Wednesday, June 21, 2023


Today’s Reading: 2 Chronicles 1-2

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The Western Wall or “Wailing Wall” is located in the Old City of Jerusalem at the foot of the western side of the Temple Mount. A fence separates the areas where the men pray (the larger space on the left) from where the women pray (on the right).

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Key Verse: 2 Chronicles 1:10

Now give me wisdom and knowledge, that I may go out and come in before this people; for who can judge this great people of Yours?


Putting God first, the people second, and himself last was an excellent beginning for young King Solomon. God responded to Solomon’s prayer and gave him such wisdom and favour that Israel rose to even greater prominence and prosperity than ever before. Trade, imports and exports flourished with surrounding nations. When Solomon was blessed by God, so were all the people of Israel, and so were millions of others.

By this time the tent Tabernacle of Moses was at least 500 years old. Building the Temple to permanently house the Ark of the Covenant was essential. The wealth of Israel enabled them to build such impressive structures that people, such as the Queen of Sheba, came to marvel at the wonder of it all.

Had this initial recognition of Solomon’s need for divine guidance continued, the future would have been very different for Solomon’s descendants. But forsaking spiritual purity for business expediency led to spiritual poverty; compromise with the evil practices of surrounding nations eventually led to national disintegration.


Lord God, there’s a very serious lesson here for me to learn. Please grant me not only wisdom, I pray, but also a consistency of purpose to be spiritually pure, to live a life of holiness, every day, in every way. I ask these mercies in the Name of the One who always did that, Jesus, Himself. Amen!!!!


Notice the papers in the cracks in the picture below. This act of placing prayer requests in the Wall does not necessarily make prayers more effective, but, like fasting, it underlines the fervency with which we desire God’s will in our individual lives and in the lives of those for whom we pray. I encourage written prayers. The act focuses our attention. I’ve often written my most urgent prayer request, put it on the wall where I pray and also place the request in the centre drawer of my work desk where I cannot miss praying about it several times a day. Often, if the request is not too personal, I’ll drop it in the offering receptacle at church along with my tithe and offering envelope. In addition to expressing the need in writing, I also write a statement of my confidence in God’s promise of His provision.

Yours because I believe, like Solomon, that there is a personal God who hears and answers prayer,


Young Jewish boys praying at The Western Wall or “Wailing Wall.” Notice the papers in the wall in front of the first three boys. Men and boys must all wear a little hat called a kippah when praying at the Wall.

6 thoughts on “Wednesday, June 21, 2023

  1. Thank You, Lord God, for those You have given to lead us. They help us keep our lives set on You. Bless all the leaders You have given – keep them strong in You. Help them do the work You have given them. And bless all Your church in all places throughout this world. May each person grow strong in their love for You and for others. In Jesus’s great name I pray, amen

  2. We really should be praying for the submersible that is carrying 5 people to view the Titanic 2 miles below the surface of the water. They have heard sounds coming from the area but time & challenges require a mighty miracle. In Jesus Name, Father, take over and be glorified by a mighty miracle in the speedy, safe, rescue of the people as the oxygen runs out very soon. Amen & amen.

    • So agree Doreen.
      Heavenly Father please bring the people in the submarine safely back to the surface of the Atlantic and to the beautiful earth You made for us. We ask in Jesus name.

  3. Agreeing with Doreen in prayer. Lord please bring them from the depths of the sea
    Praying for those trapped inside and for all those trying to locate and rescue them. May the might hand of God be with you

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