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Suggested Reading: John 20-21

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A Nazareth Village family enjoying time with one another.

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Key Verse: John 20:19

Then, the same day at evening, being the first day of the week, when the doors were shut where the disciples were assembled, for fear of the Jews, Jesus came and stood in the midst, and said to them, “Peace be with you.”

Jesus speaks “peace” three times to His disciples here. They were obviously in a state of great turmoil and fear. Jesus might have said, “Settle down, we’ve got some very practical matters to accomplish in the next 50 days.” After all, Jesus’ followers were very ordinary people. Peter and John came from two fishing families. Notice that John could not escape the competition motivation. He had to put in the Gospel that he beat Peter to the tomb. Of course, Mary Magdalene was first. She didn’t recognize Jesus until she heard His voice. We need to listen for Jesus. He’ll speak our names too. He has something unique to say to each one of us. He had a special message for Peter who had denied knowing Him three times. Three times He asked, “Do you love Me, Peter?” He had a message in the number of fish caught, 153. In Hebrew, each letter has a numerical value. 153 translates into “Ana Elohim = I am God.” The disciples had been to Hebrew school. They would have known exactly what Jesus was communicating. In our Bibles, let’s read again John 20:31. This is the reason for John to write. He was there in person when it happened!


Dear Lord Jesus, Help me to do that which You told Peter to do in today’s reading, “Feed my sheep,” and “Feed my lambs.” You know that I love You too. And help me, like John, to know my purpose in writing, speaking, and simply living the Gospel before others. May many more believe in You and have life in Your Name. Amen!


I’m simply a student. I’m hoping to learn more about God. In the Hebrew language, the word “disciple” is “talmudim,” and is what a kindergarten child in Israel is called today. Before moving from the weekly telecasts, Crossroads and Circle Square for children, to the daily telecast, 100 Huntley Street, I was begging God for guidance. I remember the spot on Highway 400, north of Toronto, where I heard the Lord say my Name. He said to me so clearly I could never deny it, “David, I love you!” “Yes Lord,” I said, “What about specific guidance?” Again He said, “David, I love You!” I was so overcome that I had to pull over to the side of the road and sit there for a long time. I realized that the assurance of His love was all I needed. I was simply to go ahead, share my decisions with the Board of Directors for their approval, and His love would keep me on track to do His will.

Yours for “Life in His Name!”


12 thoughts on “Friday, November 2, 2012

  1. These words, feed my sheep and feed my lambs reminds me of Matthew chapter 28, the great commission. “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. and teaching them to obey everything that I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” Or perhaps I am reading into the text too much, perhaps He wants us to take care and provide for one another, those who are younger, older, the homeless, less fortunate etc. and by doing so we are been Christ-like to our fellow human beings. I think He probably wants us to do both, make disciples of all nations and at the same time provide care, food and spiritual food for all; in a sense, the Lord wants us all to have a charitable heart.

    This study of the gospel of John has simply been amazing! I think I’m pumped-up enough and have gathered up enough gusto to now tackle the book of ‘Numbers’ with all of you! David, lead the charge!

  2. Good morning David, and I have to add love to you dear Norma Jean,
    Thank you for new information for me this A.M. Concerning the meaning
    of 153 fish…”I am God”. It reminded me that nothing is trivial with God.
    He wastes no opportunity to get His message across to us.
    Job 36:4,5 (amp.). For truly my words shall not be false; He Who is
    perfect in knowledge is with you. Behold! God is mighty, and yet despises
    no one, nor regards anything as trivial; He is mighty in power of
    understanding and heart.
    May the Lord our God give you His peace, His strength and protection
    in travel. Praying for you both with a grateful heart for what your lives
    have meant to us for so many years.
    Blessings, in His wonderful name!
    Faith and Ken

  3. Good morning David! I don’t always comment but I always read, and I am always daily blessed through the following of your blog. Thank you for such a wonderful ‘gift’ to us who are following along. John has always been one of my favorite books ~ it was the one recommended to me to read first as a new believer. I look forward to all you will share from Numbers. Bless you David. You have done and are still doing a wonderful job of feeding and tending to the ‘sheep’ as Jesus commanded. “well done, good and faithful servant” will definitely be spoken to you when you are called ‘Home.’

  4. These two chapters are very special to me as the Lord spoke to me through them and a particular verse 40 years ago. Enjoyed your commentary this morning. Praise God, He not only saves and heals us, but He has a purpose and work for us to do as your prayer says. God bless you all on the tour; will have to go vicariously. Remember us there please. Thank you and Norma-Jean for being a blessing all these years. Geri

  5. Thank you, David, for the message of 153 fish: Ana Elohim, I am God; and, your personal message from God, “David, I love you… David, I love you.” When we are good and faithful servants, we can trust that God is with us, and will guide us, accordingly. Your life’s ministry is a wonderful example of this.

    I have so enjoyed watching you on 100 Huntley Street, this week. Blessings to you and Norma Jean on your upcoming travels to the Middle East.

  6. I enjoy reading the significance of everything that Jesus did.

    He breathed on them and they received the Holy Spirit. I rejoice in knowing that it is finished and that b/c of Jesus’s death on the cross I can know the Father.

    I am looking forward to the Book of Numbers.


  7. The Gospel of John has been spiritually moving, especially reading this slower and with your commentary, prayers and photographs by Reynold. Looking forward to continuing the journey through Numbers. Enjoy reading the experiences, thoughts and prayers of others along the way…

    • Dear David, I can’t believe that 5 months past since we joined you in this great journey. As a new believer I am so grateful for the teaching. Will be filling myself with the c.d. “HEALING ATMOSPHERE”
      Have a wonderful trip !
      P.S. Lianne don’t be concerned we are all in this journey together with the Holy Spirit’S guidance for Jesus is “Thy word is the light to our feet and the lamp to our path”.

  8. Dear David…what a wonderful week with you on 100 Huntley st…fealt like old times…. as i soaked with you this morning…as the Lord used you for me through the TV in 1995 …. i come expecting my body healing because He is the same yesterday, and Today…and tomorrow…so Lord i thank you in Advance for the Healing that you are Doing, have Done, and will continue to do as we Believe and stay faithful in Prayer….thank you David…it was a wonderful week …God Bless you and Norma Jean and the crew for your Trip..may the Lord continue to give us His Strength breath by breath…until He calls our Name….and there we will see Him ….and Dine at His Table…Homeward Bound…. until then we ask the Holy Spirit to continue to Lead & Guide us ….in all things… as we are Joyful in Hope,Patient in Trials,and Faithful in Prayer…..until later…….

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