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Today’s Reading: Amos 1-2

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Carts were used not only for transporting goods, but sometimes for fun…these children in Nazareth Village enjoy the ride, especially when their father pulls them. Today we begin reading in the book of Amos. Unlike other prophets who lived in the cities, Amos was a farmer who not only worked the fields and cared for the herds of sheep, goats, and cattle, but he was also very knowledgeable in the Scriptures.

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Key Verses: Amos 1:3a

“Thus says the Lord…” (repeated 8 times in Amos chapters 1 & 2)

There are eight prophecies to eight different nations. We can draw the conclusion that God cares about every nation on earth. Each message from God in today’s reading begins with the statement, “For three transgressions of [people group] and for four.” In our courts today, the judge tends to be lenient on the first offence, but after three or four, the repeat offender can expect the hammer of justice to come down hard. Just imagine how a judge feels when he or she must sentence a person to a prison term or even execution! God, who knows in minute detail all the evidence, is never unjust in His sentence of judgment. The law of God is clearly stated in the statutes written by Moses and others; the penalty for sin is death! To satisfy the demands of the Law, God sent His Son to pay that penalty on behalf of His human family by execution on a Roman cross. This is how justice is done in God’s eyes, and God is able to forgive us our sins when we ask forgiveness, repenting of our sins. How thankful we should be that God deals with us as individuals with such love, mercy and grace. But what about the sins of the nations? Let’s think about that as we continue in Amos’ prophecies.


Lord God, according to Your promises, You have forgiven my sins as I confess them. You have even removed them from Your record books. For this I am totally thankful. I pray for grace to live a holy life for the next minute, the next hour, the next day, and for consistency in doing so. I believe that with Your help, I am growing in grace, becoming more like Jesus, in whose holy Name I pray. Amen!!!


Last week I pointed out that the prophet Hosea wrote of God’s “roar” like a lion, getting the attention of His people for His message to them. Amos used the lion’s “roar” (Amos 1:2a) to symbolize prophecy before Hosea did. No doubt Hosea had read Amos’ words and picked up on the lion’s “roar.” The books of the Bible, including Amos and Hosea, are not always in chronological order, as is the case with these two books. Amos was of a generation before the time of Hosea. I’m learning every day, as a 79-year-old, how to use this amazing thing called “the internet.” I’ve just gone into Google and searched and scrolled down to the blog, where I found that fantastic picture of a lion roaring out his message. This whole internet business comes under the heading of “What Will They Think of Next?” If Amos and Hosea had the internet, I think they would’ve done a daily blog too. What about it?

Yours to encourage us all to infuse God’s Word into our thoughts and our lives daily,


29 thoughts on “Saturday, April 4, 2020

  1. Thank you folks for prayers for my daughter (RN) who had a patient in ICU who had the virus. She & family are isolated now as she has some of the symptoms (v sore throat, tiredness, & raspy voice). Thanks again.

  2. Praying for all people afflicted with the covid 19 flu and for those who are losing loved ones to it. Certain God will be bombarded with prayers these trying days.

    Found a good story of a girl on YouTube. Akiane Kramarik (/əˈkiːənə/; born July 9, 1994) is an American poet and painter. She began drawing at the age of four. Kramarik’s best-known painting is Prince of Peace, which she completed at the age of eight.

    -20 here this a.m. in west central Alberta but supposed to warm up to 0. Even creation cries out for deliverance! May God’s blessings on all dear saints be abundant. I’m with David—our internet is a true gift from God. My dear husband and I are playing the stock market since we’re imprisoned in our home. Never saw stocks so low before. Hopefully will be able to share our ‘winnings’ with lots of Christian associations. I pray for wisdom and knowledge from our heavenly Father for when to hold ’em and when to fold ’em. Keep warm and safe dear saints.

    • Spring and summer were short this year as I awakened to snow yesterday and there is still snow on my balcony in B.C .for which we should be thankful as moisture on the land is needed for the ranches .

    • It has been very cool, which I love for April; but that is hard to fathom dealing with -20, Lynda! Stay warm!! ☀️

  3. Today we read about the nations that would not repent and God dealt with them in justice.How many times does a father show leniency to his children before he has to spank them to show how serious their misbehaviour was…and then all is forgiven.Where do you think this fatherly love comes from?(reh.)
    God is our Father but his thoughts are unimaginably so far above ours as are His ways but His love is also so much higher (stronger) than ours.Forgiveness is His middle name.God bless

  4. David might be looking down to see how much we are on our hands and knees, crying out to our Lord and Saviour God, in prayer. For Your sacrifice for us, Lord, we are ever thankful. As the world is in trouble before us, we pray for Your protection over our loved ones, family, friends, neighbours and all Your children. God, be with those front line workers: the Janitors, the Orderlies, the PSW’s, the Therapists, the Medical Instrumentation Workers, the Nurses and Doctors. They are all susceptible to catching the virus as they treat those stricken with this illness. We pray Lord for an increase in masks, gloves, face shields and protective clothing for all medical staff. And if so needed, Lord, provide masks for every individual in our great country so we will be kept safe from catching this virus. Give strength and the best decision making to our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who we are grateful to for handling this crisis well for our country. Please, God, we beg of you to touch Donald Trump, President of the United States with the same grace that has been lacking. In His holy Name, we pray for Your healing of all who are currently ill. We thank You Lord for Your undying love for us. Amen!

    “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”
    2 Corinthians 12:9 ESV

    Grace Will Lead Me Home- David Dunn (lyric video)

  5. If you’re interested, here is a copy of a letter I wrote to our Prime Minister back in early 2018:

    Dear Prime Minister,

    I am writing because I am very concerned about the erosion of Canadian freedoms under our current federal government. What alarms me most is that I see a continuous and unrelenting assault on Canadian rights and freedoms.

    First, we see the government not upholding the right of young people or employers to live out their religious beliefs when they apply for the Canada Summer Jobs program. By forcing applicants to sign an attestation saying they agree with our Liberal government’s stance on LGBT and reproductive rights, applicants are being told they must agree with the current government’s positions on abortion and homosexuality. Both of these are controversial topics because Canadians do not all have the same opinions on these (and other) issues. The government should be protecting the rights and freedoms of all Canadians, not just those who agree with the government.

    Second, our federal government is not upholding the rights we have to a free press. We even hear the Prime Minister and his advisors attacking some of our media sources, even requesting that they censor the news. This is not acceptable to Canadians, who rely on their own judgment and not the government to make these choices for them.

    Third, our government doesn’t seem to be upholding the right of Canadians to freedom of speech. This is very important because it is through free speech that we discuss and debate ideas. No idea should be above examination and critical thinking. Our current federal leaders seem to think Canadians should not be permitted to honestly look into the differences between Canadian laws, which are based on freedom of the individual, and sharia law, which is based on restricting individual freedoms. It is not irrational to critically examine various points of view and even religious beliefs. Our leaders should promote open dialogue and robust exchange of ideas, not protect ideas from open examination.

    Prime Minister, you may have the personal belief that Canadians have no core values, but this is simply not true. We strongly value the freedoms bequeathed to us by those who fought the battles for freedom in the generations before us. We value freedom of religion, of speech, and of the press, and we certainly are not prepared to cast them aside for the sake of a new vision of Canada which is not firmly rooted in reality. The freedoms we enjoy are an important part of what makes Canada one of the great countries in this world, and we fully expect our leaders to stand up for and protect these values for the sake of future generations of Canadians.

    Sincerely yours,


  6. Thank you Rob, I totally agree and am grateful that you took the time and energy to write this letter which needed to be said on behalf of many Canadians I belief. God bless you. Glad your daughter is well Doreen.

  7. Good for you Rob. What a powerful letter written to our Prime Minister.
    I only pray he will take your concerns to heart and that Our Lord would soften his heart and have a heart and loyalty for Our great Nation, Canada.

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