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Today’s Reading: Isaiah 49-50

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“Morning by morning,” Orthodox Jews read the Torah and other holy books in a library that is part of the Western Wall (or Wailing Wall) of Jerusalem.

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Key Verse: Isaiah 50:4

The Lord God has given Me

The tongue of the learned,

That I should know how to speak

A word in season to him who is weary.

He awakens Me morning by morning,

He awakens My ear

To hear as the learned.


No doubt the people of Berea, Greece, read Isaiah. They did as we are doing daily in this blog. They “searched the Scriptures daily to find out if these things [the message Paul preached] were so” (Acts 17:10-12).

Search Isaiah 49 and discover the birth of “Messiah,” and that “He” (God) would tell Messiah’s mother what His Name would be. For the third time Isaiah speaks of Messiah as a “Light to the Gentiles” (Isaiah 9:2, 42:6 & 49:6). Messiah was rejected (49:7a). Messiah’s mission statement is introduced (49:9). Let us think of a Person who lived among us whose life and death fits these descriptions, who arose early every morning to pray (our key verse). Search for and read Mark 1:35. Jesus did this! Whose back was struck and whose beard was plucked out? (50:6). Let us take time, “Morning by morning” to “SEARCH THE SCRIPTURES!”


Lord God, I pray, as our key verse says, that I will “know how to speak a word in season to him who is weary.” Awaken me “morning by morning.” Awaken my ear that I may “hear as the learned.” Then grant me, I pray, that I will, with wisdom, boldness, and consistency, share with others what I am learning. I ask these blessings in the Name of the One who never failed, Jesus Messiah (“Christ” in Greek), Amen!!!


There are great places everywhere in which we gather to worship. I expect that Pastor Blackburn will bring a strong message from God’s Word which will nourish and strengthen us for living! It was after a week of fasting and prayer by members of this church that I was awakened the second Monday of January of 2012 and I heard that “still small voice” prompting me to learn to do this two-year blog journey through the Bible!!!

Yours to encourage us all to “SEARCH THE SCRIPTURES!!!”


P.S. In yesterday’s blog I wrote some things about China and the people of Chinese descent who live by the millions all over the world, blessing the countries where they live. In today’s reading, Isaiah 49:12b speaks of those from “Sinim.” This is China! While seeking to have a Christian pavilion in the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai, I found an amazing story of Chinese Jewish people who lived in an area of Shanghai where Jews had lived since the Assyrians practiced ethnic cleansing on the northern Ten Tribes of Israel. The Chinese are proud of the safe haven they provided for Jews during the Nazi-inspired Holocaust.

12 thoughts on “Sunday, January 12, 2020

  1. Isaiah certainly had a tough job to do for God.

    Found this lovely song on YouTube with inspiring pictures, by Neil Diamond, Holly Holy:

    -27 and calm here in west central Alberta, on my doorstep:-). Won’t get out to church today. Praying for everyone to be safe on the eastern roads as my sister back Ottawa way says they aren’t nice. Many blessings this brrrr day!

  2. Thank You, Lord God, for your Servant who gave his all so the many, even us, could be saved. And thank You for the many who have followed in your footsteps, taking up their crosses and denying themselves. Please help every one of your dearly-loved children to set their (our) faces like flint, determined with your help, to follow You and to do the things You have each one of us to do. In Jesus’s great name, amen

  3. You don’t know how much our scripture in in sync with The Oracle by Jonathan Cahn.Over and over he shows OT history repeating in modern time and what has to happen,as in the OT,before it repeats in modern times.The oracle follows,most notably,a 50 year ‘jubilee’ and a 100 year jubilee with events happening on exact…exact dates,ie:the Balfour Declaration of 1917 exactly 50 years before Israel became a nation.This pattern is shown over and over.I am nearly finished this book and highly recommend it but first you should read The Harbinger,equally as spellbinding and revealing.The bible is more interesting in light of these books.
    In today’s comments I thought David was mistaken in calling ‘Sinim’ China as NIV calls it ‘Aswan’ so I googled it.It appears he is one up on some Scholars who fail to see that if God can name Cyrus by name so can He with China.Scholars should know not to limit God.Here is the essence of what I found with the link:
    ” The KJV transliterates “סינים (sinim)” as “Sinim”. The Chinese Union Version translates “סינים (sinim)” as “秦國 (Qin Country)” (with an in-text note of the Hebrew transliteration). “Qin Country” is the country of the Qin dynasty – China. Since the establishment of the Qin (“Chin” or “Sin”) dynasty in 221 BC, the large Far East nation has been called “China” or “Sina.” Some translations (NIV, ESV) refuse the reading, “סינים (sinim)” as found in the Masoretic text. These modern scholars assume that Isaiah could not have referred to China because “Sinim” came to mean “China” only after 221 BC, hundreds of years after the life of Isaiah. During Isaiah’s life (8th century BC), the Qin state was just a small state among hundreds of other states in the region. However, if Isaiah was able to prophetically call the future king Cyrus by his name (Isaiah 44:28, 45:1), it would not have been unusual for Isaiah to have referred to the name of a future nation. These critics who substitute “Syrene” or “Aswan” for “Sinim” completely destroy Isaiah’s prophecy concerning the establishment of China.”
    Again I have to share this enlightening link regarding ancient China:
    It’s a good way to spend a stormy Sabbath.Be blessed

  4. I worked @ The T Eaton Company as a teenager & met black girl with a strong Scottish accent who was Jewish. I couldn’t quite get my head around that (I didn’t know the scriptures very well either). She was a jovial, happy, person who loved to joke. Now that I think about it, it was not too many years after WW2. Interesting. That was long, long, ago! God bless everyone today.

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