Tuesday, September 10, 2019


Today’s Reading: Psalms 1-3

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In the northern Israel region where the tribe of Dan settled, cool streams come off snow-capped Mount Herman to join other streams and continue south as the Jordan River. Psalm 1:3 says that the blessed person will be “like a tree planted by the rivers of water…”

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Key Verses: Psalm 1:2, 2:7, 3:3

His delight…in His law he meditates day and night.

The Lord has said to me, You are My Son, today I have begotten You.

But You, O Lord, are a shield for me, My glory and the One who lifts up my head.


First Psalm – the choice is ours to make! Either we will be like the well-watered fruit tree or like chaff, which the wind drives away. All who are faithful daily in meditating on God’s Word will be blessed people. Is that a sufficient reason for this blog?

Second Psalm – the Son of God is revealed. As the ancient Christian creed declares of Jesus, He is “Very God of Very God; begotten, not made, being of one substance with the Father.” There are those who teach that Jesus is a created being, an angel. False! They’ve probably knocked on your door at some time (Luke 1:34-38). Also, Hebrews chapter one (click here) expands on the prophetic words of Psalm 2.

Third Psalm – the shepherd boy who became king wrote these words and music for stringed instruments to accompany the singing of his words. David’s poems, for the most part, are most encouraging and have an optimistic outlook on life. His experience was that the Lord lifted up his head! Let us now look up, and away from the pessimists who say, “There is no help for him in God.” Amen!!! and Amen!!!


Lord God, I pray with the shepherd king, “Arise, O Lord; save me O my God!” (Psalm 3). I pray that I will “serve the Lord with fear, and rejoice with trembling” (Psalm 2). I also pray that I will be like the tree beside the free-flowing waters, blossoming with Your beauty and then bearing good fruit! (Psalm 1). Amen!


Recently Norma-Jean wrote out, in her beautiful handwriting, a statement which fits in with most of the Psalms. Here it is: “A pessimist is one who makes difficulties of opportunities. An optimist makes opportunities of difficulties.”

Yours for an optimistic outlook, almost always expecting something good to happen!


15 thoughts on “Tuesday, September 10, 2019

    • God bless you Nan; I got the chills from your post! Yes indeed; ain’t the Scripture set up to move our hearts, Thank You Lord for the Bible; God bless all today

  1. Something tells me I’m into something good!
    Thank You, Lord God, for your Word, and for always being faithful. In Jesus’s name, amen

  2. I agree Nan and Rob!
    What a blessing it is to be an optimist.. may God make us all more optimistic, His
    word gives us every reason to be one.

    So encouraged by today’s devotional!

  3. This message this AM brings back the story of the father who had two sons. One so optimistic and the other so pessimistic. The father felt they are just so different. To the optimist son he gave him a shovel and a pile of manure to move, and to the pessimist son he gave him a number of toy trucks and machinery. After awhile he goes to pessimist son and says “Now did you enjoy this time with your toys, he answers “Dad this truck the lights don`t work, this the tire is not right, the horn does not work and everything had something wrong with it. The father shakes his head and is so disappointed but goes out to his other son, and the father says “You have done a great job”, and his optimistic son says “Well Dad, I am sure under all this , there must be a pony” Trust this will give fellow blockers a smile. We must remember if life hands us a lemon, lets make lemonade. .

  4. How wonderful it is to know that we are a blessed people just some facts that you would want to know or may not know about the book of Psalms a it’s the largest book in the Old Testament consisting of 150 chapters number two it is the only book that has the longest chapter in the Bible Psalms 119 consisting of 150 verses number three it is it is the oldest song book in the Bible number for it’s the only book that has the shortest chapter in this book chapter 117 and on a personal note it’s one of my favourite books in the Bible because number five it’s also a book of poetry how blessed we are reading the word of God every morning and every day to strengthen us to change our hearts and minds and souls and spirits thank you that we can read God’s word and our hearts mine souls and spirits being renewed be blessed bloggers amen

  5. tears are running down my face from all the posts today; such blessings from each of you; so full of love, mercy,grace,positive words of praise and thanksgiving; bless all of you,
    let us continue to pray for our leaders; the Holy Spirit to enter into the hearts of the leaders and help them make good sound decisions for their countries; may the Peace of God flow everywhere today and always,
    ……and forgive our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us…..
    Thank You Lord for all the blessings of this day amen amen amen

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