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Today’s Reading: 1 Kings 9-10

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The Timna Valley is located in southern Israel in the southwestern Arabah, approximately 30 km north of the Gulf of Aqaba and the port city of Eilat, where Solomon built his fleet of ships for international trade. The area is rich in copper ore, and has been actively mined for at least 3,000 years, from the time of Solomon onward. These great rocks are known as Solomon’s Pillars.

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Key Verse: 1 Kings 9: 6 & 7a

But if you or your sons at all turn from following Me, and do not keep My commandments and My statutes which I have set before you, but go and serve other gods and worship them, then I will cut off Israel from the land which I have given them; and this house which I have consecrated for My name I will cast out of My sight.

The first years of Solomon’s reign were glorious. He was busy leading his people into great prosperity, international fame, and peace in the then known world. In Europe, Greece and Rome were just beginning to emerge into prominence. Solomon had it made…except for the matter of obedience to God! God, knowing what would happen, was driving home the absolute necessity of obedience. In this most important matter, Solomon was a failure. Yes, we know that he loved God. In 1 Kings 3:3 we are told that Solomon “loved the Lord.” His actions in these early years would seem to prove that. However, there remained the issue of full obedience.
We do not obey God to get admission to Heaven; we obey God because our entrance into Heaven is secure by God’s grace through faith. Jesus made it totally clear that those who really love Him are those who obey Him. He said, “If you love Me, keep My commandments” (John 14:15). Let’s take a moment for a New Testament reading in John 14: 8-21.


Lord God, I have sinned and come short of Your Glory. Forgive me for my disobedience. I humbly ask for more grace to obey You more fully than ever. In and through the One who always obeyed fully, my Saviour and Lord, Jesus Christ. Amen!


When I visit Solomon’s Pillars (pictured above), my imagination is fired up with the thought of those early miners and the open smelters which were refining copper and other metals. When I visit Solomon’s chariot city of Megiddo, I can almost see the great stables full of huge war horses (pictured below).

Yours for obedience in doing all God has purposed, now and throughout eternity,


P.S. Below are pictures of Elat (“Elath” in our reading -1 Kings 9:26) and a model of Solomon’s chariot city of Megiddo.

Standing in Elat, Israel, looking across the Red Sea (the Gulf of Aqaba). Just beyond the hotel, which is in Israeli territory, you can see the mountains of Moab in Jordan.

Model of ancient Megiddo.

12 thoughts on “Saturday, May 1, 2021

  1. Just reading the queen of Sheba’s description and the abundance of gold is staggering.But that ‘bait’ is also a strong attraction for other greedy kings as we will see later on.I think all this wealth is proof to other nations of God’s favour on His people.May God bless these troubled times

  2. MAY

    O Jesus, I Have Promised
    Author: John Ernest Bode (1869)

    O Jesus, I have promised
    To serve thee to the end;
    Be thou forever near me,
    My Master and my friend;
    I shall not fear the battle
    If thou art by my side,
    Nor wander from the pathway
    If thou wilt be my guide.

    O let me feel thee near me!
    The world is ever near:
    I see the sights that dazzle,
    The tempting sounds I hear.
    My foes are ever near me,
    Around me and within;
    But, Jesus, draw thou nearer,
    And shield my soul from sin.

    O let me hear thee speaking
    In accents clear and still,
    Above the storms of passion,
    The murmurs of self-will.
    O speak to reassure me,
    To hasten or control;
    O speak, and make me listen,
    Thou guardian of my soul.

    O Jesus, thou hast promised
    To all who follow thee
    That where thou art in glory
    There shall thy servant be.
    And, Jesus, I have promised
    To serve thee to the end;
    O give me grace to follow,
    My Master and my friend.

  3. Dear Lord God, forgive us of all our sins and help us to renounce and turn from them. Please give us the discipline we need to follow You. Thank You, Lord, in Jesus’s name, amen

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