Sunday, October 24, 2021


Today’s Reading: Psalm 104

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Gobeklitepe, located in Turkey, is the oldest archeological sanctuary and oldest civilization known to man (approx. 8,000 BC). It is a series of mainly circular and oval-shaped structures set on the top of a hill. Excavations began in 1995 by Prof. Klaus Schmidt with the help of the German Archeological Institute. There is archelological proof that these installations were not used for domestic use but predominantly for ritual or religious purposes.

GOOGLE MAPS – To see where the photo was taken, click HERE.


Key Verses: Psalm 104:31

May the glory of the Lord endure forever;

May the Lord rejoice in His works.


All the earliest records of the human race show that intelligent people were moved to worship the Creator God (as illustrated by the Youtube attachment in our P.S.). Our native people here in Canada and original peoples everywhere speak of “The Great Creator.” When we pause to think deeply, without the brainwashing efforts of those who, for some reason, refuse to believe in God, we cannot escape the conclusion that a supremely intelligent and all-powerful Creator made all that we see in nature. In deep appreciation for the Creator, the writer of today’s reading begins and ends with “Bless the Lord, O my soul!” Yesterday we recognized that we need to order our souls to practice the worship of God consistently! Bless Him! Cause Him to rejoice because we acknowledge that He has made us and all that there is!


Today, Lord God, I’m not making a prayer request here in the blog. I’m simply giving the order to myself to bless You with my worship! The Hymn comes to mind, “Crown Him With Many Crowns” (click here for this hymn of worship along with beautiful visuals of the glories of creation). He is worthy of all my praise!!!


In the mid 1800’s the walls between Roman Catholics and the Church of England were very high. Nevertheless, the hymn “Crown Him With Many Crowns” was one of several hymns in the English language that broke through those walls and everyone worshipped in song. The words were written by a Roman Catholic and the music by a Protestant. Another of those hymns was “Faith of Our Fathers.” On Father’s Day each year when I was a boy, we would sing the words, “In spite of dungeon, fire and sword, etc.” I would think of the Protestants who had been persecuted by the Roman Catholics as I sang (I had read the book, Fox’s Book of Martyrs). I was shocked to discover while in my twenties that this hymn was written by a Roman Catholic priest while serving time in a dungeon, where he had been placed by King Henry VIII. Yes, there are doctrinal differences between Catholics and Protestants, particularly as to how and where we encounter God in the salvation of our never-dying souls, but the worship of God and His Son, our Saviour, is our common ground!

Yours for the glory of “The Great Creator!”


P.S. This attachment will take close to an hour to watch, but it is well worth the time, if not now, then later. If possible, please don’t miss it. It’s a video called, “God In Ancient China.” It is a teaching from a Chinese Pastor in Singapore on the meanings of the Chinese language characters. You’ll be amazed!!! (click HERE).

Among the ancient ruins of Gobeklitepe in Turkey, you can see a stork or crane being depicted. Enhancing the beauty of structures with sculptures has been a feature of temples everywhere, including the Tabernacle of Moses, and the Temple and synagogues in which Jesus would have participated in the prayers, Scripture readings and teachings. Like this carved picture of a bird, the Chinese characters, as shown in the above youtube attachment, are pictures or engravings.

8 thoughts on “Sunday, October 24, 2021

  1. Let there be no division between those of us who love You Lord, our Creator God. Praise the Lord, oh my soul. Praise the Lord. Wishing fellow saints a blessed Sunday, worshiping our God.

    I will sing to the Lord all my life; I will sing praise to my God as long as I live.
    Psalm 104:33 NIV

    Nearer My God to Thee (Wallace Henry Hartley)

    • That was a tear jerker song, Beverlee! I think “tears of joy” as we face the struggles that we face at times. Thankfully, the Lord will NEVER LEAVE US, no matter the situation. Praise God. Blessings for a Wonderful day with Jesus. Amen

      • Amen Doreen and Beverlee.
        I am so thankful that Jesus Christ our
        Lord and Saviour is always with us,
        no matter what happens in this life.
        I praise the Lord and worship Him for ever,
        to God be the Glory, Amen.
        May God bless everyone.

  2. Thanks Beverlee, my Grandmother came from Ireland in 1912, she missed the ship she was booked on the Titanic. She sat on the dock with luggage as it sailed away. She was waiting on her family, who arrived late after the ship had left the dock.
    She thanked the Lord daily for keeping her safe.

    • That is incredible HJR! Thank you for sharing that. It makes the song and relevance so much more meaningful. God’s hand was upon your family. Amen.

      • Interesting about your grandmother, HJR. Thank you for sharing the story with us. She may have felt disappointed for having missed the ship. We often feel disappointment over situations not realizing that God has a different plan for us.
        Wishing all a blessed day!

  3. Thank You, Father, for Your Word. So well worth rereading. Store Your Word up in us, Lord, so we bring praise to You in what we say and do. In Jesus’s name, amen

    “Let all that I am praise the Lord.

    O Lord my God, how great you are!
    You are robed with honor and majesty.
    You are dressed in a robe of light… “

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