Friday, June 12, 2020


Today’s Reading: Matthew 11

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A view of the Jordan River south of the Galilee.


Key Verse: Matthew 11:28

“Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest

The next two verses show how that “rest” is experienced. No doubt Jesus had fashioned perfectly fitting wooden yokes for oxen in order for them to fulfill their purpose in life. The hands of the Carpenter are still busy carefully fitting you for service. Jesus invites you now to “Learn from Me.” And the result is … “You will find rest for your souls.” The book of Isaiah is filled with personal pronouns which could only be replaced with the Name of Jesus. If you find time, read Isaiah 55. Meditate on the invitation to “Come” and on the results of coming to the Lord.


Dear Father in Heaven, Your Son and my Saviour says “Come to Me.” Here I am. I’m Yours now and forever. Amen!


As a teenager I walked down the aisle at a “Youth for Christ” rally to give my life to Jesus. An older man stood beside me, asked me my name, and said, “David, have you come to Jesus tonight?” I answered, “Yes.” Then he opened his Bible and asked me to read John 6:37. I read out loud the words of Jesus, “The one who comes to Me, I will by no means cast out.” Then the man said, “Now David, what does Jesus do?” I answered, “He receives me.” The next day I said that promise over and over. It’s a fact; I have come to Him. I am His!

One with Christ and with all who have come to Him,


P.S. As I write this, Norma-Jean and I have been living with our eldest daughter, Elaine, and her husband Bruce Stacey. Prior to now I was in hospital, but now am a hospital outpatient. Pneumonia was the culprit. I’m doing much better now. Our son Ron made sure that the blog continued without interruption. Please keep me in your prayers. I wish only to live until my work here is done.

I couldn’t resist putting one more picture here. Two years ago now, when I was already past my predicted expiry date, I rode my 1996 motorcycle from Florida to Canada. Norma-Jean’s advice and my maturing years have caused me to trade the motorcycle for a 1998 van. Good idea at my age?


18 thoughts on “Friday, June 12, 2020

  1. Great work you did on earth, David, and continue to do in heaven. Amen. Yes, we hear You say, come, Lord. Here we are. We are Yours, now and forever more. What could be sweeter than the thought of being in the Presence of our Saviour? Wherefore would we be without You, our loving Saviour? We would be lost, a mere shadow in the dark. But You are the Light and foundation on which we stand. You are the breath through which we live and breathe. You are the Word, by which we proclaim the living truth of victory. We adore You Lord. We worship You. We give You all the priase for it is all for Your glory. Amen, amen, and amen!

    Teach me to do your will, for you are my God!
    Let your good Spirit lead me on level ground!
    Psalm 143:10 ESV

    Spirit Lead Me (Lyrics) ~ Michael Ketterer & Influence Music

  2. Also praying for Ger. A difficult test for her. May she rest in Jesus arms and feel well and comfortable after. Scripture today was very memorable. We are blessed to have the Bible access – many, many, people do not. I was just realizing that many languages are still not in written form & many people are illiterate. Thank You Father God, You still get the message through in unusual ways. Blessings all.

  3. Dear Lord, thank You for receiving all who come to You. Thank You for being faithful. Thank You for making it possible for us to have a relationship with You. Thank You for desiring, even cherishing our prayers. You say they are a sweet aroma to You. You desire honesty in the inward parts. Thank You.
    We ask that You help all those who are in need of a healing touch. Let them know You are there, that You care; take their hands in Yours and let Your healing power flow into the places that need Your touch. We ask gratefully, Lord, in Jesus’s name, amen

  4. ‘Bunn’ Betts who lives in Wentworth rides the same model of bike as David is on in this pic.He turned 100 last year and is the oldest ‘biker’ in Canada and perhaps the world.I haven’t heard any news of him since the quarantine began.He’s a slight man and still sharp as a tack. Like David,he has/had his private pilot license.Wentworth is where my cousin’s middle son and a few others were murdered recently,close to Portapique.Please pray for healing.God bless

  5. Please pray for my daughter Petra. She has a CT scan today to determine if her breast cancer has spread to her brain. If it comes back clear she is eligible to join a trial treatment in Edmonton.

    • Lord God, we hold up this precious child, Petra to You as she has a very important CT scan. Reveal to the doctors every bit of her body that may or may not have cancer so the picture is very clear as to treatment. Jehovah Rapha, God of healing, and the Ruach breath of the Holy Spirit, come upon her and clear her body of this cancer completely that she be made fresh and anew in You. Give her mother Verna, a trusting peace and comfort that surpasses all understanding. In Jesus’ precious Name, we pray. Amen, amen and amen.

    • Verna: I also am praying for your dear daughter Petra. God bless both of you as you await the results of the Catscan. 🤗🤗❤️❤️

  6. Thank you!
    I very seldom post to the blog, but I know from experience that as our loving Father, God does hear our prayers.

  7. i I prayed David’s prayer; and Jesus’ invitation “come”

    Thank you Reyold for the beautiful photo of the Jordan river, so peaceful!
    Its not easy to give up something one has cherished and enjoyed; great picture of David on his motorcycle.

    The temperature here today is 27.

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