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Suggested Reading: 2 Chronicles 26-28

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Looking east through the Valley of Hinnom (also known as the Valley of Gehenna) in Jerusalem. In today's reading, it is referred to as "The Valley of the Son of Hinnom," where Ahaz committed evil acts (2 Chronicles 28:3).

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Key Verse: 2 Chronicles 26:5

He sought God in the days of Zechariah, who had understanding in the visions of God; and as long as he sought the Lord, God made him prosper.

The history of Judah is like a roller coaster. Two Kings, Uzziah and his son Jotham, did what was right. God blessed them and all of Judah. The grandson, Ahaz, did evil when he became king, and we’ve learned by now that when God is not honoured and wanted, He withdraws, and the result is disaster. Let’s look more closely at the action and the results. (1) Uzziah “sought the Lord.” Result – “God made him to prosper.” (2) Jotham “prepared his ways before the Lord his God.” Result – “He became mighty.” (3) Ahaz “became increasingly unfaithful to the Lord.” Result – “The ruin of him and all Israel.”

Let us not despair. We expect to meet a truly Godly leader in tomorrow’s reading, Uzziah’s great-grandson, Hezekiah.


Father God, grant grace and wisdom to me that I may influence family members and others in Your ways of doing what is right in Your sight. I pray that I may successfully communicate the fact that You will not force Your blessings on those who, by their free will, turn away from You and from doing what is right in Your sight. Grant Your favour upon us all I pray fervently. In Jesus’ Name I ask these requests, Amen!!!


I have a Bible open beside me as I type, and when I think about it, I’m amazed by some of the stories and people that have made that possible. For example, we rarely hear of Myles Coverdale. He made a complete translation of the Bible into English 76 years before the King James authorized version was published. The impact of Coverdale’s translation on the English language is immense! William Shakespeare quoted approximately 2,500 verses out of this amazing translation in his plays. Shakespeare’s plays were performed in outdoor theatres to hundreds of thousands of people during, and after, his lifetime. In Stratford, Ontario, this Summer, these plays are still being performed. Many of these statements have passed into our language without people knowing their source. Of course, there were others, such as William Tyndale and John Wycliffe, who made amazing efforts to get God’s Word to everyone. Before the Latin translation by Jerome was made the official Bible of the Roman Empire, there may have been as many as 200 other languages into which at least part of the Scriptures had been translated and written on sheep’s skin or papyrus. I highly treasure my Bible. For that reason I’m making this daily blog with the prayer that others, who may not otherwise read the Bible in depth from cover to cover with a measure of understanding, will do so and be blessed! (click here for more information on Myles Coverdale).

Yours for a greater appreciation of our Bibles,


Looking south from the hills of Samaria in the direction of Jerusalem, which lies just over the horizon.


17 thoughts on “Saturday, July 6, 2013

  1. Good morning! It was facinating reading about Myles Coverdale’s life. He certainly moved around in order to write his literary contributions to the bible. Today’s reading also raises the question how one can experience such duplicity as to move away from God and find unfavourable consequences each and every time. Thank our Lord for forgiveness and clarity of mind as we turn to Him in prayer for direction in our lives and find restoration, peace and harmony. Looking forward to our readings on King Hezekiah life tomorrow. Have a great day to all!

  2. Sometimes when I face a difficult day or circumstance in my life, I remind myself, no matter how bad things are they would a thousand times worse without God in my life. It helps me to stay grateful. Today’s world seems to believe the God of the OT doesn’t exist anymore, but the truth is we are living in an age of Grace- one day God will withdraw from this world for a brief time and the last book in our Bible illustrates clearly what is going to happen to this world when He does.

    Thank Lord Jesus because of you we are now living in an age of Grace, where the Father’s love can stay with us even if we sometimes foolishly go our own way. The Holy Spirit which you have given us is our constant guide and compass always urging us toward the right path. We praise you for this amazing gift and for caring more about our well-being than we possible can know. Grant all reading this blog a deeper understanding of Your Grace and Love so when we are tempted to stray from it, we will know nothing is better without You, only worse. Amen

  3. We must be always careful to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus, the Author & Finisher of our Faith. When we take our eyes and focus off of Him, we too may be lead into deception. Let us all pray along with you, David, to do what is right in the eyes of the Lord.

    Have a wonderful Saturday today everyone!!!

  4. Amen to the previous comments. It can be so easy to be led away in today’s world. Sometimes I fear for my grandchildren who are still young, but as their parents and my husband and I stay focused on THE ONE who paid for our sin, redeemed us and is coming back, we try to stay constant in the word and prayer for each one of them (8) showing and telling them of Jesus, who loves them more than anyone.

    Thank you Pastor David for your godly example and constant teaching from The Bible and sharing your family with us.

    Thanks too for the link to Myles Cloverdale. Blessings today fellow saints.

  5. Hi David, Yes, we are so blessed to have access to as many Bibles as we want here in our part of the world. Like you, mine are my treasure! l remember when a missionary visited our church and asked if we would all consider giving to enable them to give Bibles away on the mission field, that my little son, possibly only 8years old gave his pocket money of $5 in the offering which was all he had. Regarding the reading today, what a shame that Uzziah after doing so well with seeking the Lord and having great victories because God was clearly helping him, became prideful and thought he was “The Man” We all need to watch our pride barometers and stay humble, as Proverbs 16:18 warns “Pride comes before a Fall” Lord Help Us! Have a great day everyone!

  6. Hi David, l just got word form my sister in New Zealand, her little grand daughter was convinced she was too fat and stopped eating except dinner which she got rid of. She is in hospital in Auckland, only 35kgs and in danger of all her organs shutting down! This is a desparate situation. Her name is Chantelle, thanks for praying everyone! They are not Christians, infact they lean towards New Age!

    • Well, I am, and so are you and others reading this blog- our prayers will encircle this innocent child who was mislead by lies about her body – we rebuke any and all demonic involvement in Chantelle’s situation in Jesus name, we ask our Lord Jesus to become her protector and to heal her mind, body and soul. We ask the Holy Spirit to constantly and faithfully guide Chantelle’s parents away from false doctrine and prepare the soil of their hearts to accept the seed of truth that will. lead them to Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. We ask you to give Christine peace, to know this situation is in Your hands and hear her prayers and the prayers of all us who are calling out to you, to help dear sweet Chantelle. Amen

    • Christine, we join hands and hearts together for Chantelle’s healing and that The Holy Spirit will penetrate the hearts of her parents to turn their thoughts to Jesus and accept that He is the great healer and Chantelle is in HIs hands. Peace be with you Christine. Our God is able.

  7. I am praying for your Grandaughter Christine, may our Lord and Savior break through the clouds of the New Age movement that confuses the mind and the spirit. May our Lord heal your grandaughter of all illness, mental and physical, and may any of your family who are not Christians turn their heart toward the great God of all creation, and his one and only son Jesus, who saves and heals. Amen

  8. I look forward to your blog every day. I know I have read the bible through before, maybe a couple of times but with your comments and prayer it makes it all come alive and since I went to Israel last year with you, the pictures bring back so many memories. Thank you David for following Gods leading and doing this blog for all of us. I pray that you have a wonderful time with/and all the folk who are going to Israel with you this Nov.
    Gods Blessings on you and Norma-Jean……

  9. Christine I’m so sorry about your precious grand daughter my heart goes out to you .My prayers are with you and this sweet gr daughter ,May God bless you
    and keep you at peace….R..

  10. Dear David M
    Again today the bible showe’s us how easily one can be distracted and moove away from the straight and narrow path. I pray diligently that everything I say ,I do,I think, I see,is in complete harmony with Gods Will for all that I desire is to be his faithful servent showing all those that dont know Him be envious of my joy my peace.

    PS. Will be keeping Chantelle in my prayers
    Have a blessed day
    XXXX Carole.

  11. Yes, we can all be moved by the desires of our own hearts with temptation unless we keep our eyes firmly fixed upon our Lord. Great comments today blog-buddies! I really have little to add except to add my prayer for Chantelle in Auckland, and may God bless and surround and comfort your family at this difficult time Christine.

  12. Dear Praying Blog Friends, l just got an update on 13year old Chantelle. She has been diagnosed with stage 1 (Worst Stage) Anorexia. She is on a 24/7 feeding tube in the sick children’s hospital in Auckland, New Zealand., with a 24/7 watch, as they found the tube pulled out at one point. My sister is overwhelmed with her grand daughters condition,and l assured her many Christians were praying. The last report was that Chantelle’s heart rate had improved and a wonderful team of doctors are doing everything they know to do to keep her alive Thank you Lord for your mercy and divine intervention and please bless all your praying children.”

  13. Oh dear god please save this childs life.
    I am in agreement with all of the above prayers.
    In Jesus name Amen !

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