Friday, June 3, 2022

SUNSET and SUNRISE (two more years, God willing!)


The Eastern Gate or “Golden Gate” of the Old City of Jerusalem, which leads to the Temple Mount. This photo was taken from the Mount of Olives at sunset. Could it be that the Messiah shall soon burst open this gate in order to enter the Temple area? Jesus entered through the Eastern Gate in His triumphal entry one week before His resurrection.

A Message from Ron Mainse:

My Father, David Mainse, went into the presence of his precious Saviour on the morning of September 25th, 2017, surrounded by his family, ending a 5-year battle with MDS acute leukemia. The Lord graciously extended his life 3 years beyond what the doctors initially predicted, allowing his family and friends to enjoy for a little longer his deep wisdom, caring heart and passionate encouragement. A memorial website has been created for Dad at, which includes a link to view his “Celebration of Life” service.

We want to continue to keep Dad’s words alive through his daily “” blog, so my wife Ann and I will continue to update and post Dad’s commentary, prayer, and personal words from his previous years’ postings…as an ongoing legacy to our precious Father. We are honoured to be carrying this daily torch for Dad!

Now, here are Dad’s words from June 3rd, 2016…

For those just joining us, today we start another exciting 730 days in our TWO-YEAR journey throughout the Bible. My name is David Charles Mainse, born August 13th 1936, in Quebec, Canada. If you’re new to this blog and just might possibly be interested in viewing a brief video where I describe what “” is all about…click here.

So, I’m now 79 years old. This new two-year plan shows that I’m an incurable optimist (because in 2012, the doctors gave me two years to live). You can tell a lot about the company you’re keeping when you are sharing a coffee. Someone may say, “Is there any milk in that jug?” The one who says “pass the cream please” is me!

Yesterday was the birthday of the TV ministry of Crossroads (started June 2, 1962). I’m excited to report that it is “HAPPY!” I’m honoured, along with my wife, Norma-Jean, to be the Founders. I can report good things about Crossroads. I expect to report in this blog, God willing, from time to time on the vision, the persons God has called to lead, and the results of the Good works of a ministry that is supported by God’s people. “Happy Birthday, God bless you!!!”

Now, here’s the plan for this blog:

  1. Beginning today, God willing, I’ll present to you fresh bread on this two-year journey through the WORLD’S OLDEST BOOK, STILL THE WORLD’S BEST-SELLER – – THE BIBLE. We will start in the New Testament, go to the Old Testament, back to the New and then back again to the Old. To start, I suggest joining me in reading St. Matthew’s Gospel chapters 1 & 2… a good place to start, THE CHRISTMAS STORY. In the 1970s, I led a “Through-the-Bible-in-One-Year” program. Unfortunately, when we reached Leviticus, Numbers or Deuteronomy, more than half dropped out! After much prayer, I believe I heard from God to extend the reading to two years. This change, along with the New to the Old and back again approach, reversed the drop-out rate. I knew how many were following with me because new materials needed to be ordered in order to continue with the program.
  2. I read the suggested chapters at 4:00 am. At approximately 4:30 am, I’ll spend time in prayer. This early start has been a habit of mine, most days, since I turned 40.
  3. Around 5:00 am, I am usually at my computer keyboard where I expect to write my blog (or re-edit my original writing from our first two-year journey). First, I’ll write “100 Words” (forgive me in advance as I usually go over 100 words) on the theme of the key verse which I’ve chosen from the reading for the day. Second, I’ll include a “Prayer for Today” that we can pray together. Then third, I’ll include another section called “100 Personal Words,” which might be a personal meditation or a story from my life. 
  4. My son, Ron, who is an ordained minister, will format the blog in advance, and his wife Ann will proofread the text before the blog is posted. Ron also adds photos taken by my other son, Reynold, who is a missionary as well as a professional photographer and also an ordained minister. He has spent much time in the lands of the Bible shooting photos for the blog. His website is
  5. At 6:00 am, the day’s “Fresh Bread” comes out of the oven and is delivered from my place to yours.
  6. Each day, comments and replies to my post are encouraged (I do read all the comments, although I don’t usually get to personally reply…sorry about that!).
  7. NOTE: You can sign up for the daily email version of my blog by completing the subscription info on the home page at If, for any reason, it does not appear in your inbox, sign up again.
MAY GOD BLESS YOU AS YOU BEGIN (OR CONTINUE) THIS JOURNEY WITH ME…and please tell your family and friends to join us too! Perhaps you can post my website link on your Facebook wall (if you’re into that particular flavour of social media).

TOMORROW’S READING: Matthew Chapters 1 & 2

Yours for thinking God’s thoughts as we read thoroughly His Words,



14 thoughts on “Friday, June 3, 2022

  1. Thank You, Father, for this new day and this new start in Your Word. Thank You for the founders of this ministry and for the sustainers. Bless them one and all. Help us, all Your people, to grow closer to You, Lord. Give us the grace to listen and hear You calling us, directing us, and give us the courage and wisdom to obey. Thank You, Father, for all Your children throughout this world. Bless and use each one for Your glory, in Jesus’s name, amen

  2. Amen
    Praying with you all and reading the Blog everyday.
    Pray for me and my family to do God’s will, health, and salvation
    for friends and family.
    Thank you Mainse family for the blog.

  3. Thank you family for the beginning of a new two year journey. God willing, I plan to continue. My strength is waining and I have health issues but the blog keeps me going. God’s greatest blessings on all who participate and especially on those who work on the updating and facilitating of the blog. Amen

  4. My pastor sent me this enlightening video.The young lady’s father shares the same concerns as my pastor (and myself).FYI:Jesus was a communist,in the true sense of the word,(communal),he owned nothing but His clothes and the hearts of his followers,yet he stirred up the population so that the government “was on His shoulders”. Communism does not work on earth because of man’s greed…..sorry,I’m getting carried away.
    This video should make us think.(These people live in a communal style.In small ‘communities’ where everyone knows and trusts each other it can work.)God bless

  5. God bless 100 words for obediently continuing this blog. This is my third time around and it is the first thing I start my day with. Please know that this devotional has helped me grow mediate and express His love . The pictures too have installed a better understanding of the area and culture so much so that I have a desire to experience the places in person. May God’s blessings continue to bring you an abundant harvest. ❤️

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