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Suggested Reading: Numbers 16

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An inspiring scene on the southern shore of the Dead Sea.

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Key Verse: Numbers 16:9a, 10

Is it a small thing to you…that He has brought you near to Himself, you and all your brethren, the sons of Levi, with you? And are you seeking the priesthood also?

Twice in our reading, Moses fell on his face before God (verses 4 & 45) in intercession for the people. He was desperate for God’s mercy upon the rebellious people. The one thing we learn from history is that we don’t learn from history. First, the judgement of God came on those who coveted the positions of Moses and Aaron, and then by a plague that took the lives of 14,700 people. Earlier we read about the carefully crafted laws for the health of the people, and we don’t know what disease hit them. Perhaps, if those who rejected Moses’ leadership had left quietly, the tragedies could’ve been avoided.


Dear Lord, please help me to be loyal to the leaders you have chosen, and if I cannot support them, may I have the grace to leave quietly so as not to damage Your work in any way. In Jesus’ Name I pray. Amen!


Yesterday, Norma-Jean and I sat at lunch with a precious couple who were hurting. They have planted several churches in their years of ministry, and recently their leadership has been rejected by their latest church plant in a remote northern community. In order not to damage the congregation which they love, they moved about 50 miles away without making a fuss. I’m proud of them. It wouldn’t surprise me if they planted another congregation in the north. They are members of our tour group here in Israel. About three weeks ago, Don Simmonds, our Crossroads Christian Communications Chairman and CEO called me to announce that he had made an executive decision to send Ron and Ann Mainse to help lead the tour group throughout Israel. I’m ever so glad. Ron baptised about 60 people in the Jordan River this week. I realized that I would not have had the strength to do this. Thank you Don and Ron! I have a streak of royal blue loyalty up my backbone. I support totally the leadership God has sent to CCCI/CTS, as well as that in our local church.

Yours for recognition and support of God’s chosen leaders,


This is my son Ron in the Jordan River baptizing about 60 people from our tour group.



14 thoughts on “Wednesday, November 14, 2012

  1. Insofar as leadership is righteous and true and submits to it’s proper authority, I agree with you David. When leadership is corrupted, immoral and goes against the dictates of authority, I believe we must speak out loudly rather than go away quietly. In the example provided today with Moses, the people were not in the right, for Moses was providing Godly leadership. I know the Bible states that we must submit to authority, however when authority runs amok, isn’t there a point when the people must act?

  2. Effective ministry leadership requires such skills as listening openly to others, offering and accepting suggestions, setting an example of Christ-like behaviour, showing appreciation of the efforts of others, handling conflict, delegating, listening openly, financial responsibility and so forth. When a leader fails to uphold these principles, there must be a review and clear guidelines to help the individual to effect change, or change the leadership. David, you have set an outstanding and excellent example of leadership throughout your ministry, and it is clear you have taught these principles to leaders following in your footsteps.

  3. How awesome to be baptized in the Jordan River, where Jesus was! How wonderful that God would have your son, Ron, baptize so many members of your group!

    Bless you, today, David, Norma Jean, and the rest of the tour group. And thank you, David, for sharing the story of the hurting couple who faced rejection by the congregation of the church they planted. He will surely lead them–He placed them on this trip with you to be renewed. He uses us in ways we cannot even begin to imagine. Years later, as we look back, we have a much greater understanding of His divine purpose and wisdom.

    • I share your thoughts Beverlee Kay.

      Thank you David for sharing that story, I am praying for them. I also thank you again for the spiritual wisdom you share with us every day.What a blessing!
      Praying for you every day David, for strength and healing by the precious blood Jesus.

  4. Wow,
    I could not believe the stubborness of the people
    Rejecting and coming against Moses and Aaron
    Not once but twice.
    Even after Father God had anserwed Moses prayer.
    Twice Moses was humble.
    He was not outraged but sought God on both occasions.
    I am going to have to process this for awhile.
    I stand amazed at Moses leadership.
    He was truly a humble man.

    Thank u David for sharing your heart and the pics in your daily blog
    It is such a blessing for me.
    It must be such a blessing for your son Ron to be with u and u with him.
    Such a blessing for Ron to have a Godly father to model
    Both on earth and our heavenly Father

    I had a loving father but he did not know Jesus.
    Now I have a heavenly Father who loves me.
    I am thankful for both.

    In Christ

  5. Very well said, thank you! Keeping our mind on God’s wisdom and power grants peace of mind and effectiveness to all phases of activity. Practicing this passage with repetition a thousand times a day if necessary leaves no room for troubles as our focus of attention is on the Healing Power dwelling within, the very same Power that created all things. It’s one of the most wonderful and beautiful healing passages in the entire Bible from the Book of Job, chapter 22, verse 21. “Acquaint now thyself with Him, and be at peace; thereby good shall come unto thee.”

  6. It’s wonderful that so many poeple were baptized and that Ron was there to do it. Thank you, David for your wonderful blog. May the rest of your days in Isreal be Blessed. May Our Lord touch you and heal you!!

  7. Thank you for this message, as I thank you daily in my heart and mind. I used to give my sons this verse all the time too. Two of them still don’t get it and they are well up in years. When I look around at todays society/parents/youth I would like to shout it from the housetops. We could all gain a lot of respect and a lot less trouble. We wouldn’t need so many prisons don’t you think ?

    I am so glad you and your group had a safe tour. It sounded scary on the news. God Bless all of you at Crossroads richly.

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