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Today’s Reading: Psalms 38-39

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Here is an “arrow loop” in the wall of Jerusalem’s Zion Gate. These were slots in the walls through which defenders would shoot arrows in ancient times. We may not shoot literal arrows, but Jeremiah 9:8a says, “Their tongue is as an arrow shot out.” Zion Gate is located in the southern part of the Old City. This gate was used by the Israel Defense Forces in 1967 to enter and capture the Old City. The stones surrounding the gate are still pockmarked by weapons fire. This entrance leads to the Jewish and Armenian quarters (wider photo below)..

GOOGLE MAPS – To see where the photo was taken, click HERE.


Key Verse: Psalm 39:1

I said, “I will guard my ways,

Lest I sin with my tongue;

I will restrain my mouth with a muzzle,

While the wicked are before me.”


There’s a very big word here which has only one letter, the letter “i”. In these two Psalms, “i”, or actually the capital “I”, appears 19 times. Could it be that we focus on ourselves too much and not enough on God? Our tongues provide the most obvious indication of what’s going on inside the “I”. David, Solomon, Paul and James all wrote about the problem we have with our tongues. James even wrote that our tongues can start a forest fire (read James 3:1-10). Dangerous or what? David writes that he can stop sinning with his tongue by guarding his ways and restraining his mouth with a muzzle. We muzzle dangerous dogs, but is this the best way to keep us, as humans made in God’s image, from backbiting and attacking one another? Self (the big “I”) control is a fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:23). The Spirit produces this fruit of self-control in our lives, not the big “I”. The Apostle Paul follows his description of the fruit of the Spirit with these words, “Those who are Christ’s have crucified the flesh (the “I”) with its passions and desires” (Galatians 5:24). Therefore, controlling our tongues is possible by yielding daily to the Spirit of God. It will take time for good fruit to grow and ripen, so that if someone takes a bite out of us, they will taste the goodness of Jesus, who dwells in every believer.


Lord God, Your servant David, twice in today’s reading, compares our lives to “vapor.” Like the morning mist, my life seems to evaporate. I ask, “Where has time gone?” Therefore, Lord, I pray all the more fervently that You will make every moment and every word I speak or write count for good. Fill me up to overflowing, I pray, so that from the overflow of Your Spirit I will bless others with the words my tongue speaks. Amen!!!


For some reason the sitcom which featured Archie and Edith Bunker comes to mind. I remember that when Edith would be making her point rather emotionally, Archie would say, “Stifle yourself!” I’m laughing as I imagine the scene, but in reality it was no laughing matter to be a part of such a dysfunctional family. Perhaps the essence of comedy is the difference between what I am as a person and what I know I should be. It’s much easier and more fun to laugh than to cry. Archie’s instructions to his wife, “Stifle yourself,” never worked. Edith’s tongue kept right on upsetting Archie in every episode.

By God’s Spirit, Who, according to the Scriptures, lives in me, I can have a tongue which follows the instruction given by Solomon, “A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in settings of silver” (Proverbs 25:11).

Yours for words “fitly spoken” to people around us and in prayer to God!


A wider view of the Zion Gate described in the photo above.

A Message from Ron Mainse…

It was on this day in 2017 that my father, David Mainse, went home to be with the Lord. He desired that this “100 Words” two-year journey through the Bible be continued after his passing. I am privileged to help out in fulfilling his wishes by reposting his daily blogs!

If you’d like to learn more about David Mainse, his memorial website can be found HERE. Also, below is our family’s original announcement of his passing…

Rev. David Mainse

Mainse Family Announcement of the Passing of David Mainse:

It is with great sadness yet divine peace that Norma-Jean and the entire Mainse family share the news of the passing of their beloved David. He went into the presence of his precious Saviour on the morning of September 25th, 2017, surrounded by his family, ending a 5-year battle with MDS leukemia. The Lord graciously extended his life 3 years beyond what the doctors initially predicted, allowing his family and friends to enjoy for a little longer his deep wisdom, caring heart and passionate encouragement.

David was a beloved husband to Norma-Jean for 59 years (as of September 19th) and also leaves behind four children, daughter Elaine and her husband Bruce Stacey, daughter Ellen and her husband Nizar Shaheen, son Reynold and his wife Kathy, and son Ron and his wife Ann, as well as 16 grandchildren with many spouses, and 13 great-grandchildren…all of whom have been amazingly blessed and forever influenced by his genuine love and Godly example.

David’s passion for Jesus spilled out into every area of his life and fueled him as an enthusiastic evangelist, visionary leader, and beloved mentor to so many. Having been in TV ministry since 1962, David was greatly loved by countless people with whom he connected daily, sharing the love of Jesus and wearing his heart on his sleeve. He was a man of impeccable integrity whose public and personal life were in clear alignment, enabling him to powerfully impact the masses and the individual…especially his family. Through his words and actions, David lived out his oft-quoted words, “One soul is worth more than the whole world.” His life-long desire was to see precious lives transformed for all eternity through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ…a desire he satisfied with great success.

Although he will be greatly missed, David’s influence will live on through his family, the ministry he founded (Crossroads), and the many lives he touched and inspired in his beloved Canada and around the world during his 60+ years of ministry.

27 thoughts on “Wednesday, September 25, 2019

  1. Ron and family: Thanks so much for continuing this blog. This is my 3rd time through and I love every minute of it. There is so much wisdom, informative content, guidance and humour too. My thoughts and prayers are with you as you remember your father in a special way today.

  2. Amen, Eleanor. My thoughts and prayers are with the Mainse family today also. Oh, what a blessed hope we have in our precious Savior, Jesus Christ!

  3. Missing him too and his down to earth personality. He does, however, still live & teach through this blog. How thankful we are for that . Thank you family for continuing his wonderful work.

  4. Ron Anne
    I remember meeting
    your dad in the Niagara
    area 2 different times.
    Book -Journey into Joy
    signed by him came by mail.
    Ps. 116,15

  5. Thank You, Father, for David Mainse, for Ron and Reynold Mainse, and for all this Godly family who have helped so many to become followers of Christ. May this Godly legacy continue and grow and bear the fruit of your Spirit, Lord. Please guide this country into a land where You will have dominion; where Canadians will submit to your rule, Father. Bless all your people, Lord, with strength, courage, wisdom, compassion and your guidance. In Jesus’s great name, amen

    • Amen!
      This also is my third time reading the blog. I would be lost without it. I feel this time around, I’m getting more out of it.

      Praying for Ann as she goes on with her treatment for the cancer.

  6. Praying for solace to the entire Mainse family for the loss of their dear David. Also sharing in the joy and peace of knowing David is in a far, far better place now.
    Thank you Ron et al for continuing this daily study of God’s word which David desired to help souls come to Jesus.

  7. Eleanor and Rob have expressed our gratitude to your whole family.Thank you again from me.This life is like a ‘vapour’ that blows in His holy wind and we must learn while we are here in this temporary world.The real life is yet to come.May god comfort all of David’s loved ones…but only until we meet above.May God bless

    Seeds Of Eternity

    Beyond the sunset where peace is found,
    There will not be found reason to cry,
    For beyond that veil without bound
    We find our home when our bodies die.

    Where the ocean ends and time e’er sleeps,
    Together in love we will e’er be
    For we are the crop the Savior reaps,
    Among the seeds of eternity.

    Beyond the sunset our ship will sail,
    Where evil’s never been known to be,
    For it’s there always without fail,
    We will find peace in eternity.

    Where the sky rolls up to meet the moon
    We see no end to infinity,
    For there the countless stars are strewn,
    Anchored by the holy Trinity.
    GW Marshall / 19-Oct-13

    Inspired by Psalm 73:24-25
    With wise counsel Thou will guide me
    ‘Til in glory Thou make me free,
    For Who in heaven have I but Thee
    And with no mortal I choose but with Thee to be,
    For earthly strength may up and flee;
    But Thou be my portion for eternity.
    (G.W.)Bill Marshall/Oct 09, 2015

  8. Hi Ron my thoughts and prayers are with you today and your entire family I know you miss David we all do thank you for keeping the Legacy The Daily Life Bible blog 100 words ongoing may God richly bless you amen

  9. Ron and Ann, please don’t stop posting your father’s blog. It has been such a blessing for all of us! I was very sick when your father first announced that he was going to start this blog, and it was just the right time for me, and I’m sure for many others. I had always wanted to read through the Bible in its entirety. Thanks to your father I was able to do this. During my recovery it was not only wonderful to be able to read through the Bible with David and with others, it was also very inspiring to read anecdotes about his life and his faith. I know that he is rejoicing in heaven, but I still miss him very much. Again, please don’t stop posting your father’s blog.

  10. I am also on the third time reading this blog, it is a real blessing to me. I love to read David’s comments and the comments and prayers of fellow blogger. I join in with others thanking Ron, Ann and Reynold for making this daily blog possible. My prayers are with Norma Jean and the whole Mainse family today. Eleanor M.

  11. Also have been thinking about David’s passing today. So thankful for his ministry and influence on my life over the years especially when I was caring for Mother and believing for Dad’s salvation. Also was so blessed to join the tour to Israel. Am so blessed Ron that you are carrying on the and have been with you since the beginning. God comfort and bless you Norma Jean and all the family today.

  12. Aleluia as I sit here at the end of a day. Touring the Holy City and surrounding areas. I reflect of being blessed by being at David’s eighteth birthday at Crossroads. Being part of the prayer team was a wonderful experience. This blog is such a blessing to my daily walk through the word. Thank you for getting up early and providing. The eternal word of God. May the ministry and minstries connected to 100 Huntley be blessed financially, bring salvations through out Canada and the world in Yeshau name amen.

  13. Thank you for continuing this blog by your father. I have been so-o-o blessed over the years by it and the entire ministry. We pray for 100 Huntley broadcasting daily in all of your programming. Thank you for your faithfulness.

  14. Today is my spiritual birthday. On Sept. 25, 1960, I accepted the Lord – who, forever, changed my life. I give Him praise and glory for all His goodness.

    Also, remembering the life and testimony of David Mainse today. May God continue to uphold, bless, strengthen and comfort Norma-Jean and all the family – thanking God for the way God has used David & Norma-Jean & their family through 100 Huntley & Crossroads Ministry with world-wide effects.,

    This is my 3rd round in with 100words Scripture Reading.

    Praying for Anne… may God’s healing hand be upon her.

  15. Im glad that blogs are continuing it has been such a blessing to me.David will be sorely missed. I eenjoyed reading the words of wisdom he shared on every blog.

  16. Thank you Ron and the Maines family for continuing to post the blog – I began following the reading of the Bible with the blog since 2015 and I’m hoping you’ll continue with it as with many others, it is a blessing and a good way to keep us in GOD”S WORD – I get something different out of it each time I go thru it . GOD bless the Maines family as we continue to pray for all of you , especially for Ann as she goes thru’ her treatments and we see a complete healing for her.

  17. PRAISE AND THANKS TO THE LORD FOR THIS BLOG! It has been a big blessing for me; and I so enjoy the postings from all the bloggers; I get a lot of encouragement from reading the postings; TY to all, God bless each and every one on this site; all those responsible for posting; all those for reading; all those for praying; Thank you Lord in Jesus Name I Pray amen

  18. I have noticed that the photo’s that are usually at the start of this blog are no longer there. Can they be purchased along with the
    Commentary about them?

  19. My prayers over the Maines family. The Blog changed my life! I get more out of the bible each time, almost three times now, informative and filling! Thank you. Xo

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