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Today’s Reading: Mark 11

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These steps at the southern entrance of the Temple Mount once led into the Court of the Gentiles. You can still see the Triple Gate archways that were bricked over. These main gates to the Temple were called the Hulda Gates. An impressive staircase was added to enable the thousands of pilgrims to walk into the Temple.

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Key Verse: Mark 11:26

…But if you do not forgive, neither will your Father in heaven forgive your trespasses.


In the first 10 verses, Jesus meticulously fulfills prophecy (Zechariah 9:9 & Psalm 118:26). He then follows up by communicating His authority over nature, the fig tree, and over the activities surrounding the worship of God in the Temple. Mark concludes this chapter by quoting the religious leaders saying, “We do not know” (verse 33). Their biggest concern seemed to be the politics of the day. The core message of this passage concerns FORGIVENESS. This has eternal importance for each of us. Unforgiveness blocks the forgiveness we all need from God. Jesus warns us in a most forceful way. This is one truth that we MUST RECEIVE and ACT UPON TODAY! (How about every day?)


Lord Jesus, I ask for grace to forgive others and the grace to accept the forgiveness offered to me by others. Having done this, I am confident that as I ask for Your forgiveness for my sins against You, Lord God, You forgive me. Amen!


I can’t help but refer again to my minister Dad. He described some religious leaders of Jesus’ day, and often today also, with this couplet: “They wobble in and wobble out, and leave the people all in doubt.” The “we do not know” answer to a question about the great prophet John the Baptist is not acceptable. Immediately after our marriage in 1958, Norma-Jean and I accepted the call to pastor a congregation in Brighton, Ontario. We had lots of sports for our youth, and it came to my ears that a neighbouring pastor had called our Church, “The Brighton Sports Centre.” I was hurt by this and to my shame I nursed a grudge until the Holy Spirit pushed me to go to this pastor and to ask his forgiveness for not forgiving him. He didn’t even know that I knew what he had said. I was forgiven, but, as far as I knew, he continued to believe that sports were not right for the activities of a pastor and church. I had to let it go. Nevertheless, several teenagers came to know Jesus as a direct result of the friendships developed through sports.

Yours because of “forgiveness,”


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  1. Bring the message of the gospel is our responsibility. Wonder what the pastor who made that comment did in his recreational time and if the gospel was spoken there. We need to show the love of God no matter what venue or activity we are involved in. Like David said many came into relationship with the Lord praise God. Lord give me the purpose and words to speak the gospel daily in Jesus name amen.

  2. Forgiveness is a huge stumbling block that can trap us if we can’t see our way around it.A grudge is a heavy load that harms only you.If you hold a grudge,you do not trust God.(‘Vengence is mine…’)Often the offending party may not be aware that they offended.Satan will plant a negative thought and our minds will take it and run wit it and,like a snowball,if you keep rolling it in that snow,it will get bigger and bigger.Forgiveness sets you free.God bless


    Forgiveness is a gift we receive,
    And freely we must give it too,
    To prove to Him we do believe,
    Forgiveness also works for you.

    When Judas stabed His back,
    He did not turn to attack;
    For it was not a setback,
    When Satan caused this man to crack.

    When you forgive it then returns,
    For your heart is then lightened
    While given the freedom it yearns
    And your mind is then enlightened.

    Let His healing hand touch your soul,
    Then may His love render you whole,
    For Satan will try to collect a toll
    If faith is weak you give control

    But someone you may overlook
    Is one you may be least kind to;
    For mistaken paths that you took;
    The one you forgive must be you.
    GW (Bill) Marshall/2012

    • Amen Bill: Thank you for sharing this poem, it is very suitable for today’s lesson.
      I like what David’s dad said, “They wobble in and wobble out and leave the people all in doubt” David always adds interesting remarks. PraiseThe Lord his blog is still carrying on even though he is in heaven.
      Blessings to all this Monday morning. Eleanor M.

  3. I remember seeing a demonstration by a lady minister on a farm. (I think it was on tv as cell phones weren’t in vogue back then). But she demonstrated an extra miracle in the story of Jesus riding on the colt. First, the colt had never been ridden before, and then (in this demonstration with a small horse, she demonstrated a walk with the horse which showed the horse stepped aside of walking on a coat or article of clothing. Sometimes it just stopped altogether. I’m not familiar with farm animals such as horses & donkeys but it certainly shows that their uneasiness of stepping on a coat may indicate fear of uneven ground or even a hole 🕳!
    That is miraculous when the cold walked obediently through the village. Right?

    • Doreen, none of us heard the sermon the minister gave to answer your question properly. However, in terms of the teaching in Mark 11 and from David’s comments above, the miracle is not in the colt walking obediently in Mark 11. Two key points to consider are the necessity for Praising Jesus on the walk into Jerusalem and the Miracle of Forgiveness Jesus exemplifies.

      The donkey (colt) was chosen as a symbol of poverty and humbleness. The miracle is in the lesson of forgiveness and the faith we have that constitutes our ability to forgive because we believe in Jesus forgiving us.

      Praise for Jesus.
      Then they brought the colt to Jesus and threw their clothes on it, and He sat on it. And many spread their clothes on the road, and others cut down leafy branches from the trees and spread them on the road. Then those who went before and those who followed cried out, saying:

      ‘Blessed is He who comes in the name of the LORD!’
      Blessed is the kingdom of our father David
      That comes in the name of the Lord!
      Hosanna in the highest!”

      “And many spread their clothes on the road, and others cut down leafy branches from the trees and spread them on the road: We like this slice from the life of Jesus because it simply feels so right. For much of Jesus’ ministry, He was despised and rejected of men. Often the adoring crowds followed Him only for what they could get from Him, and most of His audience rejected any kind of personal commitment to Jesus. All of that was different on this day.

      “On this day, they lavished attention and honor on Jesus. They used their clothes as a saddle for Jesus and as a red carpet for the colt He rode on. Considering the expense and value of clothing in that day, this was generous praise.”

      Forgiveness is the Key to Unlocking God’s Miracle Power
      by Pat Robertson, 700 Club
      Lack of forgiveness blocks access to the kingdom and to miracle power. … forgive him, so that your Father in heaven may forgive you your sins (Mark 11:25).

  4. I agree completely Beverlee and the emphasis of forgiveness is not to be overlooked. I did think the donkey acting in an unexpected way (being part of the miracle being shown), was a solemn touch. I hope you are feeling better today, Beverley. Remembering to pray for all @ 3 pm!

    • Absolutely, Doreen. And thanks for your prayers. Have a blessed day and looking forward to our 3 pm prayer, together!

  5. Dear Lord God, though we wobble in and wobble out, help us not leave others all in doubt. Help us fix our eyes on You. No matter what, You are always perfect. In Jesus’s name, amen

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