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Suggested Reading: 2 Chronicles 25

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Zion Gate is located in the southern part of the Old City. This gate was used by the Israel Defense Forces in 1967 to enter and capture the Old City. The stones surrounding the gate are still pockmarked by weapons fire. This entrance leads to the Jewish and Armenian Quarters.

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Key Verse: 2 Chronicles 25:2

And he did what was right in the sight of the Lord, but not with a loyal heart.

What can we learn from King Amaziah? Loyalty to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, and loyalty one to another as fellow believers in Christ, is so very important. This could be described as true friendship. Loyalty says, “You can count on me to be true to you, to be there for you, to do my best to serve you in good times and bad, in sickness and in health.” This is sounding like the marriage vows. Well — maybe that’s not far off. The Apostle Paul wrote in Ephesians 5:25-27 that we men are to love our wives as Christ loved the Church. According to the book called “The Revelation of Jesus Christ,” there are three kinds of believers in the church: hot, cold, and lukewarm. Revelation 3:14-22 would be a good New Testament reading for today.

Even after his initial disobedience, God gave Amaziah other chances. He sent a prophet to him and Amaziah listened to him, but he soon fell away again. As we read this, God may be calling us to repentance once again. Let’s hear His voice and obey!


Lord God, Your Son and my Saviour, Jesus Christ, modelled true loyalty. I pray for that kind of 100% loyalty to You and to all those to whom I’ve given my word of commitment. Please forgive me for those times when my love for You and others is less than hot (lukewarm). I repent and trust You for the fire of Your Spirit to burn white hot within me every day. In Jesus’ Name I ask for the blessing of true loyalty, Amen!!!


Through the years I’ve trusted God for the blessing of loyalty. Loyalty works both ways. I am loyal to God, to my family, to my church, to my community, to my country, and for the last 13 months, to my blog readers. Yes, that’s you I’m writing about! You are in my heart as my new extended family. I’m so very thankful to God for you. I want the very best for you. I pray for you who respond to the blog often by name, in the same way I pray for my family members, for the leaders of the Crossroads ministry, for my neighbours of the last 60 years. It always amazes me how I can remember names when I pray. I believe God brings names to my mind. Of course, when I say those names before God every morning of my life, my memories stay fresh.

I ask for the prayers of all who read this blog… for me, my family, and for the Crossroads ministry people in particular.

Yours for the fire of the Holy Spirit within us, keeping us “HOT” with a loyal heart!


Just outside the Zion Gate, the Lion of Judah is symbolized on the Jerusalem flag.

45 thoughts on “Friday, July 5, 2013

  1. Your post was a blessing to me today, brother David, I feel the anointing of the Holy Spirit as I’m reading it, Thank you for your faithfulness in writing this blog, as I share it with others. Prayers Love and Blessings to you and Norma Jean

  2. Good morning David thank you for being so loyal to your blog I can t wait to read it every morning and I can t wait to see what God is going to speak to me today , you are so precious to me and my family because in August of 1977 I came to know the Lord as my personal saviour and then I gave nirth to my only son in October 17 1977 and then he went to be with the Lord 6 weeks later my heart was devastated but knowing Jesus and being filled with the Holy Spirit God has seen me through I have had 4 daughters since and 15 grandchildren I pray gor you and thank uou so much for your prayers I wait and long for the return of Our Saviour Jesus Christ the Lord of Lords and the King of Kings let him say to me well done thy good and faithful servant enter into my rest I love you David Norma Jean and all your family and staff of 100 Huntley Street God Bless You Richly And keep you strong till Jesus comes in jesus name Amen

  3. Back from being “off line” but up to speed with the daily scripture readings. Missed reading your blog daily though as an accompanyment and insight. God definately answered prayers for our safety in a boat that lost steering and more! Praise His Holy Name! It was so peaceful to be up early in the morning continuing along the journey of our readings and saying prayer. I find this to really be the best time of day when my mind is fresh. My prayers continue to be extended for you and fellow bloggers involved in this expedition through the bible in two years! Have a great day to all!

  4. Pastor David: I have been enjoying your daily blog for about 6 months and it has been a real blessing to me. I have had difficultly reading my Bible as I have cataracts, however, today I am getting the second eye done and am looking foward to being able to read without a magnifying glass., I have enjoyed your Canada Series so very much and I wish you and your crossroads family continued success reaching out in so many directions to win souls to Christ. Prayers and Blessings Eleanor.

  5. Your blog is a daily blessing for me! Your ministry is being used by God to move me to His direction daily! Thanking God for you and all your family

  6. I love your Dailey blog. It is very informative, touching and a blessing.
    Thank you for your faithfulness to God and the ministry he has given you
    I’m praying for you and your family.
    God richly bless you.

  7. Your blog is such a blessing to me every morning…it’s how I start each day.
    Your daily prayers are my prayers. I don’t respond often, as the inspired thoughts of all the bloggers would make my remarks redundant. I can only say Amen to all!
    It is wonderful to know we are all part of His family, and we will meet one day, at that great FAMILY REUNION!
    I was thrilled to see the Lion of Judah on the Jerusalem flag. We know Him!!
    Blessings David and family, and fellow blogging saints.

  8. It seems as though the word ‘loyalty’ is quickly becoming a word of a bygone era. Our culture seems more interested in convenience and ease as higher values over loyalty. But we are Christians, called to a higher service than to what our neighbours are called, therefore loyalty ought to be ingrained into the heart of everyone who calls themselves Christian. Loyalty was once cherished and highly honoured, do we still view loyalty this way today? If our heart has cooled and no longer sensitive to ‘loyalty’ then perhaps we need to pray and ask the Holy Spirit for forgiveness and renewal.

    Thank you David for your faithfulness to God and His ministry. I think I can probably speak for all in thanking you for your prayers, we can surely use prayer and we are fortunate to have such a prayer-warrior as yourself petitioning on our behalf! Likewise, we pray for you, your family and Crossroads regularly.

  9. Prayer is a powerhouse and I join everyone else in thanking you Pastor David as you pray for each of us. I pray God will continue to give you the strength you need each day to get this blog out, which is and has been a blessing to me and begins my day.

    May God bless you, Norma-Jean, all your family and the Crossroads family as they show their loyalty to the work they have been given to serve Our Lord.

    Praying for all with health needs each day and that we continue to stand on THE ROCK as we journey together.

  10. We are honoured to pray for you, David Mainse, and to be the sheep that follow the lead of your daily bible study. I feel so privileged to know you pray for me and fellow blog saints, and that we have become special to you. We share the same brother and sisterhood as children of God, who we love first and foremost. We love, respect, and have compassion for one another, as He has commanded us to do.

    Dear Heavenly Father God; our blessed Saviour, Jesus Christ; and to the sanctity of the Holy Spirit: we pray with love and thanksgiving for your dear child, and our blessed mentor and brother-in-Christ, David Mainse. May the blood of Jesus wash over and cleanse him; may the power of Your glory and might strengthen and heal him; may the light of the Holy Spirit breathe through him, and shine bright upon him. Fortify David’s family, Lord, and grant them Your continued mercy and grace. Glorify the Crossroads Ministry team and calling You have laid upon them through 100 Huntley Street, Lord. May they be a witness to you as they set forth to bring missions teams to those who are in need. May Your almighty power and might shine in every person’s heart for the betterment of each other and the precious world you have graced us with, Lord. May we live to serve You and be righteous of Your Holy honour and glory, Lord. In Jesus precious name, we pray, amen, amen, and amen.

  11. This morning my grandfather was taken back into surgery to repair his sternum as it split apart this morning. He had his initial surgery 8 days ago. He underwent bypass surgery. I bring this prayerfully to this family of bloggers.
    This morning David talked about praying for his extended family of believers. Please keep my grandfather (simon) in your prayers today. He is definitely part of the family of believers.
    God bless all of you!

  12. David, I want to thank you for the blessing this daily blog has been to me. I started following it six weeks ago and haven’t looked back. The daily study has opened my mind and given me much insight, particularly with the recent look back at 1st and 2nd Chronicles, books that I have never gone through before. May God continue to shine his blessing and guidance upon you. Thank you!

  13. Thank you , David, for being God’s instrument of truth today. I pray God will strengthen renew you for many more days.

  14. I am in wholehearted agreement with my fellow blog saints!!!…and add “Amen” to the wonderful chorus…….

  15. Hi David Just want to say that I am enjoying your blog. I was just in Brockville Ontario your old stopping grounds went by where the Standard School was on Perth Street. Tom and Eileen Richardson were our Pastors at Highway Temple in Brockville. We saw them at Cobourg as we passed through that area. Our prayers our with you. Please pray for a skin condition that I have also our daughter.

  16. I have been away from the daily blog due to some family challenges. But so happy to be back.
    Pastor David I am so honoured to know that you are remembering us in prayer by name!
    Our prayers are with you, and your loved ones, and the Crossroads ministries.
    Blessings to all.

  17. Wonderful responses today and Amen !
    Welcome back David !
    As always, I enjoy your blog Mr. Mainse 🙂

    Blessings to all 🙂
    Diane 🙂

  18. Good morning David! Please remember my name (Vicky) and the fact I need a job. I pray every night for God to show me the direction HE wants me to go in which to find that said job. What am I doing wrong I wonder? I pray for wisdom, faith, to keep hope in finding what I am looking for. Any suggestions? Thank you.

    • God knows your needs much better than you yourself do, Vicky. Keep trusting Him as you do your part in the job search. Get your resume out there. Don’t give up!

    • Stand firm Vicky, God knows what you need and in HIS perfect timing it will come through. Will be praying.

    • Trust Him Vicky…know that He has His hand on your life and He knows what you need more than you do. Just keep being obedient and praying and you will be awe-struck one day when you see what He has done for you! Be patient, even when it is difficult to pay bills etc…do what you can and open your ‘spiritual’ ears and eyes to hear and see where he is leading you…it might not be what you are expecting! 😉
      Praying for you too! God’s will be done!

  19. Thank you David, for your faithfulness in prayer to us as your ‘blog family’. You and your family and the Crossroads family are in my daily prayers. Our Father God put that desire in my spirit to pray for you, and so I do so with joy.
    I’m really enjoying your book “We’ve Come this far by Faith” and am amazed how God uses you to make a huge impact for His Kingdom all over the world. I deliberately choose the present tense of the word ‘use’ because I know He isn’t finished with you yet! May you and your family continue to walk in His Peace, that Peace that passes all understanding!
    With great respect and love in the Lord,

  20. When I was growing up it was call fads, today it is called trends, but whatever every you call them they are fleeting. It is a shame the world is constantly chasing the latest craze instead of relying on the unchanging sureness of the truth. Thank you for praying for us– by name and for committing to this blog even when I am certain there are days you did not feel like writing it. I joined my Amen to everyone’s prayer today.

  21. I join with the others who are following your daily blog David M and think it is safe to say we all keep you and your family and the Ministry upheld in prayer. It is an honor to hear you that pray for each of us as well, though that is not a surprise for you are man devoted to prayer. Thank you for this David, and for committing so faithfully to this blog every day. May you feel the love that flows from all of us to you and yours each day, and will be uplifted and encouraged.

    P.S. Beverlee Kay…powerful prayer. I say ‘Amen’ to it as well.

    P.S. welcome back David…glad you & your wife had a safe and good holiday…(I did pray for you)…your posts were missed.

  22. Hi David,

    I just started reading your 100 words blog yesterday, and I want to make
    a commitment to read it every morning! But lately, my body’s allergies are making it very difficult for me to maintain this habit because I feel soooo tired every morning and clearly lack of energy to do anything.

    Please pray for your fellow believer in Christ,

  23. Thanks again for your encouraging and insightful blogs. I try to pray daily for you, your family and the Crossroads ministry. I thank God that he has blessed us with such devoted and amazing people who are gifted to make the truth of God’s word relevant to us.

  24. I add my amen to all you bloggers this morning ,bless you all and thankyou
    David Mainse for all your prayers for us all God bless you and keep you…R…

  25. Dear David M
    I am so greateful to you for you’re daily blog and to know that you hold our names is so comforting Please know that every morning around 3to4am I pray Our Heavenly Father to strenghten you ,Norma-Jean,you’re family and Crossroad ministry .

    Blessed day brothers and sisters in Christ

    xxx Carole

  26. Dear David;

    You are such an amazing man. I’m overwhelmed that you take the time to pray for me. With all my heart I thank you for that. It means more to me than you can imagine.

    I want you to know that I pray a special prayer for you every single night. This prayer was one that my Dad often prayed for others and with others. Here it is;

    Heavenly Father I call on you right now in a special way. It is through Your power that David Mainse is created. Every breath he takes, every morning he wakes and every moment of every hour he lives under Your power.

    Father, I ask you now to touch David with that same power. For if You created him from nothing, You can certainly re-create him. Fill David with the healing power of Your Spirit. Cast out anything that should not be in him. Mend what is broken, root out any unproductive cells, open any blocked arteries or veins and rebuild any damaged areas. Remove all inflammation and cleanse any infection.

    Let the warmth of Your healing love pass through David’s body to make new any unhealthy areas so that his body will function the way that You created it to function.

    And Father, restore David to full health so that he may continue to serve You for the rest of his life.

    I ask this through Jesus Christ my Lord and Saviour. Amen.


    I love you very much. You can count on me; I’ll pray for you every night. I will also ask God to cover your family with His feathers and to hold the Crossroads ministry in the palm of His hand.

    God Bless you, David.

  27. Thank you “lost sheep”…beautiful prayer and I join you
    in your prayer for David, his family and the
    Staff at Crossroads that are like family to us.

    It touched me too David to think you are praying
    for us. I wonder how many are following this
    amazing blog? I’m learning so much and truly
    am addicted to it every day.

    Vicky, thank you,for sharing your need for a job.
    It is such a blessing to,pray for each other and
    I will be praying for you.

    God bless each one,

  28. Hi David, What a beautiful thing that you are praying for us, your Blog Family. Thank you so much, l often wake up around 4.30am and remember you in a flash prayer, knowing you are already up and busy seeking our Father’s will for the Blog. You are calling us today to be loyal to the Lord and one another. Well said! l was told that when a mental institution l used to volunteer at had a survey on what was the most important thing to each person, both the men and the women’s groups put loyalty at the top of the list! Sorry this is so late, but l lost my early morning Blog, it just disappeared on me!!

  29. If you fallow this blog at a later date you will notice THIS lost sheep is almost caught up. In real time it is July 8th. All of the above says it all. And yes I too am thank full that myself and my family are included in Davids Prayers .
    I confess my prayers are not as poetic as others but they are from my heart.

    Lost sheep from Isreal ….that is a beautiful prayer you pray every night for David and his loved ones 🙂
    Love and prayers
    M. 🙂

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