Thursday, November 15, 2012


Suggested Reading: Numbers 17-18

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Evening sets on the Eastern Gate, or Golden Gate, of the Old City of Jerusalem.

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Key Verse: Numbers 17:10

And the Lord said to Moses, “Bring Aaron’s rod back before the Testimony, to be kept as a sign against the rebels, that you may put their complaints away from Me, lest they die.

King David wrote, “Your rod and your staff, they comfort me” (Psalm 23:4b). The “rod” was the shepherd’s aggressive weapon. With this, leadership was established, both with the sheep and an attacking animal or person. This instrument of authority, the rod, was God’s choice as a sign of His authority. The dead stick, Aaron’s rod, sprouted buds, blossoms and ripe almonds. By putting this in the Ark, the leadership issue was settled once and for all. Chapter 18 has to do with the remuneration of those who served full time in the work of God on behalf of the people. It’s not so long ago that Pastors and Evangelists, serving in farming communities, were paid in a side of beef, vegetables, chickens, etc. During the 1930’s and into the Second World War, cash was hard to come by. No doubt it was the same in Israel’s case. Our guide on this current tour of Israel quoted yesterday, “You shall not muzzle the ox that treads out the corn” (1 Corinthians 9:9). We may want to read that entire chapter about caring for the needs of God’s full-time servants (click here).


Lord, if necessary to stop murmuring, give Your people a sign which confirms Your call on the lives of the leaders You have chosen. Enable me, O Lord, to have that inner witness of Your Spirit with my spirit, that my leaders are Your choice, whether or not I have a physical manifestation such as a dead stick that springs to life. In Jesus’ Name. Amen!


I was born in 1936, the height of the depression, and our family lived by the gifts of meat and other produce given by those great people called “farmers,” because my father was a semi-rural minister at the time. Every evening from about ’41 to ’45, I would run over to Mr. White’s farm across the field. I would carefully walk back as I was carrying a pail of fresh milk, still warm from the cow. The White family were of a different denomination than we were, but it made no difference. A portion of the tithe of the milk went to our family while my father served as a missionary in Egypt. Our family stayed behind in Canada because of the danger of the war raging in North Africa and Europe. When Daddy arrived home in December of 1944, Mr White, Chairman of the local School Board, asked my Father to take over teaching the 52 pupils from grades 1 – 8 in our one-room schoolhouse. He did, and believe me, there was absolutely no murmuring, particularly from me, about Dad’s authority and leadership.

Yours for obedience to God’s directions and loyalty to those He has chosen,


P.S. Below is a photo of me leading our tour group in prayer in Caesarea Philippi, where Peter responded to Jesus’ question, “Who do you say that I am.” Find Peter’s answer in Matthew 16:13-26.


13 thoughts on “Thursday, November 15, 2012

  1. I think of the Old Covenant or Mosaic Covenant from the Old Testament which conveys God’s authority over His people, that He would guide them and they would follow His authority. Words like ‘authority’ and ‘obedience’ are not popular today, just as I suppose they weren’t popular in Moses’ day either; perhaps this behaviour of independence is rooted in the sinful and disobedient nature of people since the fall of Adam. We want to do things ‘our’ way, not God’s way, this is the very nature of sin. Praise God that He sent us a Saviour in Jesus to show us the way to freedom from sin. I know that His way is the way that leads to righteousness and eternal life, and it is to this way of love that I will forever submit.

    • We are born with a sinful nature, aren’t we? When we are raised with love and know we are loved, we follow in those footsteps. I sentiment your thoughts, exactly. Thanks be to Jesus!

  2. The living rod of Aaron spoke of a vibrant and growing congregation. There were three characteristics God mentioned to behold. Aarons rod had spouted and put forth buds, as new growth. It had produced blossoms, as though a spiritual awakening. Lastly, this rod yielded ripe almonds. Aaron’s rod demonstrated it can inspire, nurture and guide. It is was in living contrast to the eleven other rod’s which could only serve to control.

  3. There is no doubt that God has always and will always be working in and through you, David. You learned the lesson of accepting help graciously at an early age and have returned it many fold. Your Father taught his beliefs to all and you followed his example knowing that the knowledge was our FATHER’S and you , as Jim said,are just the water boy. You and yours continue to be the finest waterboys on God’s team. Sure, you spill a few drops but you never give up and always know HIS forgiveness.. That is such an example to those of us who worry about what we slop from our pails. You teach us TRUST . Even now, when you are ill, you show us your trust in God’s plan in times when most would be hiding away from conteminates for fear of low immunization abilities. You are strong and happy but not foolhardy. You accept the help God puts around you. Pride didn’t stop you from accepting the pail of milk and pride doesn’t stop you from accepting the help of Ron and Ann. No, you are not a saint but you are true inspiration of trusting God and sharing HIS/your heartfelt love. THANKYOU both.

  4. My parents are travelling in your group, George & Marilyn Whitrow. Can you please ask them to call home? I need reassurance, other than prayers, that they and the group are alright and safe.

  5. God bless you David for this ministry. God reveals himself to me and I am beyond words how to thank you, your family and staff. Thank you to your devoted readers who respond and contribute. I am learning and I am so grateful.

  6. My son and I will be praying for you and your group. God bless. tks for blessing Israel. I wish I was there. beautiful, beautiful country.

  7. Just really appreciate your time and effort and your willingness and wanting us to be part of your lives, through your daily readings and comments, while you are in Israel.
    A million thanks!
    It is like being in your family right where you live.
    You make us feel part of your family by sharing.
    The Lord richly bless you David and Norma-Jean and Ron & Ann.
    The Lord bless and keep you!
    It is so very much appreciated, that you take the time to blog.

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