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Today’s┬áReading: 1 Chronicles 10-11

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Around 1100 BC, the Canaanite city, Beit She’an, was conquered by the Philistines, who used it as a base of operations for further penetrations into Israel. During a battle against King Saul’s army at nearby Mount Gilboa in 1004 BC, the Philistines prevailed. 1 Samuel 31 states that the victorious Philistines hung the body of King Saul on the walls of Beit She’an. Portions of these walls were excavated on Tel Beit She’an recently. King David was able to capture Beit She’an in a series of brilliant military campaigns that expelled the Philistines from the area, pushing them back to their coastal strongholds of Ashkelon, Ekron, Gath, Gaza, and Ashdod.

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Key Verses: 1 Chronicles 10:4b, 13-14

Saul took a sword and fell on it…So Saul died for his unfaithfulness which he had committed against the Lord, and also because he consulted a medium for guidance. But he did not inquire of the Lord.


Suicide! What a tragic end of life for a man called of God to serve as King over Israel. Through his own choices this once humble and faithful man reduced himself to a defeated, moody, unhappy shell of his former person. The warning must be sounded! For anyone who gives his or her life to God, God-informed and Scripture-based choices must be made and followed. There should be absolutely no consultation with any form of the occult or persons who, under the guise of spiritual gifts, would seek to take the place of direct guidance from God and the Word of God. Emotional stress and mental anguish will result. With Saul, his bad temper had taken control, as evidenced by his jealousy of David. The prelude to Saul’s death, and that of his sons, was that he had forgotten the key rule of battle…keeping in close touch with the Commander of the Lord’s hosts, as Joshua did.

Every person who makes a decision to serve Jesus must consult Him daily. Jesus, Himself, gave us the example of consulting His Father in prayer early every morning. Failure to keep in close touch will result in poor decisions, and we will flounder as Saul did. Let us all take everything of any importance to Jesus in prayer. He will guide and we will follow!


“What would Jesus do?” Lord Jesus, I want to be like Peter, James and John, the three who, because of their fervency of spirit, were closest to You. Like these three, may I always keep the eyes of my spirit focused on You, so that I won’t miss anything You are doing and want me to do. I pray that I won’t struggle with this challenge, but rest in Your nearness. If there is any gap between us, Lord, help me to close that gap right now! In Your Name I pray, Amen!!!


The first Governor General of Canada I met was the Rt. Hon. Jeanne Sauve. In her former role as Minister of Communications back in the 1970s, the host of our Circle Square children’s telecast, Glen Rutledge, presented her with a large study brief which we had prepared on violence in children’s TV and its detrimental impact on children’s lives. This document was the direct result of guidance I know we had received from the Lord. Madame Sauve was dying with cancer the last time I met her. We had time alone together before going out on the stage of the Convocation Hall at the University of Toronto. I remember approximately her words to me. She wept freely at her memory, “I could never dispose of that study brief. It has remained on my shelf near me ever since I received it from your children’s host about 15 years ago. I knew that as Minister of Communications at the time, I should be able to do something. However, the will of the broadcasters and society in general was not there to enable me to take action. I’m so sorry.” A political leader in a democracy is unable to act without the support of the majority of those involved as stakeholders in the cause. My heart was heavy and I did my best to pray with her and comfort this precious person. She bravely went on stage and represented Canada with strength and dignity. She passed away several months later, and I wept over the loss.

Yours for guidance from God and for showing up when we need to exercise our rights as citizens to influence the course of our various countries. We pray every time we sing our national anthem here in Canada, “God Keep Our Land,”


8 thoughts on “Sunday, June 9, 2019

  1. That is a sad story of Madame Sauve and is too often the case when the will of the people was swinging more and more to the left.We now have our own swamp to drain but who is able to drain it?What would Jesus do?
    The Kingdom Is Ours

    Oh,Lord,though we have sinned against You
    And have done evil in your sight,
    You still love us the ages through,
    Withholding from us Your just might.

    To each of us You have been a Friend,
    Your guidance led those who would hear
    And shown Your mercy has no end;
    As we repent,you draw us near.

    Lord,restore to us a right spirit,
    For You have washed away our sin
    And we know we’re not to fear it
    When evil seeks to come within.

    Oh,my Savoir,You are always true
    And we want to walk in Your light
    But there is one who will undo
    And e’er seeks to bind us in fright.

    Oh Lord,we know Your word is our shield
    But relentless thoughts from the snake,
    Seek to steal what we must not yield,
    For the kingdom is ours to take.
    G W(Bill) Marshall/13 Sept, 2015

  2. We sometimes believe that if we vote a particular favourite person of ours into a political position wonderful things are going to happen. David said words on today’s study that I’ve searched for to explain to my nephew and other hopefuls that there are already many rules and regulations in place in Canada’s democratic government that may hinder our ‘favourite person’s’ decisions. It takes ions for r’s. and r’s. to be changed or altered. I pray every night for Pres. Trump for God to be his and his gov’t’s. guiding light. Such opposition with stakeholders! Every country (and state) in the world needs our prayers because God loves each and every one of us equally.

    “A political leader in a democracy is unable to act without the support of the majority of those involved as stakeholders in the cause.”

    So very sad that King Saul didn’t faithfully keep God in his sights daily. Winston Churchill stated this revised quote of George Santayana-1905), ‘Those who fail to learn from history are condemned to repeat it.

    Asking for God’s blessing on all saints this rainy day in west central Alberta.

  3. Amen saints! Heard a pastor say this morning that it is a sin not to vote and exercise our rights which many do not appreciate in these democratic countries.

  4. God bless all the comments! Yes Ger I believe it is a sin when we do not vote in our elections whether Federal, Provincial or our local governments, our town councils; I also tell those running that I am praying for them………
    the other problem has risen because Canadian Parliament does not put God first;
    many years ago each day started with prayer……
    the other concern is that the people of this wonderful country, Canada, do not put God first either; I continue to pay for all Christians and I ask the Lord to enter the hearts of the people and bring them to the knowledge of knowing Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Saviour; attendance at churches is lower than it used to be;
    again, I ask that all people pray for this country, Canada, for the people, for the leaders; for the children and young families ;
    let us keep encouraging one another in loving each other; forgiving each other; helping each other and to give thanks for EVERYTHING THAT WE HAVE, THAT WE ARE, IT IS ALL FROM OUR LORD GOD ALMIGHTY; LET US GIVE THANKS AND PRAISE DAILY TO THE LORD FOR ALL THINGS IN THIS COUNTRY AND PRAY FOR ALL OTHER COUNTRIES
    In Jesus Name we Pray amen

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