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Today’s Reading: Ezekiel 30-31

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Once standing 60 feet high, this colossal statue of Ramses II, carved from limestone, now lays on the ground. It looks like he is sleeping, perhaps dreaming. This statue once adorned the great temple of Ptah in Memphis, Egypt. Ramses the Great ruled for more than 60 years, roughly 1279 to 1213 BC (about 200 years after the exodus of the Israelites). This image may have already been toppled by the time of today’s reading, some 700 years after the reign of Rameses II. The empires of Babylon and Persia made Memphis the capital city of the province (satrap) of Egypt. The prophecies of the Bible predicted this.

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Key Verses: Ezekiel 30:19

Thus I will execute judgments on Egypt,

Then they shall know that I am the Lord.


Ezekiel 30 mentions Egypt a dozen times with statements like our key verse. For example, 30:13 tells us of the destruction of the idols and images of Noph (ancient Memphis). Like the king of Tyre in yesterday’s reading, the Pharaohs and the Emperors claimed to be gods to be worshipped. Lucifer, the archangel who was exiled from Heaven because he desired to be worshipped instead of the true God, now seeks that worship on earth by convincing earthly rulers that they are gods to be worshipped. Satan still seeks to divert worship away from the Great Creator, the One and Only God of the cosmos.

Ezekiel 31 seems to reflect the hurt God experiences because of rejection by His creation. Ezekiel, speaking for God, refers to “the garden of God” three times, and the “trees of Eden” twice. God placed our first parents in a beautiful garden. There were trees there in Eden. The first three chapters of the Bible describe this garden God had lovingly prepared for His human family. We’ve messed up so horribly. Today we might consider repenting, not only for our own sins, but for the sin of rebellion against God throughout the years of recorded history. Again and again, because we have sided with Satan knowingly or unknowingly against God, we have been the cause of our own destruction.


Lord God, I’m sorry for my sins against You and for the sins of our human family for whom You have such great, joyous and peaceful plans to bless with a happy future. I pray that I will give myself to You in such a way that I will be, for all those whose paths cross mine, a source of hope for a better world, because of Your gift of restoration which You have given me in Your Son and our Saviour Jesus Christ, in Whose Name I pray. Amen!!!


My parents spent many years doing God’s work in Egypt. I’ve stood beside the great fallen image of Rameses in ancient Noph (Memphis) and wondered at the giant statue carved from one piece of granite. What gigantic self images must have been in the minds of the Pharaohs and their people who worshipped them as gods. One story my dad told in his autobiography, which he intended only for his family but which I published after his death, was of my mother and an Egyptian police officer. Mother, who died when I was 12, was praying at the altar in a church building when the officer carrying a rifle came to the front to investigate what was happening. Dad said that he heard this policeman tell this story several times. He said, as mother stood to her feet, a tear dropped from her eyes onto the man’s arm. He dropped the rifle, fell to his knees and was converted to Jesus Christ. I think that if I were to weep more over the spiritual condition of humanity, one of my tear drops could touch someone, and by the working of God’s Spirit, more people would come to know Jesus. Individuals, families, and nations could be changed by believers in Jesus all over the world. I pray that I will touch someone’s life for Jesus today.

Yours for loving God and loving people,


8 thoughts on “Wednesday, March 9, 2022

  1. Father, thank You for always loving us. Forgive us for all our sins. This world is in the mess it is because of the evil choices we have made. We ask You, Lord, to have Your way all over the world, in Jesus’s great name, amen

  2. David touches my life everyday and Jesus touches me through David,and now through the legacy of this blog.Except for 2-3 occasions,since 2013,when we were at the Revival in Belfast,PEI and did not have internet,and when I had both knees replaced in 2017,I have not missed any days of 100 Words and when I did I caught up.I did not expect to last more than a week,at best but God had other ideas.He led me to a ministry I did not want but,reluctantly,I obeyed and would not trade that experience now.Through it I know that His love is far more powerful than that of any mortal,except Jesus (He was a mortal man until His death and resurrection.)His thoughts and His ways are far above ours.I hope this encourages someone else.Thank you,Ron and family for continuing this ministry.FYI:I have been a deacon in our tiny church for several years and sit on the board of our bible camp near Pugwash,NS.(We are shaping up for another good season.)God bless all connected to this blog.

    Bright Star Of Tomorrow

    Oh,Betty,if you knew me now,
    You would smile with such delight,
    For I have finally seen how
    The Lord distributes His light.

    I hope the angels have told you
    That this sinner’s bound for home
    So that when my days here are through,
    In eternity I’ll roam.

    When the water became my grave,
    It was only confirmation,
    For I was His alone to save,
    To share in His creation.

    He led me to serve in darkness,
    Where He led me with His light
    To show in their world of starkness
    A lamp to flee from the night.

    In those pits of great sorrow,
    A garden for love to grow,
    From that bright Star of tomorrow,
    Shone light where there was no glow.

    But that prison is still secure,
    For doubt makes the strongest chains,
    So how can I make them sure
    That faith will destroy their pains.

    I can do nothing all alone,
    It is He who does it all,
    For in our sin none can atone,
    But for Him,Who took the fall.
    G W(Bill) Marshall/16 Sept, 2015
    I wrote this for a former neighbour,
    a very lovely Christian who went home
    before I became a Christian.(No;she
    did not in any way try to influence me,
    other than the example of her character.)
    The attached note explains this.It may edify others.(Betty was a retired probation officer from Toronto in the Salvation Army faith.Perhaps someone on here knew her.She walked with the aid of 2 canes due to polio.)

  3. Thanks Bill for some of your history. Like Doreen’s, and of course, David’s, I enjoyed hearing a little about you. Your Poem was also heart-warming.
    I also am being strengthened by the various Prayers and Songs of Bloggers. Thank you.
    Hope and pray that each are well, in mind, spirit, soul and body- though these bodies, here on earth, are aging! (My friend’s Mom is coming 108)
    Sometimes the opinions of others, and this world’s messiness, can effect us ‘momentarily’ from the ‘firm foundation of GOD’s Love.’
    May we all continue to persevere and seek to glorify GOD by HIS Presence, in us.

  4. For the 9th from the “Prayer Map of Canada”
    1. Pray a prayer of thanksgiving throughout the day for God’s unfailing love, mercy, compassion, faithfulness and provision. (Psalm 100)
    2. Pray that the Lord will lead the Church in finding ways to wisely and effectively respond to pressing social issues. (1 Chronicles 12 :32)

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