Saturday, June 9, 2012


Suggested Reading: Matthew 8

Key Verse: Matthew 8:15 (NKJV)

So He touched her hand, and the fever left her. And she arose and served them.”

These are believed to be the ruins of Peter’s house, excavated in Capernaum. They are now protected by a church that is built over it. Scripture tells that Capernaum was also the home of the apostles Andrew, James and John, as well as the tax collector Matthew. Most notably, it was the home town of Jesus during His ministry years (Matt. 4:13).

In French the words for “Mother-in-law” are “la bellemere” – “The beautiful mother.” Peter’s wife’s mother is beautiful in three ways.

First: She was touched by Jesus. His touch always brings beauty. Second: She arose. It’s beautiful to see a person who is ready for action. Third: She is beautiful in her desire to minister back to Jesus. The touch of Jesus is not just for personal benefit, it’s for “OTHERS.” Has the touch of Jesus blessed you spiritually, physically, financially, socially, etc. Yes, it’s a gift for you, and it’s for God’s purpose of blessing “OTHERS.” That’s the primary word expressing gratitude to God for His blessings.


Lord Jesus, You lived your life for others. You suffered, died and rose from the dead for others. I truly want to give my life in whatever way you lead me in the service of others. Grant me the grace to give myself away to others. Amen!


My mother, Norma Hazel Pritchard, died when I was 12. My most vivid memories were of watching her pray on her knees for long periods of time. I was aware of the presence of God and I would never disturb her. She had traveled to Egypt in 1924 to marry my Dad, and she used her degree in music to minister with music lessons to the girls of Egypt who had very little opportunity. Always, without exception, the first item she placed on our wall when we moved was a white and black mother of pearl motto that simply said, “OTHERS.”

God bless you,


13 thoughts on “Saturday, June 9, 2012

  1. Dear David,

    You have a servant’s heart like your mother. When I heard about your health condition, I had prayed to Our Lord to give you many more years to serve HIM and to serve others.

    May the Lord continue to give you strength to serve HIM.

    With blessing, Lin

  2. David
    God has blessed me with the gifts of encouragement and helping others which I love to do. I pray that God will give you more strength for today and many more years to come. God Bless you and your family

    Lianne Hogg

  3. Dear Mr. Mainse,
    I find your blog today exceptionly touching.
    My thoughts are in agreement with Lin and Lianne’s words.

    God Bless You.


  4. I remember many times David you and Norma Jean singing the little chorus ‘Others, yes others, this will my motto be’ ! That certainly is what 100 Huntley is all about. Thank you.

    God Bless

  5. Sometimes it’s not the impressive grand things that we might accomplish by the world’s standards, but by the humble, repentant actions of one who is ‘willing’ to serve and to become lowly that they may also become exalted. Ah, that we might all have a servant’s heart!

    p.s. Love those pictures Reynold! You really have a gifted eye for photography and I appreciate your pictures of the Holy land that I am privileged to view on a daily basis. Thank-You!

  6. Your blog helps put life into perspective. I look forward to whatever you feel compelled to write. Gods touch is life.

  7. Dear Reverend David Mainse,
    You are a beacon of light, Norma-Jean is a beautiful Ray of Sunshine lighting our great nation. I look up to you so very much. You are the dad I never had.
    My deepest gratitude and appreciation for your ministry that God has richly blessed you with my brother. Thank You too Ronald & Ann for your inspiration and love you share for Our Lord and Saviour Jesus. Thank You Reynold and Cathy. Reynolds photographs are brilliant and my eyes are amazed each day as I see these gorgeous pictures of the Holy Land. Thank You Elaine and Bruce for your demonstration of God’s pure love for us. Thank You Ellen and Naseer for your expert teaching of The Holy Land where I always wanted to go, but can see it on the television as if I am right there.
    Such a beautiful Holy Spirit filled family.

    Thank You heavenly father for the Rutledges and the Mainse family
    Please Bless every single one of them from the top of their heads to the souls of their feet.
    Long live David Mainse
    You are in my prayers.


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