Monday, November 2, 2020


Today’s Reading: John 20-21

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A Nazareth Village family enjoying time with one another.

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Key Verse: John 20:19

Then, the same day at evening, being the first day of the week, when the doors were shut where the disciples were assembled, for fear of the Jews, Jesus came and stood in the midst, and said to them, “Peace be with you.”


Jesus speaks “peace” three times to His disciples here. They were obviously in a state of great turmoil and fear. Jesus might have said, “Settle down, we’ve got some very practical matters to accomplish in the next 50 days.” After all, Jesus’ followers were very ordinary people. Peter and John came from two fishing families. Notice that John could not escape the competition motivation. He had to put in the Gospel that he beat Peter to the tomb. Of course, Mary Magdalene was first. She didn’t recognize Jesus until she heard His voice. We need to listen for Jesus. He’ll speak our names too. He has something unique to say to each one of us. He had a special message for Peter who had denied knowing Him three times. Three times He asked, “Do you love Me, Peter?” He had a message in the number of fish caught, 153. In Hebrew, each letter has a numerical value. The number 153 translates into “Ana Elohim = I am God.” The disciples had been to Hebrew school. They would have known exactly what Jesus was communicating. In our Bibles, let’s read again John 20:31. This is the reason for John to write. He was there in person when it happened!


Dear Lord Jesus, Help me to do that which You told Peter to do in today’s reading, “Feed My sheep,” and “Feed My lambs.” You know that I love You too. And help me, like John, to know my purpose in writing, speaking, and simply living the Gospel before others. May many more believe in You and have life in Your Name. Amen!


I’m simply a student. I’m hoping to learn more about God. In the Hebrew language, the word “disciple” is “talmudim,” and is what a kindergarten child in Israel is called today. Before moving from the weekly telecasts, Crossroads and Circle Square for children, to the daily telecast, 100 Huntley Street, I was begging God for guidance. I remember the spot on Highway 400, north of Toronto, where I heard the Lord say my name. He said to me so clearly I could never deny it, “David, I love you!” “Yes Lord,” I said, “What about specific guidance?” Again He said, “David, I love you!” I was so overcome that I had to pull over to the side of the road and sit there for a long time. I realized that the assurance of His love was all I needed. I was simply to go ahead, share my decisions with the Board of Directors for their approval, and His love would keep me on track to do His will.

Yours for “Life in His Name!”


29 thoughts on “Monday, November 2, 2020

  1. I would like to thank each and everyone of you for your prayers for my husband.
    The surgery went well. Praise be to God!!!
    You prayed also that God would give us peace and He has. Thank you!
    Joseph will need BOTH radiation and chemo treatments. I would appreciate your prayers concerning that , as well as, asking the Lord for total healing.

    I have also prayed for each of you that God will minister to you in whatever need you are facing.
    Our God is faithful in ALL of His ways!
    Have a blessed day!

  2. Dear Luisa…May God give you and your loved ones the desires of your hearts!
    May God bless and heal your dear husband!

    Take care of yourself as well, your husband and family will need you to do that!
    I am so familiar with hospitals, having worked in health care for over forty years, only totally retired this past year.

    To me the key is….look for the little things, a step at a time, and hold tightly on to Jesus’ hand, he gives strength and peace!

    • Thank you Anne! Wise words of advice which .I appreciate.
      My husband also just retired last years after working 45 years for a hospital. He was not a health care worker but in middle management other than health care
      God bless you!

  3. So happy to hear that Joseph came through the surgery well. Blessings on you and the family. May the continuing treatments also be successful, Luisa. For some reason I’m not getting the blog in my inbox (for 2 days now). I don’t understand why but I hope that can be corrected. Blessings all.

  4. Luisa: I am so glad that everything went well with your husband Joseph’s operation. I am agreeing with Anne and Doreen’s prayers for his full recovery. God bless you both and keep you in His care for what lies ahead with the treatments. 🙏🙏🙏 Eleanor M.

  5. Lord God, thank You for all You are and all You do. You are the Promise-keeper, and all Your promises are good and true. Have Your way in this world today. Give all Your people boldness, wisdom, and the grace to do Your will, in Jesus’s great name, amen

  6. Wow! Praise God for Joseph’s surgery going well. Praying for following treatments to go just as well. Complete healing.
    God bless you all today.

  7. Amen Rob to your prayer.
    Also, could you all say a prayer for my good neighbor , he is in hospital with an
    U T I. He is on some major antibiotics. Was tested for Covid but that came back negative. So that is good. He is just over 82. His wife says he looks very sick. Thank you.

    • Praying for your neighbour Nan I am not sure what those initials stand for, but the Lord knows. I pray that he will heal quickly and that you will comfort his wife. Eleanor M

    • I just prayed for your neighbour. May the Lord heal him of this infection and comfort him and his wife since she may not be able to visit him due to COVID.

  8. Thank you Irene, Joyce and HRJ for your prayers. Am doing much better today. Thanks everyone. Also amen to the prayers today for Joseph and Luisa. Glad the surgery went well for him.

  9. asking for prayer: a filling fell out of my tooth; I’m trying get an appointment to have it filled, but so far no success. Thank you

    God Bless your day

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