Sunday, October 25, 2020


Today’s Reading: John 9

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The southern tip of the Dead Sea in the Jordan Valley with the Mountains of Moab in the distance.

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Key Verse: John 9:3

Jesus answered, “Neither this man nor his parents sinned, but that the works of God should be revealed in him…”


It is so typical of human nature that Jesus’ disciples wanted to lay blame on someone for the blindness of this man. A particular kind of venereal disease can cause blindness in a newborn. So often we see scandal when we should be seeing an opportunity to help. We fall into gossip instead of falling on our knees in prayer. For Jesus, this was an opportunity to bring glory to His Father. The Judge of all the earth did not judge. He who knows all things rejected speaking of the past sins of this man or his parents. Jesus did a creative miracle! The Pharisees are often seen as the bad guys, but here the followers of Jesus were acting like their opponents, abandoning compassion for criticism.


Dear Lord Jesus, I pray that You’ll grant me grace always to see human need with compassion and prayer. Help me to think, “What would Jesus do?” and act accordingly. Amen!


My mother died when I was 12 years old. My most vivid memory of her was not of her making dinner, but was of seeing her on her knees in prayer. After her death, my Dad was silent as we drove down Bank street in Ottawa, and finally he said, “I can never remember hearing your mother say anything bad about anyone.” This reinforced my positive memories of her. I do know that she visited the most needy families in the little village where we lived at the time. I marveled at the glowing eulogies given her. I didn’t think it was exceptional. I thought all mothers were like that. I know now that this is not the case. I also know that Jesus changed my heart to make me more like Him, and yes, more like Mother, Hazel Pritchard Mainse. Norma-Jean’s mother was killed by a drunk driver in a car accident when Norma-Jean was just 17. All reports are that Lillian Davies Rutledge was a woman of God. Neither Norma-Jean nor I have met our mothers-in-law. Just yesterday, as I meditated, I thought that no doubt they’ve met in Heaven. What a wonderful truth it is that I’ll see them both someday soon.

Yours for ministering to the needs of others,


27 thoughts on “Sunday, October 25, 2020

  1. Would you please consider typing all of this blog in black. It would help greatly in reading as we grow older. Enjoy David’s blog so very much.

  2. I prayed David’s prayer this morning, sometimes we are so quick to judge others, that is something that we must never do.
    Heavenly Father I thank you that we have your Word to guide us to all truth. I pray in this time of Covid, that we would be a Lighthouse to those around us who may be suffering from the lost of a loved one, sickness or even depression. May I take my own words to heart and show the love of Christ to someone today. Maybe not in person but on the phone, or online. In Jesus precious Name I pray Amen.
    I am thinking of Beverlee, and hoping that we will hear from her soon. Thanking Ron, Anne and Reynold for continuing this blog as well as doing their own ministries.
    Have a blessed Lord’s Day everyone.
    Eleanor M.

  3. For the second time in a month, I was praying (& had others praying) for a great grandchild who was in difficultly during the birthing process & needed emergency C section delivery. The first one a little girl, is doing well. The little boy born during the night last night is expected to do well. Even with C section surgery they are sent home quickly because of Covid19. They are both first babies in their families. I’d appreciate your prayers folks. Thank You Lord. Hallelujah. Amen. (another g grand expected in about 4 months! Blessings all. A beautiful sky this morning. Thinking of Beverlee.

  4. Amen to Eleanor’s prayers.
    Doreen, I will lift your family in prayer, that all great grand children arrive safely and healthy. They are such a blessing to our lives.
    Hoping Beverlee’s move went well and that she is settling in her new place.
    God bless all the bloggers.

  5. Father God, thank You for Your Word, Your leaders, Your church, Your people. Bless each one and help each one to continue faithful to You.
    As You know, Lord, there are many, many crying out to You today for many different needs. We commit them all to You, and ask for Your great will to be done in each of their situations.
    We also join with our brothers and sisters in the U.S., asking for good and righteous leadership in that country. Please guide all people of good will to get out and vote, and we pray that Your choices prevail, Lord. We ask that that country, founded on Godly principles, will long endure, and that it will turn back to You. In Jesus’s greatest-of-all names, amen

  6. A reminder to everyone, as Rob mentioned yesterday, today has been set aside as a day of fasting and prayer for the United States and the upcoming election. Let us join Franklin Graham and thousands of others in asking The Lord to intervene in the election and put the right person in the role of President, “for such a time as this”. As Rob said, whatever happens there affects the whole world. May God have mercy and not treat us as we deserve, but be gracious to us according to His great love and mercy! Amen!

  7. Amen to all above prayers for the safe delivery of Doreen’s great grandchildren, for Beverlee’s good will in her new location and for the US’s upcoming election that your will be done Lord in Jesus Name, Amen for their own good and ours too as what happens there affects us as well. I only live about 4 miles from the closest border crosssing.

  8. Lord Jesus I pray for Your intervention and Your Highest and best regarding the Crossroads Building. Thank you Jesus, Amen!!

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