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Today’s Reading: 1 Timothy 1-2

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The Odeon (Bouleuterion) in Ephesus. This building has the shape of a small theatre. It had a double function in use. First, it was used as a Bouleuterion for the meetings of the Boulea or Senate. The second fuction was the Odeum – a concert hall for performances. It was constructed in the 2nd century A.D by the order of Publius Vedius Antonius and his wife Flavia Paiana, two wealthy citizens in Ephesus. Paul assigned Timothy to remain and minister in Ephesus (1 Timothy 1:3-4).

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Key Verse: 1 Timothy 1:15

This is a faithful saying and worthy of all acceptance, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners, of whom I am chief.


The first and second letters to Timothy and Titus are the last letters Paul wrote. He was in the dungeon now, not the rented house where he served time earlier under house arrest. No doubt he expected his execution any day. These are the only letters addressed specifically to individuals. History proves that all human development for good or evil can be traced to the decisions of one person.

Our key verse is the most concise statement of the mission of Jesus on earth! Yes, He did come to earth to teach and to set the highest moral example as to how we should live our lives, but first and foremost His number one reason for becoming human was to save sinners! Until we trust Jesus for our salvation, we can’t even begin to follow in His steps. If Jesus had only come to show us how to live, we would have been frustrated and doomed, wallowing in our own constant failure! In spite of Paul’s great success as the Apostle to the Gentiles, and having won many to Christ, he never lost sight of his desperate need for the Saviour.


O Holy God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, I confess with Paul that I am the chiefest of sinners, and that You, Lord Jesus, came into the world to save me and all sinners who will believe on and in You (not just about You). As Paul wrote, Lord God, “For this reason I obtained mercy…” (1:16a). “Now to the King eternal, immortal, invisible, to God who alone is wise, be honour and glory forever and ever! Amen!!!” (1:17).


I can’t let this reading go by without reference to Paul’s words concerning women in ministry. I’ve mentioned before about Mrs. Willows from Winnipeg, whose ministry had a profound impact on my life. She was a powerful preacher/teacher. In the light of this fact, how do I understand Paul writing that women are “to be in silence” (2:12)? The golden rule of Bible interpretation is “Let the Bible interpret the Bible.” Because of Paul’s experience in Corinth with the husband and wife team of Priscilla and Aquilla, both of whom were teachers of God’s Word, we must draw the conclusion that Paul was dealing through Timothy with a circumstance culturally specific to Ephesus. In the worship of Diana, in her great temple in Ephesus, the leadership was provided by women priestesses. Also, there is the Orthodox Jewish approach to women in the Temple and in the synagogues that we should consider. In traditional Judaism women were forbidden from public ministry. Timothy had to balance these factors. Therefore, I conclude that these were not instructions for the whole Church, but specifically for the one person to whom Paul was writing, Timothy, and just for this specific congregation. In Acts 21:8-9 we find the four daughters of Philip were prophetesses.

Yours for ministry, public and private, by all God’s children,


Another view of the Odeon described in the photo above.

One of the main roads of ancient Ephesus that is just in front of the Odeon.

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  1. Again the post did not arrive as it normally does sine it’s inception. Thankfully, I’ve found a roundabout way to get it. When I was a young women living next door to a very Godly lady, I was questioning this quote of Paul’s saying that women should be silent & not speak. Her explanation was accepted by me back then. She said that the men sat on one side of the church and the women sat on the other side with their children. Paul was specifically speaking to the women not to converse with their husbands during worship but to speak their concerns at home. I thought that was a good explanation. Of course, I’m sure we have all heard anointed, Godly, gifted, women, speak in precent day as well as in Scripture. Thank You Lord, for Your Living Word. Blessings all. P.S. Judy came through the heart surgery well. Thanks for your prayers.

    • It was the cultural way of the times, Doreen. Ephesus then is Turkey now. We read from a western perspective as if Paul was speaking to women in the churches here in Canada. Think of it as place and time and it has different meaning.

  2. My automatic delivery of the daily post has not come for the last 3 days either. I have had to go into to find the daily post. I thought I had done something to throw it off, but maybe there is a glitch in the system. I would like to know how to re-signup for automatic delivery.

  3. Very glad to hear the news about Judy.Praise God.As David explained,it was a cultural situation but my Pastor has just reminded me that Paul had in mind a woman who was trying to assume authority in that church that she did not have (We had a very similar situation in our church early this year with a male officer in our church.)My ‘adopted’ sister is a lay pastor in her (Presbyterian) church and has filled in at times in our (Baptist) church and others.She and her late husband would have been very comfortable in a Pentecostal church.Their oldest son and his family attend a Pentecostal church in Brighton,Ont.Like me,we are Christians first and a denomination is “:just some place to hang our hats”.
    “…not with …. gold or pearls or expensive clothes,…” Some churches seem to cater to those who have expensive clothes.may God bless

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