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Today’s Reading: Psalms 98-100

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Here are some of the beautiful mosaics inside the Church of Transfiguration on Mount Tabor. This church is located in Lower Galilee, Israel, at the eastern end of the Jezreel Valley, 11 miles (18 km) west of the Sea of Galilee. It is believed by many Christians to be the site of the Transfiguration of Jesus. It is also known as the Mount of Transfiguration.

GOOGLE MAPS – To see where the photo was taken, click HERE.


Key Verses: Psalm 100:4-5

Enter into His gates with thanksgiving,

And into His courts with praise.

Be thankful to Him, and bless His name.

For the Lord is good;

His mercy is everlasting,

And His truth endures to all generations.

Psalm 98 is another “NEW” song! The word “NEW” is one of the most powerful words in the English language. We are attracted by that which is “NEW!” What “NEW” insights, “marvelous things” has God done? Our response to Him should be exuberant praise!

Psalm 99 takes us to a most serious consideration. God’s “Justice,” “Equity,” “Righteousness,” and the fact that “He is holy” should cause us to “Exalt the Lord our God.” He answered the prayers of Moses, Aaron and Samuel and forgave their sins, but they still suffered the consequences of their sins. Check out Numbers 20:7-13 and 1 Samuel 8:1-5.

Psalm 100 gives us reasons why we should “Make a joyful shout to the Lord!” (1) “The Lord is good.” (2) “His mercy is everlasting.” (3) “His truth endures to all generations.” This includes the generations alive here in the 21st century! Our key verses sum up why we have every reason to be excited about the Lord and why we must not keep this good news to ourselves. We must find and support every effort to reach “the ends of the earth” with our message that “The Lord, He is God; it is He who has made us, and not we ourselves!”


Lord God, I have received a new understanding of Your mercy and faithfulness. How can I do less than give You all of me? I do enter Your “gates with thanksgiving.” I come into Your “courts with praise.” I pray for Your continuing grace to worship and serve You as I should. I pray in the Name of the One who always pleased You, the Lord Jesus Christ! Amen!!!


I believe we were in the perfect will of God when Crossroads moved in 1977 from the weekly telecasts, called Crossroads and Circle Square for children, to the daily 100 Huntley Street telecast, originating from a building in downtown Toronto with that address. On the very first program, as well as on many subsequent live daily telecasts, I proclaimed that Psalm 100 was our official ministry Psalm. In the light of this fact, I encourage the hosts and producers of our present television and internet productions to use Psalm 100 as a template in order to make sure we are continuing the original purpose of God for the ministry.

On several occasions, when decisions were required, the number 100 played an important role in God’s directions for me and for the Crossroads ministry. The picture below represents a most joyous and productive time in Ministry. Without Jesus out front as #1, the world is like zeros…lost in space and time.

Yours so that we may together “SERVE THE LORD WITH GLADNESS!”


P.S. As a little girl, our second daughter Ellen would kneel at the altar in church and weep for lost people all over the world. I’m not surprised that she and her husband are reaching via television the Arabic, Urdu (Pakistan), Farsi (Iran), and Turkish speaking peoples. Please check them out at Light for All Nations.

In front of the big “100” at our prayer lines on the set of “100 Huntley Street” in the mid-eighties in downtown Toronto.

Here is the exterior of the Church of Transfiguration on Mount Tabor.

6 thoughts on “Saturday, October 21, 2023

  1. The Bible readings for today and yesterday are beautiful, they speak of joy and praise to God, but we don’t always feel these wonderful things, even tho it is God’s truth!

    My second year as a widow was more difficult than the first, quite some years ago now, but I felt so sad and abandoned and alone at times.
    I knew God was with me and my family but my emotions were disconnected from from my intellect.
    I learned just to surrender my deep fear and sadness to Jesus, it was an act of the will certainly not of my emotions, and slowly, so very slowly I learned that Jesus never abandons us, that He wouldn’t abandon any of us inspite of what we are feeling, fear, anger, worries for our family and our country and our world….I began to give it all to Jesus, it was almost like I didn’t care anymore about how I was feeling, and slowly over the months and years the joy and peace of Christ that surpasses all understanding began to creep back into my heart and soul again!

    I pray for all of bloggers, may Jesus fill your hearts and homes, He is the answer, I pray for this wonderful ministry, and for Light for All Nations, and for World Embrace and for all those ministries doing God’s will!
    And I join with you all praying for Israel, Jews and Arabs who are crying out to God.

    • Thank you Anne. Many of my friends & myself also, are widows, as is Norma Jean Mainse. It is Wonderful how the Lord ministers to us. The ministry of Nizar and Ellen is amazing. Blessings on them, their family, and their ministries. Jesus is our EVERYTHING!!

    • Anne,my ‘adopted sister’ is still going through the same grief since Dec,2020 and lives alone in her old farm house.Her 3 children live far away.She introduced me to 100 Words in 2013.I hope she reads the comments made here today.God bless Jerusalem with peace and all of Israel with peace,protection and prosperity.Amen

      I think David posted this song at one time,maybe recently.Here it is again by an Indian couple:

  2. Thank you for your heart-felt message, Anne.
    They are words of Wisdom that my dearly beloved friend, Jean, may be encouraged by as she grieves her husband’s death, and feels such loss and emptiness….( I shall copy and send them onwards).
    May we all continue to grow in Him, and ‘be thankful to Him and bless His Name.’

    Thankful for Blog and Blogger Friends, also.

  3. Thanks to all the comments above and encouragement of fellow bloggers and especially thanks and praise to the Lord for being with all the widows/widower as they travel on without their earthly partners. I have been alone for over 3 years and I am grateful my family is all close but I certainly miss husband and I am grateful that when I feel down the Lord picks me up and carried me through.
    When there is only one set of footprints He is carrying us
    God bless

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