus or deny that I believed in Him but did not try to live a very faithful life to Him. Also, as a child, I sometimes watched 100 Huntley and other christian programs and it kept God and Jesus closer to my mind than if I had not seen those programs. I think that your live ministries are greater. People are not in digital bodies. Anyway, I am glad you do this work.

    • So, thank you, David Mainse and Crossroads, for your faithfulness to Jesus. Also, thank you God for the christians that show your light here and in the world.

  7. Amen David M. and Robert. Robert I was thinking about requesting the same prayer for all of us tonight. I attended a Ladies’ Meeting today and the guest speaker was Joy Clark(wife of Ace) from Ontario. She did a great job in challenging us to be unstopable women for the Lord and so I thought of all of us fellow readers and bloggers who are being filled with the Word and need to give it out. Only the enemy would want to stop us as he knows the Word will not return unto the Lord void and will result in precious souls being saved, so Lord thank you for providing a way and place to share it. In Jesus Name. Amen!

    • Thank you. It is true— because sadly there was a time in my Christian walk I was the Christian I spoke of. I was the one trying to dictate to our Lord the terms for our relationship instead of fully committing to Him. When the Holy Spirit explained what I was doing using the illustration I shared on Wednesday I finally got it– and I am glad I did;so it is always a joy for me to share that story with others in hopes other lukewarm Christians will be lead by the Spirit to understand what being lukewarm means and why Jesus has every right not to accept less than our whole selves committed to Him fully.

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