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Today’s Reading: 2 Chronicles 29

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Looking up to the western side of the southwest containment wall of the Temple Mount, you can see protruding from the wall what is now called Robinson’s Arch. This was once a magnificent staircase that led up to the Temple Mount. The two pictures below are from inside a ritual bath just beneath Robinson’s Arch, where pilgrims had to cleanse themselves before entering the Temple Mount.

GOOGLE MAPS – To see where the photo was taken, click HERE.


Key Verse: 2 Chronicles 29:20

Then King Hezekiah rose EARLY, gathered the rulers of the city, and went up to the house of the Lord.


Consider the word “EARLY.” Hezekiah had his priorities in order. Abraham, the friend of God, began “EARLY” (recorded 4 times). Moses and the word “EARLY” connect 6 times. Joshua, 5 times, and in the Psalms and Proverbs we are encouraged to be “EARLY” 11 times. In the Gospels (NKJV) the word “EARLY” shows up 9 times. To get to my motivating verse for my 4 a.m. rising time to prepare my heart and mind for the daily blog, I quote to myself frequently from the New International Version, Mark 1:35, “Very EARLY in the morning, while it was yet dark, Jesus got up, left the house, and went to a solitary place, where He prayed.” Jesus always lived His life as “Son of man,” not using the fact that He was 100% God to help Himself. I’m convinced that the EARLY time with His Father was the reason He could say, “The Father has not left Me alone, for I always do those things that please Him” (John 8:29). Like Jesus, we need to wait on God EARLY, if possible, in order to get our instructions for the day. Making notes or journaling as we pray is a very effective way to check up on ourselves. I’ve just given 3 cheers for Hezekiah…Hip Hip Hooray!!!


Lord God, I pray for consistency in my appointments with You every morning. Jesus shows me the way to learn how to please You every day. I give myself to You as fully as I know how. I’m listening for Your voice within my spirit just now, then I expect to receive the grace to obey. In the Name of the One who always pleased You, Lord God, Jesus, Himself, Amen!!!


My son Ron asked if he could write the “100 Personal Words” today with a story of his own. I said Yes:

Hi…Ron here. This is one of my favourite “EARLY” stories about Dad…

When I was a teenager, I was part of our high school basketball team. I remember having to wake up extremely early one morning in order to attend a practice, which our overly zealous coach had scheduled well before the school day began. My teammates and I were far from enthusiastic about having to get our bodies out of bed that early, but that was the only time the gymnasium was available before our big championship game. So I set my alarm for “dark and early.” When the dreaded beeping noise hit my ears, I reluctantly rolled out of bed, got dressed, and tiptoed my way through the dark hallway and down the stairs, being careful not to wake anyone else in the family. However, when I got to the living room, I was surprised to see the lights on and hear someone speaking. When I looked to my left, I saw my Dad kneeling next to the couch with dozens of pieces of paper spread out all over the furniture. I paused long enough to figure out what was going on. Dad was in prayer, weeping and interceding before God on behalf of the many who had written to him as a result of the recently launched 100 Huntley Street daily TV program. He never saw me as I continued tiptoeing out the door and off to my practice. That experience deeply impacted me. It strongly reinforced to my heart the truth of Dad’s genuine passion for God and passion for people. He wasn’t on television because of any ego trip or because he needed a job. He was called by God to share the love of Jesus to a lost and hurting world. He often says, “One soul is worth more than the whole world!”…and he has always lived what he believes. After that, I could think of nothing else I wanted to do with my life than work with my Dad… and I had the privilege of doing that for 30 years. — Ron Mainse

Looking up from the Mikvot (ritual bath), you can see Robinson’s Arch, which was one of the ancient entrances to the Temple Mount. You can see the divider in the stairway to separate those who were unclean from those who came up purified.

9 thoughts on “Wednesday, July 7, 2021

  1. Thank you Ron Mainse, for your story regarding your Dad…. It was a tear jerker, for sure!
    Your Dad is/was an amazing man; a good and godly example for so very many of us who loved him (though never met him- personally).
    Now, you and your family, continue on, in God’s Spirit, ‘pleasing Jesus’ just as he did.
    Thank you. Thanks to ALL your family and Co-workers!

  2. Thank you for sharing ,Ron. Your Dad has been such an inspiration to me for over forty years. Such a Godly man, yet never failing to be real and admit that he also was faced with temptations as we all are. I’m a year older than your Dad and our family of four, two girls and two boys were much the same age. However I lost my husband 38 years ago so I found great comfort and strength in 100 Huntley Street
    Your Mother and Dad were such good example of being a Christian.Please pass my sincere love to your dear mother. May God continue to bless the Maines Family

  3. Today’s blog made me think of that saying” one picture is more then a thousand words”
    As Ron saw his Dad on his knees in prayer, it made a life long influence in his life as a follower in Christ.

  4. Ron’s story about his dad was exactly what I had in mind when I coined the phrase
    ” with ‘sinless sincerity’ ” in describing him.Thanks again,Ron.”The apple didn’t fall far from the tree.”May God bless
    Those Who Believe

    Oh,Father,creator of all things,
    You created angels with wings
    And man to share your creation
    Until our sin brought damnation.

    Then Satan’s words first planted a seed,
    Where truth was hidden in the weed
    As his dark thoughts grew to deceive,
    To turn from truth those who believe.

    His plan is first to birth rejection
    So God will know our defection,
    Then will be found our subjugation
    When too late we feel our dejection.

    For the devil’s goal is darkest night
    Where not can enter any light,
    For darkness knows demonic fright,
    But prayer brings back His holy might.

    E’er since creation perfection reigned
    For not every soul could be chained,
    And his hate could not be sustained
    Since the King’s love was unrestrained.
    (G W) Bill Marshall/09 March, 2016

  5. It is wonderful to have Reynold’s photography – having never been to the Holy Land myself, it is eye opening. Thanks Reynold! Blessings all.

  6. Amen to the comments above about our beloved David mainse and thank you Ron for your story about having to get up early and seeing your dad on his knees praying for prayer requests and people that wrote to him what a legacy that David has left and what a rich blessed heritage that Ron and Reynolds and their sisters Elaine and Ellen and also now for his grandchildren and great-grandchildren I love the story of King Hezekiah and what of a good example that he was blessings to all today amen 🙏😃

  7. Father God, in Jesus Name, minister to Beverlee according to Your Perfect plan. May Your greatest blessings be upon her. Touch her Lord, mind, soul, & spirit. Thank You. Amen & amen.

  8. Lord we may have that same Godly influence on our children and grandchildren and in all the younger generation that we meet.
    May our example be one of love and trust in you!

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