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Suggested Reading: 1 Chronicles 16

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The most recent excavations in David's City are just to the south of the Temple Mount. If only these stones would sound an echo from David's time, we would have a tune as well as the words of David's songs, which we have in today's reading.

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Key Verse: 1 Chronicles 16:29

Give to the Lord the glory due His name; Bring an offering, and come before Him. Oh, worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness!

King David blesses the people in the Name of the Lord! (verse 2). He declares, “Blessed be the Lord God of Israel and the people said, “Amen!” (verse 36). “David returned to bless his house” (verse 43). Webster’s dictionary says that bless means, “Invoke divine favour; approve; make happy; praise.” Let’s take our pick of those meanings and “bless” people, our house, and God! David’s words and music accomplished this. He was good at it! Everyone is good at something. Let us bless others with our abilities whatever they are. We can all bless God (receive His approval and make Him happy) as our key verse says, by giving Him glory, by bringing an offering, coming before Him, and worshiping Him in the beauty of holiness. Being holy is to consecrate oneself to God for His purposes. This is true beauty!

We see the purposes of God in verses 23 & 24…First, “Sing to the Lord.” Second “Proclaim the Good News of His salvation from day to day.” In verse 29…Third “Give the Lord the glory due to His Name.” Fourth, “Bring an offering.” Fifth, “Worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness.” Sixth in verse 31b… “Say among the nations, “The Lord reigns.” Seventh (verse 34) “Give thanks to the Lord.” We bless God by fulfilling His purposes! “And all the people said, ‘Amen!’ and praised the Lord” (verse 36 b).


Lord God I praise You! Hallelujah! Amen! Please grant me the grace to consistently fulfill Your purposes for my life. I pray these mercies in and through the One who fulfilled all Your purposes, the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen and AMEN!!!


I’ve often made up songs for the Lord’s ears only. I would sing them when I was all alone with the Lord. I felt that He appreciated my effort. Once only did I venture to sing one of my songs in front of my college buddies, and it did not go over too well. I gave up on the idea of ever being a songwriter for other people. However, it was not so with my wife, Norma-Jean. She has had many songs published, which have been sung by her and others. I’ll never forget when, about a year after we were married, she went to the piano in our little church building in Brighton, Ontario, and here are the words I heard her sing:

Verse 1: “Oh Saviour hear my prayer– and make me more like Thee– to walk this narrow way– to higher heights in Thee, Oh Lord I want to shine– forth with thy love sublime–Oh make me more like Thee…That those who are blind might see.

Chorus: Christ in me–and Christ in you—we will a witness be–as He shines through–Let self not darken –His radiant face—Let Christ shine through–in every place.

Verse 2. Oh Saviour hear my cry–and help me e’re I die–to walk with Thee each day–and never stray away. Oh Lord I want to speak–though in my flesh I’m weak–cast out each doubt and fear–That those who are deaf might hear.

Chorus: Christ in me–and Christ in you–We will a witness be–as He shines through–Let self not darken–His radiant face.–Let Christ shine through–In every place.

The theme of this gospel song is Jesus Christ. The first verse is a prayer that He may be seen in our lives. The second verse, that He may be heard in us. The chorus calls upon us to yield, allowing Christ to shine through. Norma-Jean said, “Inspiration for this song came from a life which exemplified this experience. Therefore, I dedicated this song to the memory of my mother, Lillian Rutledge.” This was one of her songs published in sheet music by “The Gospel Publishing House” of Springfield, Missouri. Two years later, I heard the choir from the Bible College in Peterborough, Ontario, sing her song. I was so very blessed.

Yours for striving to live a life where Christ shines through,


P.S. Below is the published sheet music of Norma-Jean’s song that I referred to above. (You can click on them to enlarge and print, if you wish).

23 thoughts on “Wednesday, June 12, 2013

  1. Oh how I’d love to see Norma-Jean at the piano singing this song right now! Perhaps I could ask my wife to play it on our electric organ/piano at home; she’s also a gifted musician with a heart for the Lord. Thank you for providing the sheet music David. Music is a wonderful way to express our heart’s desire for God while at the same time proclaiming His gospel. I admire those who are able to craft beautiful words and place them to a melody; this is indeed a wonderful gift from our Lord. Have a great day blog-buddies, and may God bless all of you with a sweet melody from the Lord this day!

  2. Thank you once again for sharing how God has blessed you and Norma-Jean and you in turn have not kept it to yourselves but have passed it on to us and the world.

    Thanks too to h sheet music. I too often make up praise ones to yhe Lord BUT never will they be heard by anyone but HIM. Praising God for music and gifted musicians. PRAISING MY SAVIOUR ALL THE DAY LONG !

  3. To articulate in lyric and music how Norma-Jean was affected by the life of her mother, is a true blessing for all! What a joy to observe and be loved by one such as Lillian Rutledge! Thank you again for inspiring and uplifting this day, which otherwise may just be Wednesday! Blessings to all!

  4. No sweeter a sound has been to my ear than listening to Chronicles 16, this morning–had to play it twice! Sounded like heaven–just like Norma Jean’s song sounds like heaven in your ears, David Mainse! The words were like honey! It reminds me of my dear friends in Christ, and fellow saints–Tom and Chhavy!

    Thank you for the definition of ‘blessing’. We so often, say “bless you” to people we care about, are moved and encouraged by, or, who we want to comfort or give praise to. It is such a special affirmation to make, and one I am so fond of using, as are so many other saints.

    My favourite part of 1 Chr 16 is 37-42, when David followed the orders and instructions, in accordance with everything that was written in the Law of the Lord. Everyone is named and given a specific place and role by God. David left Asaph, Obed-Edom and 68 associates there, before the covenant of the ark, to minister regularly. In addition, Obed-Edom, son of Jeduthun, and Hosah, were named as gatekeepers. Zadok and the other priests were stationed at the tabernacle, at the high place in Gibeon; David went up and took the burnt offerings at the altar, twice a day; Heman and Jeduthun and the rest of those chosen, were called to give and sing praise and thanks to the Lord–“for his love endures forever.” Amen! They sounded the trumpets, cymbals, and other instruments for sacred song (how divine!).

    Can you picture yourself there! I am just soaking in those words! Each were given a special part that came together, for the sole purpose of praising our Heavenly God!

    Feeling divine in your light, this morning, Holy Lord. To you we give all the honour, and praise! All for the glory of Jesus! Amen, amen, and amen!

    Bless you all, fellow saints!

    • Amen! It’s really a heavenly atmosphere in listening the audio Bible to this passage! This passage has a lot of richness for us to memorize and carve it in our hearts!

      I was overwhelmed by King David, who in the role of a king ( instead a priest or prophet ), a leader of a nation, will take up such leadership, using his position, in leading his nation to praise and worship the Lord! This is unseen in today’s leadership.
      It reminds me of Esther 4:14 “And who knows but that you have come to royal position for such a time as this?” I admired that King David really has a pure heart after God even after he was in power, and he didn’t try to secure his own position politically or selfishly by giving out a “politically correct” speech, but he led his nation to please God and proclaim His goodness to other nations.

      Thank you so much Pastor David for the sheet music of Norma-Jean’s song. This is such a blessing to us. May we always make melody in our hearts to the Lord and proclaim His truth to all those we encounter in our lives! May we bless God and each other and obtain His approval in His pleasing way always!
      Blessings in Him,



  5. Music is a powerful tool in which to lead others in worship. I often listen to CD’s & DVD’s and get so blessed and enter into worship to the Lord. Norma-Jean is a gifted song writer and musician and you are indeed blessed David. Thank you again for this daily blog – it is FANTASTIC!!!!! Bless you all today fellow blog-buddies!!!

  6. A sweet memory for me to hear Norma Jean singing in the house while I was working there. A house with the wife and Mom singing is a house of love.

  7. Awhile back I was singing and worshiping our Lord at a church service and after the service an older lady sitting in front of me told me I had a beautiful voice and I should join the choir. I was totally shocked; I thanked her for the compliment but truth be told I have one of those voices that make dogs howl- I would be on the blooper reel of any singing competition show, so I didn’t know why she said that. The only thing that made sense was when I was singing that day, I wasn’t thinking about how I sounded or what other’s might think, I was singing from my heart, directly to God out of love. I was so in the moment with God everyone else around me ceased to exist. I think God showed her what He hears when we sing like that– He hears our hearts . We all sound like an angel chorus to Him, no matter what are earthly skill level is. So I would encourage all the saints out there to participate in worship and sing praises to God, without fear of others or how you sound- because when you sing to God- all He hears is your LOVE.

  8. It ministered to my heart how many different gifts were used in the temple worship service. In 1 Chronicles 15 we were readubg about it and now again in this chapter. From gatekeeper to making music, the Lord has a place for us.
    Greetings in His name to all of you!

  9. “Bless the Lord, Oh, my soul: and all that is within me, bless His holy name. (Psalm 103:1). Norma-Jean has blessed me with her singing many times. Also lIke that song, “Others” and taught it to the church ladies. Like the verse, “Declare His glory among the heathen; His wondrous works among all nations”(16:24). Thank you David for another inspirational blog. God bless you, everyone.

  10. Today’s blog was blessing as is ALL God’s Word. Thank you David M. are sharing Normae Jean song ,the words are a prayer to God from His children. Praise the Lord oh my soul and all that is within me bless His holy name!!!!!!

  11. If youv’e not heard Norma-Jean’s beautiful voice you are missing out. I don’t know for sure but if you call Cross roads many they sell her CD’s for a donation.
    🙂 M.

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