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Suggested Reading: 2 Chronicles 1-2

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The Western Wall or "Wailing Wall" is located in the Old City of Jerusalem at the foot of the western side of the Temple Mount. A fence separates the areas where the men pray (the larger space on the left) from where the women pray (on the right).

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Key Verse: 2 Chronicles 1:10

Now give me wisdom and knowledge, that I may go out and come in before this people; for who can judge this great people of Yours?

Putting God first, the people second, and himself last was an excellent beginning for young King Solomon. God responded to Solomon’s prayer and gave him such wisdom and favour that Israel rose to even greater prominence and prosperity than ever before. Trade, imports and exports flourished with surrounding nations. When Solomon was blessed by God, so were all the people of Israel, and so were millions of others.

By this time the tent Tabernacle of Moses was at least 500 years old. Building the Temple to permanently house the Ark of the Covenant was essential. The wealth of Israel enabled them to build such impressive structures that people, such as the Queen of Sheba, came to marvel at the wonder of it all.

Had this initial recognition of Solomon’s need for divine guidance continued, the future would have been very different for Solomon’s descendants. But forsaking spiritual purity for business expediency led to spiritual poverty; compromise with the evil practices of surrounding nations eventually led to national disintegration.


Lord God, there’s a very serious lesson here for me to learn. Please grant me not only wisdom I pray, but also a consistency of purpose to be spiritually pure, to live a life of holiness, every day, in every way. I ask these mercies in the Name of the One who always did that, Jesus, Himself. Amen!!!!


Each year, as the Crossroads Ministry sponsors a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, I have placed written prayer requests in between the great stones at the world famous Wailing Wall. Notice the papers in the cracks in the picture below. God willing, Ron, Ann, Norma-Jean and I will do the same this November. I ask my fellow bloggers to consider coming with us if it is possible (click here for information on the tour). Write your own prayers on paper and, as the custom is, place them in the Wall. Also I will take requests with me and place them for you if you cannot come yourself. You’ll have to use what the younger generations call “snail mail.” Believe it or not, Canada Post and the U.S. Postal Service still works. Send your letter with your instructions to me. Write on the envelope: “Personal to David Mainse and Crossroads, Box 5100, Burlington, Ontario, Canada, L7R 4M2”. I need to say that this act of placing prayer requests in the Wall does not necessarily make our prayers more effective, but like fasting when we pray, it underlines the fervency with which we desire God’s will in our individual lives and in the lives of those for whom we pray. If this is done, we need to prioritize our requests and reduce them to perhaps two or three at the most on a small piece of paper. A letter-size sheet is too big to go into the cracks. Of course, I commit to praying with you in my early morning prayer time.

Yours because I believe, like Solomon, that there is a personal God who hears and answers prayer,


Young Jewish boys praying at The Western Wall or "Wailing Wall." Notice the papers in the wall in front of the first three boys. Men and boys must all wear little hats when praying at the Wall. I'll have one on my head and, if possible, I'll post a picture of myself placing the prayer requests in the Wall. I'll be doing my blog from Israel for two weeks, as I did last November, God willing.

17 thoughts on “Friday, June 21, 2013

  1. Nothing is as pure or as noble as a heart humbled before our Lord God. Solomon was a great example of such a heart. His desire was for wisdom that he might serve his kingdom in a worthy manner. His contrite heart and obedience to his God brought prosperity to the nation of Israel and this was truly a blessed nation under God at this time. Another even greater example, the supreme example of a heart humbled before God, was Jesus as He suffered for the sin of the world at Calvary’s cross. Jesus won for us an eternal kingdom, not one made of wood nor bronze but one made eternally with Him in Heaven with beauty unmatched! We have not only been temporally blessed but eternally blessed because of the great sacrifice Christ paid on our behalf. We have a Lord and Saviour who set the example and a path before us, His heart was pure, His motives humble, He wants His people to follow Him as we sojourn together in this life and in the glory of life hereafter.

  2. Reading the Word and prayer are the two essential building blocks of developing, maintaining, and strengthening our relationship with our Lord. Thank you, David, for taking our prayer requests to the wailing wall for us, this coming November, God willing! It would be even more exciting to attend, however, I know God has His own individual plans for each of us.

    I love Solomon’s humility in not asking for material things, but for wisdom and understanding. The Lord granted him that and so much more. It is a wonderful reminder.

    Praying for those we love, this morning. Praying for continued strength and healing and abundance of healthy cells in your body, David Mainse; Ger, after surgery, for peace and comfort that surpasses all understanding; lack of pain and gain of strength; Heather, for continued strength to finish the radiation treatments and regain healthy cells in her body; Frank as he faces the same circumstance of cancer treatment; for complete lack of pain, courage, faith; for peace in his heart and fortified strength; for comfort and sense of calmness in Janet’s heart. My apologies for names I have missed; I know there are some. Please forgive me. God please lift everyone up, today, as strong as Solomon was empowered by the grace and love of God in his time, as we read in II Chronicles.

    God bless you all, today, dear saints. In Jesus Holy name, we pray–amen, amen, and amen.

  3. I love your prayer Beverlee and Soleman”s humility. I pray for you David for healing, strength also energy to go through each day. Thank you for your blog I look forward to reading it everyday and your personal words.
    Lianne Hogg
    opps I miss spelled Solomon’s name

  4. When God appeared to Solomon and said, “Ask! what shall I give you?” His answer was for wisdom and knowledge. God was pleased it was not about wealth or status. This is sound advise for anyone trying to decide what to do career-wise in their lives. To think about finances is often the primary motive in making career changes. It is hard to make a living doing something that you eventually detest doing. It comes from the heart and to seek to know what is from the heart is to ask God for wisdom and knowledge. There we find purpose, motivation and remuneration to follow! Have a good day, fellow bloggers!

  5. JOY…..Jesus first, yourself last and others in between. I remember learning this in Sunday School and thank you David for reminding us of that today, as we read about Solomon and his request before God. He truly was blessed and we too can count on blessings as we seek to live a life set on the example of our Lord Jesus. May we all seek the heart of God today.

    Enjoy being a child of the Most High today!!!

  6. I had not realized before but God mentioned the fact that Solomon had not asked for the death of his enemies! “pray for all men” “love one another” “treat well those who dispitefully use you”.

  7. Good Friends,
    I have just watched David’s excellent interview with Ron and Ann and I am enjoying reading my copy of This Far by Faith.
    I encourage David to write his sequel because I am sure that there are many people (sheep) like me who would benefit from his wisdom and experiences.
    2012 Holy Land Yellow Bus.

  8. David M. I enjoyed the interview with you re ‘This Far By Faith’ and though I have not received my copy yet, (I know it will be a GOOD read!) I agree with Graham in your writing a sequel. You have so many stories to share, and so many who ‘need’ to ‘hear’ them. 🙂

  9. Dear David M . and precious fellow bloggers
    What a Divine Mess our Heavenly Father has done with you all because of your surrendering everything to Jesus our Saviour , Redeemer, Healer .
    Like Soloman ,like David you truly are the apple of His eye.
    I had tears of joy seeing the wonderful interview on 100 Huntley street of you with Ron and Anne this morning . I could picture you as a 5 yr. old having a bad hair day in great need of a good bath and literally running bare foot to school. You have come a long way 🙂
    Looking forward to sharing your book This far by faith that I recieved yesterday and definately we all desire more books to come from your life .
    I join all my fellow saints praying for Our Great Phycisians Healing that is beyond all understanding , in Jesus name Amen and Amen.
    PS. I will be sending with great anticipation three prayer requests for special delivery . I am left speechless by how our Hevenly Father is using you for all of us who cannot physically make it to the Holy Land .
    I have a small request from all my dear sisters and brothers in Christ can you please pray for me that tomorrow morning at 8 am I will be starting with a wonderful new care giver who is originally from Palastine and worked many years as emergency trauma paramedic in Jerusalem . His name is Mohammed and I would love through the whisper of that little voice The Holy Spirit to witness to him actually using all the beautiful pictures that Reynold has sent us all this past year .
    God bless you David M. Norma -Jean , Ron , Anne , Reynold, Moira ,Jerry Johnston and Don Simons and all the prayer line of Crossroads and also all the fellow bloggers.
    xxxx Carole.

    • What a wonderful opportunity God has given you Carole and I will certainly be praying God will use you mightily to speak to Mohammed while he cares for you. Love to you sister in Jesus, name.

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