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Today’s┬áReading: Psalms 45-47

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Glimpses of grandeur are seen everywhere as you walk through the ruins of ancient Philippi. The glory of ancient civilizations is in ruins, but not the glorious Church about which Jesus said, “I will build.” The Church is built of living stones; Jesus, Himself, is the Chief Cornerstone in the eternal building! (Ephesians 2:19-22).

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Key Verse: Psalm 46:1-2a, 47:1

God is our refuge and strength,

A very present help in trouble.

Therefore we will not fear…

Oh, clap your hands, all you peoples!

Shout to God with the voice of triumph!


In yesterday’s reading, words such as “reproach, scorn, derision, dishonour, shame,” etc., were jumping out at us, but not so today. Today the words that stand out are, “a good theme, blessed, glory, majesty,” and over and over, “gladness.” The New Testament writer to the Hebrews quotes extensively from Psalm 45 (Hebrews 1:5-9).

Psalm 46 likens God to an unending river. These streams “make glad the city of God.” Psalm 47 begins with, “Oh, clap your hands, all you peoples! Shout to God with the voice of triumph!” The sons of Korah, who composed these hymns of praise to God, did not try to contain the river of God within them. The river burst forth with strong emotion in spontaneous worship to God! There is a place for human emotion in our personal relationship with God. Expressing our feelings to God is a healthy part of our lives. Singing is an expression of the human soul. Psalm 47:6 encourages us to SING! SING! SING! SING! What are we waiting for? Let’s just sing praises to God now!!!


Lord God, as I read and sing these Psalms, my heart is overflowing with the knowledge of Your goodness to me. I pray that I will never take You for granted, but that I will acknowledge You with gladness every day without fail! You are the Source and the River of gladness which courses through my entire being. I worship You! I exalt You! Hallelujah!!! Amen!!!


Years ago I heard the story of a man who attended a rather formal church service where he heard the reading of a Psalm of praise to God. He raised his voice and said spontaneously and loudly, “Praise the Lord!” At the close of the service the minister was greeting the departing congregation and when he came to this man he said, “Sir, what were you doing shouting out as you did?” The man answered, “I was being blessed by God.” The minister responded, “I’ll have you know that this is no place to get blessed!” It’s a humorous story, but it makes the point that we need to be more free in our expressions of praise to God. Of course Psalm 46:10 makes the point that there is also a time to “be still.”

It was a New Year’s Eve when I asked Norma-Jean to marry me. We had driven to Buffalo, New York, to attend a great church service. The people were the most spontaneous worshippers I had ever come across. I confess that I was so blessed by God in Norma Jean’s “Yes” to my proposal that I joined the people in loud praises. I did all that our key verse tells me to do. I clapped my hands, and I gave a “shout to God with the voice of triumph.” That’s just over 59 years ago, and I’m still expressing my strong emotions to God!!!

Yours for enjoying freedom in expressing praise to our God,


This mosaic artwork in ancient Philippi must have been a most beautiful floor in its day! Philippi was the city where Paul and Silas sang praises to God at midnight while their hands and feet were held in the stocks in the local jail. No wonder they were miraculously set free and the prison warden and his family became believers (read Acts 16:20-34).

17 thoughts on “Saturday, September 28, 2019

  1. My mentor and now very close friend,Rev John Fortier,could have been that man who shouted out “Praise the Lord” which he often does.He pastored Presbyterian churches in the Brighton area in the early 60’s when David was in that area.
    Pray for our Camp Council today.Our chairman of over 10 years resigned suddenly via email a few days ago.I’m the inexperienced vice chairman and am relying on God to ‘equip’ me.I was the only one nominated and did not want the position but nobody stepped forward so I thought God might be giving me a chance to serve Him and therefore would have to equip me.I have to leave now as our meeting is a good hour’s drive away in Truro,NS.Thank yall and “praise the Lord”.


    Let us praise Him in our day,
    Let us praise Him in our sleep,
    Let unceasing praise convey
    The harvest our praises reap.

    Unending love is always ours,
    So unending praise is owed,
    Then His word of truth empowers
    From the Spirit He bestowed.

    Let only truth bespeak His praise,
    Let not hope flee from sight,
    Thus,let us dance and voices raise,
    To soak in His eternal Light.
    G W(Bill) Marshall / 24 Feb, 2014

    • Lord God, provide Bill with all the leadership tools he needs to carry out this job for you; grant him ears to listen, knowledge to discern and providence to keep him. What a blessing for them, Bill. Truro, N.S.-how exciting. I will be out east, one day. God’s blessings on you and thank you for serving Him, and for your poem! Amen!

    • Great Praise Psalm William! and I pray the Lord will bestow on you His confidence as you trust in Him to guide you in this position He has placed you in

    • God wants your attention William! He has laid out the plans for you;
      Lord lay Your exact plans for a leader for the Camp Council;speak clearly to William and we Thank You Lord for providing places where we can serve, I am so thankful Lord that You love us with Your unconditional love;
      bless young Sarah. today is her birthday,she is 4; bless her sister, parents,grand parents, bless their Christian family; bless her dad’s ability to teach computer skills to the people,;
      Lord I thank You for swimming; my car, for the wonderful concert last night; bless the Community Arts Council for their work at preparing for these concerts,
      Lord heal my neighbour Jim of his cancer; remove it all; the same for Sherrie; heal her completely; may they both thank You Lord for their healing;
      Blessings to all
      In Jesus Name we Pray amen

  2. Joining you in songs of praise to our God, in heaven, David! We triumph in You, today, Lord Jesus–and every day. We lift up our hearts to You! Wonderful photos, prayer, and message to add to the greatness of today’s Psalm. Where would we be, Lord, without You? Mere mortals in a land of want and waste. But we are blessed with all that is beautiful and bright because of You, God. We thank You for Your love, provision, guidance, and protection. Wishing all saints a blessed day–may all your desires be manifested in God’s bounty.

    Above all, keep loving one another earnestly, since love covers a multitude of sins. 1 Peter 4:8 ESV

    Vinesong – I worship You (Lyric Video)

  3. Lovely worship hymn Beverley. I love to be in a service where people joyfully worship God. I think it is a great idea to sing scripture also. The words seem to be easier to remember when set to music.

  4. Somedays sun, somedays rain, somedays fun, somedays pain. Woke up to snow today. Carrying on with Words of encouragement from Psalm 46. Worth rereading.

    Father God, thank You for being our refuge and strength, our help in times of trouble. Thank You for being with us, no matter what. Thank You for calming us; for reassuring us of your faithfulness, for being with us in the midst of the storm.
    We pray that You pour out your Spirit all over this world; have your way today; we commit our country to You, Lord, and ask that your good and perfect will is done here. Bless all the pastors, leaders, and members of your church, and be exalted as You are the rightful and righteous King of all. Thank You for caring about us. In Jesus’s great and awesome name, amen

  5. Yes I too found David’s personal story humorous!

    What a blessed place for a marriage proposal I can appreciate David’s overflow with joy at Norma-Jean’s “Yes”.

    What an uplifting word this morning: I too sang praises to the Lord Most High who is worthy of all our praise!!

    such as ” For thou Oh Lord are high above all the earth;
    thou are exalted far above all gods; I exalt You, I exalt You, I exalt You oh Lord!
    “I worship the Lord in the beauty of Holiness, I worship You Lord in Spirit and in truth, I worship You Lord in the Name of Jesus, I worship You Lord in the
    beauty of holiness!!

    Rejoice in the Lord this day all you saints, for this is the day the Lord has made!

  6. so thankful Lord, I will be able to attend the Hymn Sing at my church Sunday evening; TY Lord; I can’t get to church in the mornings; very thankful for evening services;
    Please pray for the Lord to pick the right person soon for the back room; it is very nice, it is a room,bath, own entrance for a busy mature working person,responsible,respectful,non smoking;non alcohol,someone who may be a Christian,has a good steady job, perhaps is supporting a family somewhere;would be great if this person played guitar & sang; counting on the Lord to bring the right person across my path, bless my neighbours, please Lord remove all cancer from Jim and Sherrie; bless Melissa and her family;bless the children;bless dad for teaching computer skills; Thank you Lord for this wonderful family in our town;
    TY for the wonderful concert last night at the Arts Centre, bless our town as it goes through rebuilding sidewalks and so on; very difficult to get around town, but we are all thankful that this work will get done now, and be all ready when spring comes, TY Lord,

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