Tuesday, November 10, 2020


Today’s Reading: Numbers 10-11

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A replica of the Ark of the Covenant located at Timna National Park in Israel’s Jordan Valley.

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Key Verse: Numbers 11:14

I am not able to bear all these people alone, because the burden is too heavy for me. If You treat me like this, please kill me here and now — if I have found favor in Your sight — and do not let me see my wretchedness!


Imagine how excited all the people were as…”They started out for the first time” (10:13). It is plain to see that the emotions they felt were not grounded in faith. Almost immediately they began to complain about the food. They remembered the menu back in Egypt, and they were not happy campers. Complaining always has a ripple effect. Now Moses is complaining to God. God has a solution as He always does. We need to read twice Numbers 11:16-30. Moses’ response was prophetic, “O that all the Lord’s people were prophets and that the Lord would put His Spirit upon them.” Joel’s prophecy (Joel 2:28) predicted this. Peter quoted Joel (Acts 2:14-21) to explain that God was now doing what Moses longed for. God put His Spirit upon the Lord’s people and they prophesied. What is New Testament prophecy? “The testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of Prophecy” (Revelation 19:10b).


Lord Jesus, John the Baptist said of You, “He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire.” I ask for today, and every day, that You will immerse me in Your Holy Spirit, and keep me submerged in the Spirit always so that I will constantly speak, “the testimony of Jesus.” Amen!


When I first became a Dad, I remember reading Numbers 11. There were two “dads” (I’m stretching it a bit here)…Eldad and Medad, who were home, and while they had responsibilities as elders, they had not made it to Moses’ meeting. Nevertheless, God put His Spirit upon them at home, just as He did on those who were in the tent of meeting. They prophesied (11:26) right where they were. I expect God’s Spirit to come upon me when I’m at a meeting, but also when I’m not. Moses was so depressed over the complaints of the people that he asked God to kill him. Then, he and Elijah (who also asked God to take him out of this life) showed up on the Mount of Transfiguration to strengthen Jesus who, in His humanity, needed the ministry of these men. If Jesus needed their company, so do I. I don’t actually expect Moses to show up. However, Moses’ words are showing up before me, and his words encourage me to press on.

Yours for uplifting messages from Moses, Peter, Elijah, and most of all from Jesus!


24 thoughts on “Tuesday, November 10, 2020

  1. Grateful for David’s message and interpretation; thankful for today’s old testament scripture about God feeding the people with manna, through the voices of Moses, Aaron and Elijah. We are ever blessed by God’s Word. Holding all saints in prayer and thanking you for holding me in yours, this morning. May Your grace Lord, abound upon us, today. In Jesus’ mighty Name. Amen. His blessings upon you, fellow saints in the Lord.

    For the grace of God has appeared, bringing salvation for all people…
    Titus 2:11 ESV

    God Hopes All People Will Obtain His Salvation

    • Beverlee,a very dear friend,now 90,moved from New Brunswick to Hamilton just as the Corona 19 quarantine struck.She endured a breast removal less than 2 years ago and still prepared a meal for us (against our pleas not to.).She would previously drive about an hour to attend our ‘bible-ship’ so we went to her house.She is like a teen with ‘smart technology’,not at all intimidated.We tried to get her to write a book.(She and her late husband,Jack,had been guests on Huntley St in the 70’s.)Her move was a bit of a strain on her.She is an amazing woman.I’m telling you this because seem to be a lot like her.
      You have a gift with words so your pending book should do well.This is the first I’ve ‘heard’ about it.God bless

      • Thank you William. My book is about my testimony and life story. I am appreciative that you and other saints have expressed you feel I am a writer. It means a lot to me. Now that the move is over and I am close to being fully settled in, I anticipate the back surgery. I am praying for a cancellation to come up so I don’t have to wait long. My right ankle/foot is to the point of becoming damaged from the repetitive twists and falls. It buckles daily, now and I need the surgery asap. I will focus as much as I can on writing. It is just not as easy as it seems because it is pretty heavy writing. Emotionally and physically, it is draining. To be honest, I much prefer to be painting right now. However, it is all in God’s timing and I know that it is His calling on my life. One day, soon enough, I hope, you will all read the book and hopefully see me on 100 Huntley Street, as well. Thank you and God bless you.

        • Lord Jesus, agreeing in prayer with Beverlee for the cancellation to come up so she doesn’t have to wait so long for back surgery: Lord Jesus, thank You for hearing and answering this prayer, Amen.

          Lord, I pray that you hold Beverlee in the Palm of your hand, keeping her from falling. Lord, strengthen her emotionally, and physically, Jesus, in Your Mighty Name I pray, Amen!

  2. Thank you Beverlee, I look forward to reading David’s thoughts and yours as well. I will continue to pray for you, asking the Lord to sustain you daily. He is able to do over and. above what we ask or think.
    I am also praying for Joe and Joseph for complete healing.
    Blessings and prayers to all who read this blog and to those who need a special touch from the Lord. Eleanor M.

  3. I don’t always get opportunity to comment here because sometimes I read this blog in the middle of the night. I do pray for the requests printed here and I thank you for your prayers on my husband’s and my behalf. Those prayers are giving us the strength we need for each moment. Tomorrow we see the doctor and possibly have the staples removed (there are over 40). Please pray all will go well.

    Praying for you, dear Beverlee, as you settle in your new dwelling place. May it be comfortable and “just right “ for your needs. Praying also regarding your surgery and the release of your book.
    William, I am praying for your friends. May God be their comfort and strength in the midst of the suffering.

    Asking God to bless each and everyone of you, dear saints.

    • Thank you,Luisa.I have missed a lot in the comments.I’ve been very busy catching up on needed work during this spell of September-like weather.Praise God for guiding me!
      I am adding these names to my prayer list as I find I get frustrated when I can’t remember all the newer names.I pray on my knees each night beside my bed for this list .With 2 knee replacements it is great to be able to do so again.(Since the past few months.)Please pray for Joseph Mitchell.I’ll share the email and 700 club interview separately.God bless all of you and thank you to Ron and all involved in David’s Blog.

      • William, I believe God honours your prayers..on your knees after double knee replacement. May He answer your prayers and keep you able to continue to do that.
        Will be praying for Joseph Mitchell.

  4. Thank You, Father God, for the prayers of Your people (and of You, Lord Jesus), and for answering prayer. Forgive all Your children of their sins, wash each one clean, and fill each one with Your Holy Spirit, Lord. Each one needs You so very much. Give all the grace to really live for You. Thank You, dear Lord God. In Jesus’s great name, amen

  5. Here is an email I received a few days ago from our board secretary.It’s self explanatory.Thank you and may God bless
    ” Camp Pagweak

    Nov 7, 2020, 11:29 AM (3 days ago)

    to bcc: me
    Can I ask you all to please pray for Joseph Mitchell. Joseph was the Pastor at Stewiacke Baptist Church.
    He’s a young man – only 41 years old facing a terrible illness – early onset alzheimers. He has a young family as well – 4 children – the youngest 5 years old.

    He recently did an interview with The 700 Club Canada – and I hope I can attach it to this email. Just click on the link below. He has a wonderful outlook and he’s truly a godly man.

    As Christians it is our responsibility and our privilege to pray for one another.

    Joseph welcomes prayer everywhere.
    Thank you all.


    Ruth RXXXX for
    Camp Pagweak


  6. I have not received today’s blog yet (11 am). I managed to get it myself but when I posted a comment, it just disappeared! Hopefully, I receive it tomorrow . I saw an electrician up a hydro pole here so maybe that was the problem. Blessings all.

    • You know what Doreen, I had that problem on Sunday. I kept posting and it seemed to take the post, then it wouldn’t show up. I would check the site over and over and it wasn’t there. So I kept making new posts and the same thing would happen, over and over. Finally, I think it was 6 pm before it let me post something and by that point, I had lost my original message and just commented on someone else’s, I think. Something very strange is going on. God bless you.

  7. I’m so blessed to become a new blogger.
    Your prayers and words encourage in my Faith.
    God answer all the prayer requests In Jesus Name Amen
    God bless you all!!

  8. Have read all your posts for the last couple days as have been out. May you get a call for your surgery soon Beverlee. May your friend from NB be blessed William and will pray for Joseph Mitchell. Blessings to all you saints.

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