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Today’s Reading: Psalms 78

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A teacher brings a class of boys to visit the En Gedi Nature Reserve and loses control, as they jump fully clothed into the water! Here David took refuge from Saul. Perhaps David refreshed himself in this very waterfall. In the Jewish schools of Israel, the teachers do as our key verse says. In Israel the students are called Talmudim (translation = disciples).

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Key Verse: Psalm 78:4, 41

We will not hide them from their children,

Telling to the generation to come the praises of the Lord,

And His strength and His wonderful works that He has done…

Yes, again and again they tempted God,

And limited the Holy One of Israel.


Asaph, The senior worship leader of Israel, composed this beautiful poetry and put it to music. Our reading for today puts emphasis on the responsibility we must carry in making sure that the children, the next generation, know the stories of God’s faithfulness. We must not neglect to also point out the people’s unfaithfulness. This teaching method has often inspired the next generation to rise above the older generation’s level of knowledge to experience God in new and powerful ways. Words put to music often have a greater impact on our lives than words alone.


Lord God, You work within human free will because You made us in Your image and likeness. I pray that I may not limit You by my failure to communicate Your stories I read in Your Word. May I also teach the next generation by recounting, in an effective manner, the experiences of my life. In the Name of the One who, at 12 years of age, listened to the teachers and asked them questions, Jesus of Nazareth. Amen!!!


I committed to publishing dozens of magazines back in the 70’s and early 80’s encouraging the reading of the Bible over two years. Ron has taken us down memory lane by inserting below some pages from an old “New Direction” magazine from 1981, including today’s reading from the Psalms. Between these “New Direction” magazines and the beginning of this blog, we’ve published ten books with the same purpose. Unfortunately, they are out of print and unavailable. All the commentaries were fresh bread, and were not copied from the many previous trips through the Scriptures. Now, is prepared just for you, my blog buddies!

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16 thoughts on “Saturday, October 12, 2019

  1. “39 For He remembered that they were but flesh,
    A breath that passes away and does not come again.”
    He “remembered”_thus He can forget too_and has to remind Himself that we are “but flesh”,temporary,with free will,thus free to influence each other,whether good or bad and only live short lives (A breath that passes away ) ‘within which to learn’ (right from wrong).Perhaps this should serve as a warning to be very careful in experimenting with AI (artificial intelligence)?
    Even in the days of Noah people lived long lives but it seems they did not learn to live godly lives so God had to remove those mistakes and begin anew.Are we learning?Below are some messages in the guise of simple poems.May God bless
    The World Forgot

    The world forgot what is right
    For we were supposed to teach them,
    By sharing with them the light
    But we could not reach them.

    Not long ago we ‘were’ them
    Until we found the light He gives;
    The One the world would condemn,
    Then died to show He lives.

    They don’t want to know our ways
    For they think their ways suit them best,
    But we know how it dismays
    When one begins the quest.

    We must begin to reach out
    Or we may loose them all to sin,
    So we must defeat the doubt,
    To plant the seed within.

    Using words at their command
    Will allow His word to imbed,
    Thus they can then understand
    How He rose from the dead.
    GW(Bill) Marshall/26 July, 2015

    The Kingdom Is Ours

    Oh,Lord,though we have sinned against You
    And have done evil in your sight,
    You still love us the ages through,
    Withholding from us Your just might.

    To each of us You have been a Friend,
    Your guidance led those who would hear
    And shown Your mercy has no end;
    As we repent,you draw us near.

    Lord,restore to us a right spirit,
    For You have washed away our sin
    And we know we’re not to fear it
    When evil seeks to come within.

    Oh,my Savoir,You are always true
    And we want to walk in Your light
    But there is one who will undo
    And e’er seeks to bind us in fright.

    Oh Lord,we know Your word is our shield
    But relentless thoughts from the snake,
    Seek to steal what we must not yield,
    For the kingdom is ours to take.
    G W(Bill) Marshall/13 Sept, 2015

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to all you saints. Unfortunately I am sick with the flu so would appreciate your prayers. God bless each of you and thank you. Special happy thanksgiving to the Mainse family!

  3. A Very Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving to all! ???? ????

    Praying that you will soon be well, Ger!
    Said a prayer for Doreen’s family member, Beatriz. Praying that she would not have to suffer so much pain.

    Dear Eleanor, no need to thank me for the prayers. It’s a privilege to be able to lift up people’s needs before our All-Powerful God!

    Love and blessings to each and everyone of you, dear fellow bloggers!

  4. A reminder that the advance polls are open. It is important that Godly people vote. We need God’s Spirit to guide us and give us wisdom and discernment, as do our leaders.
    Father, please guide us as we vote. Help Canadians to look beyond the outward and look into the issues and the policies of the candidates for office. We ask that You put your favour on all your people, and help us make wise choices.
    Please keep on raising up good people into positions of authority and influence. Thank You for your mercy, and for not giving up on us despite our rebellion and sin.
    We pray for the people of Israel also, that You help them to turn back to You. Thank You that they shared your Word with the world – bless them for that. We ask in Jesus’s name, amen

  5. Praying for Ger also. May she be strengthened & greatly blessed reflecting on the beautiful creation God has made. His promise that He will never leave us, even as we age, is so encouraging. May she feel His presence especially at this time.

  6. Lord we come to You and ask for complete healing for Ger! We pray that You would remove all the flu bugs from this precious prayer partner; we pray that she will be able to celebrate Thanksgiving as being completely healed and she will share this blessing with all who she meets, we Thank You Lord that we can ask for healing for our brothers and sisters in this world; we praise Your Name Lord and all we can do is say “Thank You” for delivering all the people from sin; in Jesus Name we pray amen amen amen

  7. Dear Luisa
    I agree with you; I too do not need to be thanked for praying for others; I find very humbling to be able too do so; I also come to the Lord a sinner who has been saved by grace so that I can come to the Lord and ask for whatever I desire
    Lord it is my desire that the Lord would heal all; keep families safe;walk with our young people; keep them away from any harm;bless our Pastors and Missionaries where ever they are; I pray God will protect our children;

  8. Just read through your posts and took note of all who prayed for me concerning this flu and thank you very much. It started last Saturday when I got chilled during this change of weather. Am feeling the effect of your prayer but still coughing. God bless each one of you.

    • Dear Ger:
      I really like a Watkins product called Medicated Ointment; I rub it all over my chest when I go to sleep;also on the bottom of feet;put on socks;I find it works very well for me. you can google Watkins and purchase it;also;if you can get blood tests done to see if you are lacking iron or other supplements; I am praying for your recovery and giving thanks to the Lord that you post on this website; you have inspired me in many ways GOD BLESS YOU,

  9. Happy Thanksgiving to all! This is my second post. I am enjoying this experience very much! I pray for all who need prayer for their health and well-being. I pray for the Maines family for their continued posting this blog. If this would not be available, I probably would not be reading the bible as often as I now do. Bye for now!

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