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Today’s Reading: Job 14-15

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As you enter the Church of the Holy Sepulcher you can climb a set of stone stairs on the right. This stairway, according to the Orthodox tradition, leads to Calvary (Golgotha), regarded as the site of Jesus’ crucifixion. It is the most lavishly decorated part of the church. The main altar belongs to the Greek Orthodox, which contains The Rock of Calvary (12th Station of the Cross). The rock can be seen under glass on both sides of the altar, and beneath the altar there is a hole believed to be the place where the Cross was raised.

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Key Verses: Job 14:14a

If a man dies, shall he live again?


The answer to that question is “YES!” Job was a man of great faith. Although he did not understand all that was happening to him and had a lot of questions for God about his troubles, his overall trust in God never wavered.

Job did not have the advantage of a completed Bible as we have. He did not know the Words of Jesus promising eternal life to all who believe in Him (John 3:16) or the assurance Jesus gave to Martha, as recorded in John 11:25-44. But Job did know that God is a just God. He knew that someday he would stand before God. Praise God that the truth of which Job had a partial revelation is now revealed in completeness by Jesus!


Lord God, I have questions about the timing of the resurrection to come, which You promised. I have questions about my time here on earth. However, You have chosen to ask me to simply trust You for my future. I pray for grace and patience as my daily portion. In Jesus’ Name, Amen!!!


In past blogs I’ve used pictures of what is known as “The Garden Tomb.” In our tours to Israel we have visited both the Garden Tomb and the great church building (pictured above), which is believed by many to cover the places of Jesus’ crucifixion, burial and resurrection. I am not dogmatic about the exact place where these events took place, but I am dogmatic that they did take place!!! Throughout the years, I’ve stood beside many graves, watched as the body was lowered into the ground, and quoted the Words of Jesus to Martha about the resurrection to come (John 11:25).

Yours for complete confidence in the “YES” answer to Job’s question,


Just inside the entrance of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre is The Stone of Anointing, also known as The Stone of Unction, which tradition claims to be the spot where Jesus’ body was prepared for burial by Joseph of Arimathea. However, this tradition is only attested since the Crusader Era, (eleventh century)and the present stone was added in the 1810 reconstruction.

15 thoughts on “Sunday, August 18, 2019

  1. If it is important (to Him) He will show us where the cross stood when He returns and when He returns we will know the spot from where He left but not by tradition.Yall have a great Sabbath.

  2. Sister Eleanor, I’m praying for your dear grandson, Gavin. Agreeing with Sah’s beautiful prayer for him, and for all of you. May faith, hope trust, strength and healing be given abundantly by our living Father.
    To Nan and all, thank you for your prayers for me as well. I am so grateful for them, and I have confidence that they are being answered. I know the Lord is working mightily to fulfill His purpose in my life. And He will do the same for Gavin.
    Blessings and love to all my brothers and sisters today.

    • Thank you Deanna and Sah from yesterday . It means so much to me to know that people care. I will continue to pray for you and other’s . It was a hard day yesterday but it was good to be in Church thiis morning. We have a wonderful Saviour.
      Eleanor M.

    • Amen Deanna we can trust Him for His Highest and best for us.

      In all our ways ewe acknowledge Him and He will direct our path

  3. Agreeing in prayer for your grandson Gauvin and husband Eleanor M, and also you Deanna. May the Lord touch each one and meet each need in Jesus Name. Amen!

  4. Lord we thank You for another day in our lives and in Gavin’s life; Lord You know this young man, You know his heart, we pray the Holy Spirit will enter his heart and give him a much greater understanding about our living, loving Father, Son and Holy Spirit; we know Lord that You are walking right beside Gavin, bless him, heal him; may Gavin begin to lean on You Lord for everything in his life, we pray this in Jesus Name Amen

  5. FYI Kenneth Copeland Ministries does not have free prayer line; it is a 1-800 number but a person has to pay for the amount of minutes used, if anyone has some toll free prayer line telephone numbers would greatly appreciate receiving this info ,
    God bless each and every one today; Praise and Thank the Lord for healing of our hearts, minds, bodies and souls, Bless our children Lord, bless our leaders; we rebuke the devil in every way, he is nothing; we Plead the Blood of the Lamb over our homes,our vehicles,our jobs,our communities;our neighbours;over Canada,United States and Mexico, we Plead the Blood of the Lamb over North and South America, as well as Europe,the United Kingdom,Russia,Africia,Australia,New Zealand, all countries that are under the sky and receive sunshine and the moon shining bright. May we all come together with Praises and Thanksgiving in our hearts and may sing all this to our Lord God Almighty, who was born without sin; who grew up listening to the Word of God and then died for all the sins of all mankind HOWEVER GOD HAD A PLAN! His Son did not stay dead; He rose from the grave, talked and ate with people, this Resurrection was for each one of us; our sins are washed away, they are never more spoken, they are as far away as the east is from the west, WHAT CAN WE SAY?

  6. Yes As David in his explanation ” “but Job did not know that God is a just God. He knew that one day he would stand before God. Praise God that the truth that Job had a partial revelation is now revealed in completeness by Jesus!”


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