Tuesday, June 5th, 2012

Suggested Reading: Matthew, Chapters 3 & 4


Key Verse: Matthew 3:14 – spoken by John the Baptist to Jesus

“I have need to be baptised by you and are you coming to me?”



Sunrise over the Galilee

Later in chapter 11 Jesus says,”There has not been one greater than John the Baptist.

What was the evidence of John’s greatness?

(1) A great message! “Repent!” Turn from your own way and go God’s way.

(2) Humility! John did not consider himself a great personality, just a “VOICE!” He declared, “I am not worthy to carry His sandals.

(3) The Baptist had a great sense of his own need. “I have need to be baptised by You.

John the Baptist, according to Luke’s Gospel, was named by an angel. His birth was prophesied in advance, and He was eventually beheaded, because of his stand for Truth. What a great man! He confessed to Jesus, “I need you.THIS IS GREATNESS!!!!!

Prayer for Today – Jesus, I need you, and I’m confident that, as the Apostle Paul wrote in Philippians 4:19, “God shall supply all your need, according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

100 Personal Words:

Watching TV or reading newspapers, I have often exclaimed, “YOU NEED JESUS!” For June 2012, Crossroads has published, “It’s All About Jesus,” a book of true stories of Jesus meeting human need in the present. Please go to www.crossroads.ca and order this powerful truth that Jesus is alive on earth today and in His Name God answers prayer.

His timing may not be to our liking. I remember the singer Jimmy McDonald, saying on the 100 Huntley Street TV show that there are four ways God answers prayer:

  1. NO (It’s not the best for you).
  2. GROW (we must change first).
  3. SLOW (circumstances must change first). And,
  4. GO (This is God’s “YES!”).

Listen very carefully and you will hear God’s answer.

With much love,



14 thoughts on “Tuesday, June 5th, 2012

  1. Like John the Baptist, we all have need of Jesus in our lives as Saviour and Lord. Unlike John the Baptist, many let their foolish pride get in the way of accepting Jesus as such. In this reading today, John reflects a wonderful example of a contrite heart, a WILLINGNESS to follow Jesus and the desire to recognise Jesus as Lord over his very life. This he could only do through the power of the Holy Spirit; this remains unchanged for us today.

  2. Thank You David for this blog!

    We have watched 100 Huntley Street for many years, and consider ourselves priviledged to be a friend among so many.
    May the Lord continue to bless you and all those who work to give their best to the glory and honour of Jesus!

  3. Thank u for your personal words.
    Your stmt. regarding how to know how God answers prayer is what I needed to hear today.

  4. David

    You are a fisher of men (and woman). Thanks for sharing your passion for God.

    Matthew’s 4:19 And he saith unto them,Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.

  5. As a Life Group leader, I have passed the prayer, you wrote, to my group mbrs and have asked the question. “What do you believe this statement of Paul’s means…”according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus”. I’m looking forward to hear the replies and encouraged to see spirtitual growth.

  6. So true and so needed today as never before. God bless you David as you undertake this blog and may you feel daily God’s blessing, healing and love on you and on your whole family. You are blessing many people and i just needed to say thank you.
    I called last week for prayer for a job for myself and this week Friday I am back to work so PTL. He is a God who does answer our prayers.

  7. The pictures are so relevant and such a reminder having been in Israel several times myself. To be so aware of the awesome reality of Christ that is personal and ongoing should be an integral part of our life and being. My prayer is for the wisdom and guidance that He alone can so impart.

  8. Dear David:
    Because of your show I started going to church about 4 years ago and I’m a faithful watcher of the show still today. I know your blog over the next two years will teach me so much, and I look forward to that. God Bless you and all the people of 100 Huntley.

  9. Dear David:
    I love the profound truths that you share in such a small space. Great is the wisdom and humility of the Lord operating in your life and ministry. Thank you for the faithful service that has allowed Canadians to hear and respond to the gospel. It’s inspires me to see the incredible work God is doing in and through your family. You all set an amazing example for Christians everywhere to follow. blessings……..always!

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