Wednesday, July 29, 2020


Today’s Reading: Mark 6

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The carpenter’s shop in Nazareth at Nazareth Village.

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Key Verse: Mark 6:3

“…Is this not the carpenter, the Son of Mary, and Brother of James, Joses, Judas, and Simon? And are not His sisters here with us?” So they were offended at Him.


They called Him “the carpenter” to belittle Him, but in reality that term praises Him. He is truly “the Carpenter of lives.” In the previous chapter, there are three examples of His higher carpentry. Firstly, He spoke the words, “Go home,” to the formerly demon posessed man, and Jesus became the Rebuilder of lives and families (5:19). Secondly, Jesus said to the woman who touched the hem of His garment, “Go in peace,” and He proved that He was the Rebuilder of the human body (5:34). Thirdly, Jesus became the Rebuilder of life itself with the word, “Arise,” spoken to the little daughter of Jairus. This “Carpenter of lives” is available to take the rebuilding contract for your life, your family, and for your circumstances. He also said, “I will build My Church” (Matthew 16:18). His hands were not as often portrayed in art; they were a working Man’s hands. Those hands are at work today if we ask for His carpentry. Go ahead, ask!


Lord Jesus, forgive me for the “do it yourself” job I’ve tried to do on my life. Please take over. Fix the construction mess I’ve made of things. You read the plans You have for me and please implement them, because You definitely know best! Amen!


I took a year off from my formal theological studies to fulfill my promise to the people of a northern community to plant a church. In my personal time, I committed to reading a sermon each day from books I had collected. I knew the saying, “readers are leaders.” I was now 20 and by November I had run out of money and decided to be a carpenter like Jesus. I borrowed tools and showed up at the Army Camp Petawawa announcing, “I’m a carpenter.” There were no certification procedures for carpenters then. I got the job, which lasted for several weeks. The cold, the challenges, and the rough atmosphere were testing my level of determination. I often drew comfort from the knowledge that Jesus was in the same trade until He was 30.

Yours in honour of the Carpenter of lives,


21 thoughts on “Wednesday, July 29, 2020

  1. What a powerful prayer by David today. We all need that especially at this time. Blessings all and remember 3 pm prayer!

  2. Dear Lord God, You are the builder and the rebuilder of lives. Thank You. Help us, and all people everywhere, to trust in You. Give all Your children the boldness to keep on sharing Your Word with this world that so desperately needs You. Bless and send out Your workers, in Jesus’s name, amen

    • My pastor asked me why people do not go out and share the gospel with others.After thinking a minute I said ‘because we feel afraid for lack of ability’.Bingo.He said that is what the church must teach them.He “has been too suttle” at this,he said.We will discuss this further at noon.
      (This may be of interest to others.I did not know this until I googled is just now so I left the misspelled word in place.
      ‘” “Suttle” is a common misspelling of the word subtle, which variously means “faint,” “delicate in meaning,” “slight,” and “cunning.” It’s not too surprising people commonly misspell subtle as “suttle”: we don’t pronounce the B in this word.”‘
      Pray for peace in Jerusalem.God bless

  3. Today’s prayer by David is on-the-nose.I was a baby Christian when I wrote this one.May God bless
    Our Father

    Oh God our Father you love us so,
    We are blind and can not know
    Just how great and kind you are,
    Content to love us from afar.

    We turn our backs and still you care;
    We close our eyes but you are there,
    But it’s You we rely on
    To lead us on back to Zion.

    We hurt you daily by endless sin
    But still your light guides us in.
    You could not know how weak we are
    So you sent us Jesus to bear our scars.

    We are a mixture of sin and praise,
    But still you lift our spirits to raise
    The love that you see in us still,
    A desire to follow your holy will.
    G W (Bill) Marshall /Oct 10,2011

  4. Yes, we need the Lord every day, all the time. Amen. Appreciate David’s willingness to do whatever he could to fulfill the will of God. Reading Jim Cantelon’s commentary on Mark from his teaching on tv, “Jim Cantelon Today” Could you tell me Beverlee whether we should pray all the same time or at 3pm in our area?

    • Pray for 3 pm where you are; we will be different across the country, but the same Spirit in prayer for each other, Ger.

  5. Thank you Lord, your word tells me in: Phil: 4:6 “Being confident of this very thing, that He who began a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ.

    Agreeing with David’s prayer in my life!

    will pray at 3 pm

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