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Suggested Reading: 2 Chronicles 3-5

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A beautiful mosaic in Jerusalem inside the Church of Saint Peter in Gallicantu. This church was built over Caiaphas' house where Jesus was put in a dungeon for the night after his arrest in the Garden of Gethsemane. The translation of the words on the left is, "You are Peter, and on this rock I will build My church." John Paul II, in his visit to Quebec City, referred to this Bible verse in this way, "Pierre est un petit pierre, mais Jesus est le grand Pierre" (Peter is a little stone, but Jesus is the great Rock).

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Key Verse: 2 Chronicles 5:14

…the priests could not continue ministering because of the cloud; for the glory of the Lord filled the house of God.

There is no doubt that the blessing of the Lord was on the project of building the Temple. The glory of His presence was so intense that the priests could not stand up in their places. The authorized King James translation of 1 Chronicles 5:13-14 says, “The house was filled with a cloud, even the house of the Lord, so that the priests could not stand to minister by reason of the cloud; for the glory of the Lord had filled the house of God.” The inference is that the priests could not proceed to their assigned places of service in the liturgy of worship. God, Himself, showed up and took charge. We may ask ourselves the question, “What would happen in our churches if this same manifestation of God’s presence occurred?”

We can expect God to demonstrate His approval upon those things we’ve been called to do by Him. The heart of the promises of God, and the history of their fulfillment in the Church that Jesus said He would build, is that signs and wonders happened regularly. In the French language on the mosaic pictured above, Jesus is saying, “I will build My Church.” When we are His hands and feet, His body functioning as He intends, we will experience, “The glory of the Lord.” Let us take time right now to extend our hands to Heaven and worship. Let us gather in our churches at every opportunity for corporate worship.


Dear Lord God, I have just read on into chapter six. Eight times over, Solomon asks You to “hear from Heaven.” I am totally confident that You hear me now as I pray for Your presence to be over me, under me, and around me. As King David wrote, “In Your presence is fullness of joy; at Your right hand are pleasures forevermore.” Amen!!! (Psalm 16:11…Click here for all eleven verses of King David’s hymn of worship).


I’m overwhelmed by God’s presence just now. My language is not capable of expressing my heart to God. At the beginning of the Church, God gave His 120 people, who had waited in His presence in an upper room for ten days, a mighty manifestation of His presence. There was the sound of a strong wind. Tongues of fire appeared upon their heads. They began to speak to God and of God in languages they had never learned. They spilled down onto the streets of Jerusalem with such enthusiasm that Peter had to explain that they were not actually drunk. As a result of all this, and Peter’s message in the known language, some 3,000 people that day came to believe in Jesus and were baptized (Acts 2:40-41).

In my blog two days ago, I shared with readers the story of the new Archbishop of Canterbury. The newspaper article connected him to Holy Trinity Brompton church in London (click here for a repeat of that article). It was at that church that, as I leaned against an ancient pillar so that I would not fall backwards, I experienced the glory of the Lord in a more powerful way than ever in my life. I simply could not stand, and in fact fell on my face and was unable to move for some time. I describe this in more detail in my book just published, This Far By faith, pages 33 and 34. I urge every blog reader to get your copy of this book. Crossroads asks for a donation of any amount in order to cover the costs and in support of its great outreach for Christ (click here for information as to how you can get your copy of my book right away).

Yours to believe with you for God to manifest His glory to us and through us!!!


Reverend Rick Hiebert portrayed the High Priest during the summer of 2012 at the Crossroads Centre in Burlington, Ontario, at the life-sized replica of The Tabernacle of Moses.


20 thoughts on “Saturday, June 22, 2013

  1. It’s fascinating to think on how detailed the measurements of the temple and it’s variety of accruements. Our Lord is a Lord of order, He purposed the world and the universe and set it all in it’s proper order. Everything the Lord does has purpose and is determined, right down to the smallest of detail. He is a Lord of design, so it’s little wonder that He also had the fine details for His Holy Temple which Solomon was to have built. The Bible also states that we are the temple of the Lord. God created each and every one of us according to His purpose, we’re no mistake, He didn’t throw caution to the wind when we came into being. He created us with purpose, He has placed His unique design on each and every one of us. He loves us and wants to live in relationship with us, this is why Jesus suffered unto death that He might live and reign as a beacon of love and light in each of us for His glory. Yes, God built the Temple through Solomon for His glory, it was a magnificent sight, holy and highly valued … but now, He lives and reigns in each of us, for He deems each one of us who believe on His Son as holy and highly valued in His sight.

  2. My heart is so full of love for God, at this moment, for having sacrificed His Son for us; after reading the scripture verses; seeing the photo of the mosaic at the Church of Saint Peter in Gallicantu and the message below the photo; and your message, David. To think of Jesus, there, in a dungeon, when He was on earth, below the ground; and to absorb the meaning of Christ’s message when He first spoke those words to Peter, later inscribed in the mosaic: “You are Peter, and on this rock I will build My church.” The translated words of John Paul II: “Peter is a little stone, but Jesus is the great Rock,” sum it up with amazing clarity, utter profoundness and inexplicable truth. God will build the church and the people will come, indeed!

    The Lord led me to a rather precious Psalm, this morning:
    My vows to you I must perform, O God; I will render thank offerings to you.
    For you have delivered my soul from death and my feet from falling,
    So that I may walk before God in the light of life. Psalm 56:12-13

    Just received my copy of your book, This Far by Faith, David, and I am so looking forward to having a full day to read it, next week; and absorb the glory of God that came over you at the Holy Trinity Brompton church in England. I have looked at the photos in the middle of the book and am so grateful as they show the transition from start to finish of your amazing life and family. Thank you and God bless you, fine sir!

    Singing in praise to the Lord: He is good, His love endures forever. 2 Ch 5:13
    Blessings and prayers to all saints, today…

  3. Received your book “This Far by Faith” and thouroughly enjoy the sharing of your life experiences and the coloured photo album included within the pages. The many short stories thredded throughout your life are inspirational, humerous and practical. A great companion to this blog!

  4. Hi David, l haven’t received your book yet but l can’t wait to read about your experience while visiting Holy Trinity Brompton church in England. Thousands of people from all over the world flocked to Toronto to the Toronto Vineyad Church, later to be called Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship between 1994 and even today, in search of a divine encounter with Holy Spirit. We went too, and witnessed the Glory of the Lord fall on many many people, and we ourselves became filled to bursting point with what God was doing to revive ordinary people. Many ministries were birthed , and some revived because of his great Love, and encouragement. Sometimes we witnessed that the preacher could not stand up under the anointing, and we even saw the entire worship team fall off there stools,so powerful was the visitation! All l can say is:” Keep coming Holy Spirit and fill your people, to walk in God’s love and give it away, and you will draw precious souls to Jesus.”

  5. I just received my book “This Far by Faith” as well and I have only read a couple of your “stories”. I am so looking forward to reading it through. I looked at all the photos first – very nice. Pastor David – Your life experiences are so uplifting and I agree that you should do a sequel to this book. You have a wealth of knowlege and understanding of the scriptures and always have a practical illustration for us in our daily walk with the Lord.. I also enjoyed listerning to your interview about your book with Ron & Ann on Huntley Street yesterday. Awesome!!!

    Blessings to fellow blog-buddies today.

  6. Dear David .M. can’t wait to get your book This far by faith.I know it will be very interesting. Thank you for this blog , I have been so blest by it. thank you buddy
    bloggers for all your comments, and prayers ,very much appciated God bless
    you all…..R..

  7. Thank you fellow-bloggers for your comments today and yesterday. Beverlee Kay your prayer for my father-in-law was so appreciated. I am grateful to each one of you for your prayers. Praying that Holy Spirit will work through each of us so the people He brings into our lives may see Christ. Praying for you Carol as you share Christ with Mohommad. Ger for your continued recovery, Heather, Steve and his wife Connie, Brenda and her sister Gloria, Janet. God may Your will and purpose be done both physically and spiritually. Scott and your meeting that your friend’s heart will be open and sensitive to the voice of the Holy Spirit. God’s blessing be with each one !!

    • I like to add my prayers for God’s peace and understanding be on those out West affected by flooding. May our Lord sustain them in days and weeks ahead as they rebuild their lives, and we ask our Lord the withhold the rain in that area to give the rivers a chance to go down. Amen

  8. This morning (22 Jun) was the first morning the didn’t arrive on my e-mail. I did receive one that was dated 22 Jun but it was the same as the one for yesterday (21 Jun). I did find it posted on the website!

    • Harry…mine came in as June 21st as well instead of June 22..but when I clicked on it to bring it up to read, it came in for June 22. This seems to happen from time to time….not very often through.

  9. Dear David M. and precious fellow bloggers,
    I join with all of you in praying also for the young canadian soldiers that are now helping in Alberta ( my friend’s son Paul is there)

    Have a blessed day
    Xxx Carole

  10. David M. It gives me tingles & almost goosebumps to think of what it would be like if the churches today had the same manifestation of the Lord’s Presence occurred as it did in our reading today. Lord…may your Glory fill this place…our churches today!! It is sad when one see’s the moving of the Holy Spirit and the Lord’s leading being stifled in some churches die to members not wanting to be taken out of their comfort zone…or the Pastor gets to leading on his own wisdom and ideas rather then seeking the Lords.
    Waiting for your book to arrive. 🙂

  11. Please keep my sis Geri in your prayers as she under went heart surgery this week to replace a leaking valve,she is doing well to which we are thankful,God is faithful .Sis Marion and family

    • Thanks, Marion for letting us know how your sister Geri is doing. Glad to hear she’s doing well. Thank you Jesus! We’ll keep praying for a speedy recovery for her.

  12. Pray for Anne Saunders who lost her Uncle Harvey on Friday, June 21, 2013. Anne is 42 and from a one child family and has already lost her mother and only has her father left.

    Anne like myself is a first generation born again spirit filled believer from a catholic back ground. Praise God

  13. The presents of the lord is indiscribable. In 2008 I was visited by the holey
    spirit. He didn’t come for tea. This was a serious visit. The Lord had a messege for me and …. well lets just say …I got it. His presents was so powerful I also was un able to stand. I was forced down on to my knees, very low to the floor. I could only tilt my head to one side, as I recall to my left so as to allow me to look up
    Word in antisapation of seeing him. I did not visibly see him but he was there.At that moment I experienced the knowledge and wisdom that only comes from the fear of the lord. My life was shaken up and God changed me for ever. There is much more to tell it is quit a testamoni .
    I thank him often for that bless-ed day. It is humbling to think that GOD…. the one and only….one true GOD cares for me. WOW ! I’m so greatful for the peace.and joy I have , that he gave me since that time in June 2008 . It is more precious than silver or gold. Thanks to Jesus In times of trouble I know it will pass and it will work out for the best according to Romans 8: 28 . And thus far he is a man of his word. Amen! Trust in the lord and lean not on your own under standing, is another one of my favorite passeges in the kjv bible.
    Thank you Jesus ! Xxoo
    M. :-
    Dear lord Jesus please bless all who read this wonderful blog . Wether today yesterday or in the future of days and years to come. A men!

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