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Suggested Reading: 1 Chronicles 14-15

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Across the Kidron Valley and Facing the Mount of Olives on the eastern side of the Old City of Jerusalem is the Golden, or Eastern Gate. Jesus celebrated with the people as He entered through the Golden Gate on Palm Sunday. Jewish religious tradition teaches that the coming Messiah will enter Jerusalem through this gate. To prevent this, the Muslims sealed the gate during the rule of Suleiman.

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Key Verses: 1 Chronicles 14:15; 15:16

And it shall be, when you hear a sound of marching in the tops of the mulberry trees, then you shall go out to battle, for God has gone out before you to strike the camp of the Philistines…Then David spoke to the leaders of the Levites to appoint their brethren to be the singers accompanied by instruments of music, stringed instruments, harps, and cymbals, by raising the voice with resounding joy.

Scripture records more commendations for David than for any other king. Today’s reading may indicate the reason for that. Most of the time he kept in touch with God, listened and obeyed. In this story, David is under attack from the Philistines. Most military strategists would first enter a planning session, but not David. First, he began to pray! Before he did anything to defend his people, he inquired of the Lord. God gave him the battle plan, which resulted in victory. David honoured God, then God honoured him. Back in 1 Samuel 2:30b God says, “Those who honour me I will honour, and those who despise Me shall be lightly esteemed.”

Is it any wonder that David and the people also knew how to celebrate, as we read in chapter 15? One who did not celebrate was David’s first wife, Michal, the daughter of King Saul. No doubt, in human terms, she had reason to be bitter. She started her marriage to David with great hope, then was given to another man by Saul. She was forced back to her first husband, David, when he took power. In the meantime, David had married another wife. Now David had more wives. It’s sad for Michal. Our attitude and our confidence in God can turn the most difficult circumstances around for good, and we can rejoice if we choose to.


Lord God, help me to be “praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit” (Ephesians 6:18). I pray that I will pray, listen and obey. Grant that my attitude will be one of celebrating other people’s joy, and that I will celebrate Your work in me also. In Jesus’ Name, Amen!!!


Back in the mid-nineties, I was not celebrating as I should. The lease on our downtown Toronto television studio building was not being renewed and we were forced to move elsewhere for the continued operation of Crossroads. God had clearly indicated to me, and all the others in leadership, that the right move was to buy land in Burlington and build, according to the vision God had given us for the future. The new Crossroads Centre was opened in May of 1992, the same year we built and financed an amazingly successful soul-winning outreach at the World Exposition in Spain. However, we were not having success in controlling the costs, and we ended up in humanly-impossible debt. Nevertheless, God had a plan. First, he sent Norma-Jean and me to Argentina, with all costs paid for by a great Argentinian congregation. That church was experiencing a mighty Holy Spirit revival with thousands coming to know Jesus as Saviour and Lord. I expected to be in Church 24/7, but that was not to be. The Pastor’s daughter was having her “coming out party” at a local hotel the first night there, and we were invited. During one of the games, Norma-Jean was asked to get up and imitate an animal, and the guests were to guess the animal. She was moving like and elephant and they guessed right! Everyone was having lots of fun, except me. I thought, “This is foolish. We came down here to experience a spiritual revival, and now this?” Perhaps my attitude was like that of Michal. Then the master of ceremonies called me up and quietly asked that I, along with my table (they had separated Norma-Jean and me), should mimic a creature. The table decided on a crab. There I was moving sideways in a most awkward way. Initially, I was not happy. I thought, “Life is too serious for this.” Then God spoke to my inner being, and this is what I heard: “David, you don’t have fun any more. You’re too serious. I want you to be much more childlike and enjoy life. This is why I arranged for you to come to Argentina.” My attitude changed then and there, and I really got into the crab mimic routine (without being ‘crabby!’). We all laughed heartily and the celebration continued. That trip changed me forever. I came home rejoicing. A ten-year plan for paying off the debt was put in place, and right on schedule Crossroads became debt free. I’m still celebrating!

Yours for celebrating God’s plans and provisions,


24 thoughts on “Tuesday, June 11, 2013

  1. I like your story, David … Reminds me of myself! It is hard to just “let go” at times for fear of making a fool of myself. But, then to let go of what others think and openly have fun, celebrate, rejoice, dance, sing and so on, can be liberating to the soul and mind! Bless the Lord, oh my soul!! Have a wonderful day to all!

  2. Great story! I’d like to see your crab-like contortions sometime David! You’ll have to post a video for us, I bet it’s quite the sight!! haha! Good for you for playing-along … I have to admit, I’m not so sure that I would have been such a good sport that evening either. What’s that old saying? We need to be careful that we aren’t so heavenly minded that we aren’t earthly good ( I believe that’s how the saying goes anyhow). God has a way of showing us that we can take ourselves too seriously, we need only seek his counsel in prayer, of course do what we are able, and then let Him handle the rest. His plans are broader than we could ever imagine, it’s always best to put our plans in His care, pray … and then watch Him do a work!

  3. I love your story David there is to much serious God laughs so why can ‘ t we in our journeys everyday. I bet what God said to you will change others
    Lianne Hogg

  4. King Solomon with the ark in 1 Kings 8 and Joshua 5 and the battle of Jericho are just two past scriptures we have read, that come to mind after today’s reading. It feels so good to really be learning the bible!! It has been such a long journey for me and the truth is finally sinking into my bones and encoding in my memory. I have seen the Holy Spirit really working in my life over this past year and a miracle has taken place in my heart strings.

    Praise God for this bible study and blog! Thank you fellow saints for your love and support over this past year and I look forward to this next year, together. The Word of God, guidance and direction from David Mainse and team, and you saints have become the rock on which I rely to start each day and keep going. My mornings are always enhanced by daily readings in Echoes of Eternity by Hal M. Helms; My Utmost for his Highest by Oswald Chambers; Daily Light by Bagster/Lotz; and Streams in the Desert by Cowman–thanks to a fellow saint, Jean, at my church.

    The servant of the Lord must… be gentle. 2 Tim 2:24

    “When God conquers us and takes all the flint out of our nature, and we get deep visions into the Spirit of Jesus, we then see as never before the great rarity of gentleness of spirit in this dark and unheavenly world.

    “The graves of the Spirit do not settle themselves down upon us by chance, and if we do not discern certain states of grace, and choose them, and in our thoughts nourish them, they never become fastened in our nature or behaviour.

    “Every advance step in grace must be preceded by first apprehending it, and then a prayerful resolve to have it.

    “So few are willing to undergo the suffering out of which thorough gentleness comes. We must die before we are turned into gentleness, and crucifixion involves suffering; it is a real breaking and crushing of self, which wrings the heart and conquers the mind.” Streams in the Desert, Cowman, June 11, p. 187

    Blessings, on this rainy day!

    • P.S. I am very serious in nature, too. Thanks for your personal message–a great reminder that follows a similar message from my pastor and secretary at the church, just this past week about humour! God is speaking pretty clearly! Amen!

  5. Love your story too David. Thank you for sharing so openly as it is right down where we live a lot of the times. Read over all yesterday’s blogs this morning and they touched me deeply. First of all, Praise God for using you in Russia, David. I have heard recently that the open door there is closing somewhat so it is important to move when God speaks. Also yesterday I had to deal not with one of my faithful groundhogs, but discovered there was a family of them. Now that’s getting”down”, ha!ha! I needed to ask for peace and set my live trap and asked for the assistance of my neighbor and now have one less. Loved your entry, Beverlee, poem, Donna and all others. The Lord bless you and keep you.

  6. BALANCE! I know a person who is not serious enough. It can be tiresome. I
    love that one dearly though. I believe pain resides beneath that joking. This is a wonderful person.

    • I can relate with you, Doreen. Accepting each other the way we are is the answer–and to pray love for one another. God bless you!

  7. Thank you for the story Pastor David. It reminded me of what we read in Proverbs 17:22 “A cheerful heart is like good medicine” NIV.
    Blessings to one and all.

    • Yes, I agree. God also put humor in His creation which I noticed. I was more prompt to be sorrowful when I prayed for others, often begging God for His deliverance to relieve our burdens. Yet, God put 2 kids into our life, which kind of forced me to cheer up and show them how to live a joyful life in God. I thought of our Lord Jesus who loves children and the children love Him too. If He pulled a long face all the time, I didn’t think he would be attractive to them. May we all rejoice in the Lord always and live out each day shining out His love and grace!

  8. Wow- I can’t believe another one of my heart psalms fits today’s reading. I hope no one get weary of reading my poems, but this one seems to fit so well today’s topic, I can’t believe that is a coincidence. So I will post it and knowing God will do what He wants with it. Amen.

    Heart Psalm #30

    When my lips taste the words of praise
    I thank thee Lord for the gift of voice and speech.
    When my ears hear the dove cooing in her nest
    I thank thee Lord for the gift of sound and peace.
    When my eyes sees the last drop of morning dew clinging to the leaf
    I thank thee Lord for the gift of sight and faith.
    When my hand holds the hand of human embrace
    I thank thee Lord for the gift of touch and grace.
    And when I breathe my last breath and smell death’s cold approach
    I will thank thee Lord for the fragrant promise of new life yet lived.
    But all these gifts pale and fade like the setting sun when your love
    invades every cell of my body and reaches the depths of my being.
    For then no taste, no sound, no touch, no sight or smell can capture
    the Holiness of it.

    All I can do is LAUGH.

  9. I skipped over to Huntley street yeaterday when the lady who is helping me with my cleaning was here. Her first day I was telling her about my family. The baptism of the Holy Spirit was part of it, asked her if she had ever heard of That, she said yes. It seems every time she is here I mention my spiritual life. Yesterday I had you on my computer and I called into my office to see you. She said he looks great. I thought so too. that was a great interview. Elaine

  10. What a great blog today! Thank you Pastor David for sharing. Too often we get so serious, especially in our trials but we must hand them over to THE LORD and rejoice!

    Blessings fellow saints have a wonderful day in The Lord.

  11. Hi David, Isn’t it wonderful to be free! Free to laugh, free to dance ,free to cry, free to sing, free to worship,free to be the happy child of God, he wants us to be! l was raised in a very humorous family, my mum laughed all the time, and my dad used to come through the door, and very often did a tap dance, but my church was the complete opposite. It was like going to a funeral every week. Later l left the church life, and sought out somewhere l could be free. l was so glad when l discovered that our Father God, has an amazing sense of humour and loves to see his children enjoying themselves, even in church! l know that there is balance in everything,but how marvelous to be free In-Christ! Bravo David and Norma-Jean!

  12. Loved your story David. I, too, am a serious person but, God put my husband in my life to help me. He’s away about 90% of the time, but if I stay in God’s word daily His grace is more than enough to fill my day with His Sufficiancy. Please pray for my prodical son, Elijah.

    • Heavenly Father- we pray for the spiritual poor, the lost, the rebellious,the unrepentant and those not yet redeemed. We ask that they may sense the Holy Spirit shadowing them and understand He is not chasing them to harm them or scold them, but to lead them to YOU, so they can know YOU and receive your LOVE. We ask this for all we name before Your Throne of Grace, and espescially for Elijah, Judy’s son. Amen

  13. Thank you so much for your story of today. I believe it will
    be helpful to many as I know it is to me.
    God richly bless you and all your followers.

  14. Amen ,amen ,amen to all who put entree’s in the blog today I’m so blessed by
    yor poem’s Donna,andBeverly Every’s comment are so up lifting.Thank you to
    David M.I to am one of the frozen chosen I have a problem to get unthawed
    at times .I sure loved how easy the Lord helped you loosen up.Thankyou
    for this blog to all you wonderful people, God Bless you all….R..

  15. Dear David M and precious fellow bloggers
    Late again tonight but good news all the techno prolems I had yesterday tryoing to reply to all of you is finally fixed
    Sharred with my dear Marcia with her leg horizontal in her wheelchair your hillarious stories , you can now picture the two of us in our wheelchairs bursting out laughing ,seing you playing perfecly the motion of a crab you litterely made our day.
    Donna thank you for anatherbeautiful poem and no there is no coincidence trust me it is called Divine Intervention !…
    God bless you all
    XXXX Carole and Ray (my beloved husband who wrote this reply for me)

  16. Yes as usual a wonderful storey. I was laughing just pictureing you and Norma-Jean imitating those creatures. It must have been quit a sight. God knew just what you needed at that time in your life David.
    Donna your poems are truely wonderful. Thank you for sharing them.

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