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Suggested Reading: Numbers 1

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This replica of the Tabernacle of Moses was set up behind the Crossroads Centre in Burlington, Ontario, Canada, during the summer of 2012.

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Key Verse: Numbers 1:50

…but you shall appoint the Levites over the tabernacle of the Testimony, over all its furnishings, and over all things that belong to it; they shall carry the tabernacle and all its furnishings; they shall attend to it and camp around the tabernacle.

Here we are in Numbers. It’s a difficult book to read, but we need to stick with it. Completing the entire Bible in two years is a worthy goal. The first chapter initiates a census, from which comes the name of the book. Almost as soon as Mount Sinai is out of sight, the people begin to complain (Numbers 11). Even Moses’ brother and sister speak against his leadership (Numbers 13). Finally, the ultimate in faithlessness, the people refuse to move into the promised land, wandering in the wilderness for 40 years. At the book’s end, Israel is again numbered in preparation for acting on God’s promise (Numbers 26). Only two names appear in both numberings, Joshua and Caleb. There is more to come about these two heroes of obedience and faith. Israel developed two armies, one to stand before God and one before men…the Levites and all the others. These armies ensure the integrity of Israel, both spiritual and temporal.


Lord God, I realize that I live in two worlds as did the Israelites. Grant me grace to faithfully execute my spiritual responsibilities, and from the strength received from You, carry out my responsibilities to help ensure the integrity of my nation. In Jesus’ Name I pray, Amen.


I accepted an invitation from Col. White of the Canadian Armed Services to address a gathering of Christian military personnel some years ago. That Sunday morning, I brought a message from God’s Word to both the Roman Catholic and the Protestant services. I noticed a Ukrainian Army Colonel sitting in the front pew of both services. Following the second service, he approached me and said, “If I could arrange for you to address our officer corp in Ukraine on the subject of having Padres or Chaplains in our military, would you come to us?” “Yes,” I responded. About two years later, under the sponsorship of the Military Christian Fellowship, it happened. At the opening banquet, I made a toast to Cornelius (Acts 10) and suggested that he be made “Patron Saint” of their army. They rose, lifted their vodka-filled glasses, and I heard loud cries of “Da, Da, Yes, Yes.” The gathering continued the next day with several speakers, as well as myself. Within two years, the Army of the Ukraine had Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Baptist and Pentecostal Chaplains. Their concern militarily was the presence of Islamic countries on their borders. They had been attacked by the Tartars over the centuries. They heard, received, and acted upon the message that they needed a spiritual army as well as earthly military might.

Yours for God and country,



11 thoughts on “Saturday, November 3, 2012

  1. It’s intriguing to see just how meticulous the Hebrew writers were when taking down all the small details, in this instance in regards to the various family names included in Numbers chapter 1. Of course we’ve seen this pattern before in other books of the bible, but it just goes to show just how reliable and detailed the bible can be. These are not imagined details used as a filler to a storybook, these are true and real facts of history. We can be thankful to know that our Bible is honest, truthful and fact-based. Every word from cover to cover is inspired by God who not only created this world end everything in it, but who also deeply desires to be in ‘relationship’ with each and every one of His children.

  2. A facinating account of your counsell to the Ukraine towards having Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Baptist and Pentecostal chaplaincy in their army! Looking forward to reading more in Numbers and how these massive armies effected change among the Israelites.

  3. Hi David,Thanks for sharing that awesome opportunity you had to represent the Lord in the Ukraine.Wow! Regarding the scripture reading, God is so personal with us that it is clear we are not just a bunch of statistics but he knows us individually by name.

  4. David
    Though each of us has a family history I am happy that God knows my name and that we have a relationship together. My mom for awhile now has been looking up her geneoolgy and my dads.
    Lianne Hogg

    • Thank you David for bringing so much clarity even to the tricky beginnings of NUMBERS looking forward to sharing with all the bloggers our journey in the next few weeks .
      Would love to be a little bird travelling with you and your loved ones in Jesus homestead
      God bless you all

  5. Looking forward to you guiding us through “Numbers” David, and discovering treasurers that we had not seen before.
    Thanking the Lord for all you who participate in David’s blog, and I feel accountable to all of you to keep on reading!
    Thank you one and all, Wilma.

  6. Wilma….i feel the same way…Numbers will never be the same with David’s insight….Thank you David….. im sticking with ya

    Blessings on your journey……. missed you this am in the soaking..on TV …but as i soaked ….i knew you were as well….Our God is Good …All the Time…. Blessed be the Name of the Lord……. until tomorrow ( God Willing )

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