Saturday, November 14, 2020


Today’s Reading: Numbers 16

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A photo looking inland from the southern shore of the Dead Sea, 1,300 feet below sea level, the lowest place on earth. The Rift Valley starts in Syria and continues into Africa. As in our reading today, the earth opened up here at some ancient time.

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Key Verse: Numbers 16:9a, 10

Is it a small thing to you…that He has brought you near to Himself, you and all your brethren, the sons of Levi, with you? And are you seeking the priesthood also?


Twice in our reading, Moses fell on his face before God (verses 4 & 45) in intercession for the people. He was desperate for God’s mercy upon the rebellious people. The one thing we learn from history is that we don’t learn from history. First, the judgment of God came upon those who coveted the positions of Moses and Aaron, and then by a plague that took the lives of 14,700 people. Earlier we read about the carefully crafted laws for the health of the people, and we don’t know what disease hit them. Perhaps, if those who rejected Moses’ leadership had left quietly, the tragedies could’ve been avoided. Judgment can be averted by genuine repentance.


Dear Lord, please help me to be loyal to the leaders You have chosen, and if I cannot support them, may I have the grace to leave quietly so as not to damage Your work in any way. I repent for my failure to recognize from time to time Your appointments to positions of leadership authority. In Jesus’ Name I pray. Amen!


I’ve been learning about leadership this week in the life of Moses. We read earlier this week from Numbers 11 where God gave Moses 70 elders to stand with him and advise him. Regardless of our opinions on President Trump in the USA…or Prime Minister Trudeau in Canada, we are instructed in Scripture to pray for all leaders. Politics is not an easy calling and it can be extremely divisive. Let’s make it a point to pray for those in authority over us…that God would lead them in righteous decisions (see 1 Timothy 2:1-4).

Yours for recognition and support of leaders God has allowed to be in positions of authority,


19 thoughts on “Saturday, November 14, 2020

  1. Majestic photo, today. We continue to pray for the current political unrest in the US. Most importantly, we ask for God’s hand on the people there, struggling with the coronavirus. Ever thankful for the seriousness of our Canadian leaders in handling this corona crisis, here. We are undergoing heavier restrictions in Ontario because numbers are growing. It may not be comfortable for people, with Christmas coming, but we have to be smart about this. In today’s scripture, “Aaron offered the incense and made atonement for them. He stood between the living and the dead, and the plague stopped.” That seems rather prophetic. His blessings upon you fellow saints in the Lord.

    “But the Lord is faithful. He will establish you and guard you against the evil one.” 2 Thessalonians 3:3 ESV

    He Will Hold Me Fast (Live) – Keith & Kristyn Getty, Selah

      Author(s):Ada Ruth Habershon/Matthew Merker

      Promises from scripture: Jude 24; Philippians 1:6; 2 Thessalonians 3:3; Philippians 3:12; Hebrews 6:19, Psalm 139:10; Matthew 4:3; Titus 1:9; Proverbs 11:1; Proverbs 11:20; Proverbs 12:22; Colossians 2:12

      Verse 1
      When I fear my faith will fail
      Christ will hold me fast
      When the tempter would prevail
      He will hold me fast
      I could never keep my hold
      Through life’s fearful path
      For my love is often cold
      He must hold me fast

      He will hold me fast
      He will hold me fast
      For my Savior loves me so
      He will hold me fast

      Verse 2
      Those He saves are His delight
      Christ will hold me fast
      Precious in His holy sight
      He will hold me fast
      He’ll not let my soul be lost
      His Promises shall last
      Bought by Him at such a cost
      He will hold me fast

      He will hold me fast
      He will hold me fast
      For my Savior loves me so
      He will hold me fast

      Verse 3
      For my life He bled and died
      Christ will hold me fast
      Justice has been satisfied
      He will hold me fast
      Raised with Him to endless life
      He will hold me fast
      Till our faith is turned to sight
      When He comes at last

      He will hold me fast
      He will hold me fast
      For my Savior loves me so
      He will hold me fast

      Ada Ruth Habershon | Matthew Merker
      © 2013 Getty Music Publishing

    • Beverlee, agreeing with you in prayer.
      Thanks for sharing that song of complete trust in
      our Lord Jesus Christ! His mercy endures forever,

  2. Yes Beverlee the words you posted for that song. As I reading it, it made me think of a prayer I ask Jesus from time to time. I always ask him to hold my hand because if I take his hand I might let go and slip. His holding my hand, I am guaranteed by faith he will never let go of me.

    Better be careful tomorrow, calling for very high winds for southern Ontario. I’ve already prayed for protection. God is so good, I will not fear.

    God bless you all today.

    • Beverlee thanks for sharing that song, I love that our Lord will hold us fast.
      Nan thanks for the weather warning for tomorrow, I will also pray for protection.
      I am enjoying the sunshine coming in my kitchen window así I write this.
      God’s blessings upon each and everyone who reads this blog. Remembering those who are suffering pain and those who are caregiving their loved ones.
      Eleanor M.

  3. Lord God, thank You for Godly leaders. Help and strengthen all those You have called to positions of authority, especially in Your church. We also pray for Godly wisdom to prevail in the various levels of government. Please also restore the freedoms bequeathed to us by the Godly leadership of those who came before us. Help all Your people work for You using the gifts You have given. Be glorified and magnified through all Your church in all this world, we ask in Jesus’s name, amen

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