Thursday, September 24, 2020


Today’s Reading: Luke 20-21

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In the Western Wall tunnel of Jerusalem is this model of the Temple in which Jesus worshipped, turned over the money changer’s tables, engaged with the religious officials, and ministered truth and love. In the building which this represents, the former lame man danced to the amazement of all. Then Peter preached and about 5,000 became believers in Jesus, including many of the priests (Acts 4:4 & Acts 6:7).

GOOGLE MAPS – To see where Reynold took the photo, click HERE.

Key Verse: Luke 20:25

And He said to them, “Render therefore to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s.”


Today’s reading concludes with, “take heed.” Here is Jesus’ conclusion to almost 100 verses of teaching, “Watch therefore and pray always.” This blog can help us do that! We learn from the happenings here that when someone argues with Jesus, they don’t win the argument. The “coin” is a case in point. The Jews were groaning under the heel of Rome. Jesus’ answer to the tax question was simple, yet profound. Today, we struggle with our responsibilities to government and to God. We use money printed or minted by government, yet, our ultimate values are not government actions, but God Himself. God will put the final period in the last history book of this age. Back in 1967 Billy Graham said, “For the first time in over 2,000 years, Jerusalem is ruled by Jews. The ‘time of the Gentiles’ is over (Luke 21:24). Soon we will see ‘the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory'” (Luke 21:27).


Lord God, here I am. I’m determined to “take heed.” By Your grace, I believe that at Your return, I will “escape all these things that will come to pass.” Please help me to be prepared at any moment to welcome Your coming. Please give me the gift of diligence, consistency, and purity so that, because of Your forgiveness of my sin, I’ll be ready! Amen!


I remember an old preacher saying, regarding those who told the story of the seven husbands who married the woman in Jesus’ story, “They thought by the inch, spoke by the yard, and should be moved by the foot!” I’ve read chapters 20 & 21 twice and some portions three times. Of course, I’ve read these words before. I’ve even taught through the entire book of Luke at a Bible Camp recently. Nevertheless, I’ve had fresh insight from the Holy Spirit today, such as from Luke 21:34… I am not weighed down with carousing and drunkenness, but I confess that I struggle with the “cares of this life.” I sometimes think that at 80, I’m too old for the plans I keep making (for when I’m released from the hospital). I believe God isn’t finished with me yet!

Yours for a more perfect understanding of God’s Word, and for His plans and purposes for my life,


25 thoughts on “Thursday, September 24, 2020

  1. Amen, that we all struggle with the “cares of this life.” Thank you for your kind words yesterday, beautiful saints in the Lord. God is my rock and you are my inspiration to write. I thank you all for keeping me going. May His love grace and blessings be upon you all, today. Thank You Jesus, for lighting our way. Amen.

    For still the vision awaits its appointed time; it hastens to the end–it will not lie. If it seems slow, wait for it; it will surely come; it will not delay. Habakkuk 2:3 ESV

    Hymn “Be Still My Soul”

    • Such appropriate prayer/praise Beverley. The next prayer song after the first one is amazing. Remembering today, the experience of about a month ago that I had. On 3 different days a single dove “walked across my path” slowly. I felt that it was a message from the Lord. It’s going to be okay – whatever is happening, I am with you (& my sister). “Be Still My Soul” (indeed). AND YOURS. Amen

  2. Doreen that is so beautiful.. ..I love seeing the doves as well on my daily walk, and Beverlee most of us can write something but I think that you have a writer’s heart!

    • ❤️🕊️🕊️🕊️❤️ Thank you Anne. Always a writer, and God provided me with a vision in 2003 when I was at Laurier in Waterloo, not to question my gift of writing. I cannot “not believe” in myself and get caught up with insecurities amidst the often unfolding drama between people within churches and communities. The encouragement I receive from the saints is God reminding me to keep moving forward. You have no idea how much it means to me to be able to share with all of you and know that it is appreciated. God bless your day!

  3. A very special thank you for yesterday and recent posts to: Nan, Anne, Eleanor, Irene, Teresa, HJR, Luisa, Ger, Doreen, Laur, Sally, Maria, and everyone I have failed to mention, for your loving words and prayers. God hears us in heaven and we can all rejoice, singing with the Angels. Have a blessed day! ❤️🕊️🕊️🕊️❤️

  4. Father, please forgive us (me) of all our (my) sins, and help us (me) to do and say what is pleasing to You. Please work out Your good will even in those we have hurt. In Jesus’s name, amen

  5. Finding David’s and your posts and reflections very inspiring today and identify with it especially ” the cares of life.” Glad you are finding a place Beverlee and may the right plans work out for you Doreen. All of you have been so faithful to care and post. May God bless all of you today.

  6. Prayed David’s prayer today 🙏 and I meant it with all my heart 💖. Thank you Beverly Kay for the song today. It was it was timely I listened to it a few times and it touched me so much that I was crying 😭 and it really ministered to me the song be still my soul was exactly what I needed to hear today so thank you so much for the songs that you post may God richly bless you Beverly Kay and and to all my fellow bloggers may you all have a blessed day amen ♥️

  7. Does anyone know what has happened to .sah? I have not read a comment from her for quite some time and I really miss hearing from her 😃 so if anybody knows please let me know thank you.

      • Sah posted something recently ( Perhaps a week or so ago) It was a prayer in response to someone’s post.
        Other than that, we haven’t heard from her in a very long time. I hope she realizes that we all care about her and miss her very much. May the Lord minister to her every need!

        • On September 16th, Sah commented on a few posts, then posted this:
          sah on September 17, 2020 at 12:39 am said:

          God bless you Luisa! just dealing with mental health issues and a sleep disorder and swimming when I can and sleeping also, so good to read the blogs and thank you again Luisa, God bless you and may He grant you your hearts desires in Jesus Name we pray amen amen amen

          • Thank you Beverlee for posting Sah’s post.

            Yes, and I pray for you Sah for the Lord to intervene in all your need. and restore you to complete health. in Jesus Name I pray, Amen.

            A word from the Lord:

            Mathew 11:28 “Come unto Me, all you that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest”.
            Mathew 11:29 “…for I am meek and lowly in heart: and you shall find rest unto your soul”

  8. Father God, in Jesus Name, minister to Sah in the way that only You are able & knowledgeable as to her needs & circumstances at this time. Thank You Father. 🙏

      • Praying that the Lord would give Sah a special healing touch from Him.
        I miss seeing her on the blog. I feel we are all one family as we all love the Lord. So it important that we continue to do what we are doing, praying for one another.. Eleanor M.

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