Sunday, February 7, 2021


Today’s Reading: Judges 5

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Jewish children dance at a presentation in Jerusalem.

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Key Verse: Judges 5:3

Hear, O kings! Give ear, O princes!
I, even I, will sing to the Lord;
I will sing praise to the Lord God of Israel.


Yesterday we read of a hit from a hammer on a tent peg; today it’s a hit song that I’m sure became #1 with the Children of Israel. Another generation learned through this song. They learned that those who love the Lord will be “Like the sun when it comes out in full strength.” The result was 40 more years of faithfulness to the God of Abraham, Isaac, Moses, Joshua and Deborah. We have great advantages in knowing God in our time. Back then they had the scrolls of the first books of the Bible, but very few of these children of ex-slaves could read. The synagogue movement where the Scriptures are taught by the Rabbi was still to come 1,000 years later. The people would gather for a message from their spiritual and temporal leader only once a year. No wonder they wandered far from God. The influences from the Canaanite culture were strong, and unless each family had daily prayer and the recitation of God’s stories, they were easily overcome by the evil around them.

What is our excuse when the prevailing culture overcomes any godly influence we may have on our children and grandchildren? Just think of the helps to godliness we have which the second and third generations of Israelites did not have. When we consider our struggles today, perhaps we should not judge those people too harshly.


[As you pray today, think of the ways your life is enriched through your local Body of Believers. We are a blessed people.]

Lord God, I have a great local congregation. I have Sunday services, weekly prayer meetings and Bible studies. I read my Bible every day and watch 100 Huntley Street on TV daily. Help me to be consistent in my personal prayer life, oh Lord. Compared to the Israelites in Deborah’s day, I have absolutely no excuse for ever drifting away from You. Thank You, Jesus! Amen!


Compared to the early Israelites, I have so much to be thankful for when I consider the spiritual input I had as a child. We prayed on our knees three times a day as a family, plus “Now I lay me down to sleep” at bed time. My Dad, Rev. Dr. Roy Lake Mainse, served as a missionary, a pastor, and a college president. During his years as an educator, he approved of my Sunday schedule…10 a.m. Sunday School at our own church, 2 p.m. at the Christian and Missionary Alliance Church, and then 3 p.m. at the Salvation Army Church almost across the street. For some reason, I loved every minute. Okay, there were other reasons. I was not allowed to play ball with my friends on Sunday afternoon, and I also got to play in the Salvation Army band. If I can find a picture of my Dad, I’ll attach it below. Just look at him. He was “Authority” in my eyes. I’m ever so thankful. My mother passed away when I was 12, and my Dad and I grew so very close. He’d be 120 if he were still alive here on earth. In case they read this in Heaven, I love you Dad and Mom, and I’ll see you soon!

Yours because of all the blessings we’ve received from generations past, including the generation of Judge Deborah,


My Father and Mother, Rev. Dr. Roy and Hazel Mainse.

12 thoughts on “Sunday, February 7, 2021

  1. The photo of David’s mom and dad is lovely. I can picture them with David, and his siblings, praying on their hands and knees. We are all blessed with online bible studies, church services and zoom prayer groups. Even though we cannot attend in person, one day we will return. We always have this daily bible study, together, and are blessed to post comments and prayer requests. Our God is so good! Let us keep our eyes on Jesus and not be despaired. Wishing all saints a blessed day and whoever has to deal with snow, please be careful. Amen.

    Bless the Lord, O my soul;
    And all that is within me, bless His holy name!
    Bless the Lord, O my soul,
    And forget not all His benefits:
    Who forgives all your iniquities,
    Who heals all your diseases,
    Who redeems your life from destruction,
    Who crowns you with lovingkindness and tender mercies,
    Who satisfies your mouth with good things,
    So that your youth is renewed like the eagle’s.
    Psalm 103:1-5 NKJV

    Lied: Bless the Lord my soul (with lyrics)

  2. “De-boor’-aah” is the pronunciation that come to mind?I never realized how little teaching the Israelites had back then.Songs and stories would be very important for teaching what little they knew.Songs of praise would unite them in worship.This is a poem I wrote.God bless

    Let us praise Him with every day,
    Let us praise Him in our sleep,
    Let unceasing praise convey
    The harvest our praises reap.

    Unending love is always ours,
    So unending praise is owed,
    Then His word of truth empowers
    From the Spirit He bestowed.

    He made it all,it’s just for us
    And all are blessed by His love,
    Then He sent our Lord Jesus
    To show the pathway above.

    So only truth bespeak His praise,
    Let not hope flee from sight,
    Thus,let us dance and voices raise,
    To soak in His eternal Light.
    G W(Bill) Marshall / 24 Feb, 2014

  3. Shimmering sparkling specks of light soar by on sun-borne sails – snow, thou aqueous manna, how lovely thou art.

    Thank You, Lord, for Your ever-new creativity. May all Your children, myself included, remain faithful to You. Bless each one of Your own, Father, and may we be fruitful. Be magnified and multiplied, and may what we produce be of You, for You, and by You. In Jesus’s greatest-of-all names, amen

  4. Blessings everyone. Very cold here today. I walked the stairs & halls from the 15th floor down as it is a bit icy & very cold. I’m thankful for the blog & for great preaching on TV. Great music again Beverlee!

  5. Yes, we are blessed today with all that’s available to us to help us grow in our spiritual walk. This blog is part of it…thank you, David! How good it is, as Beverlee said, to be able to read and study God’s Word together and also share our prayer needs and pray for each other.
    Lifting you all up in prayer. The Lord bless you!

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