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Today’s Reading: 1 Kings 21

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A present-day vineyard in what was ancient Samaria.

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Key Verse: 1 Kings 21:4

So Ahab went into his house sullen and displeased because of the word which Naboth the Jezreelite had spoken to him; for he had said, “I will not give you the inheritance of my fathers.” And he lay down on his bed, and turned away his face, and would eat no food.

A big baby, a spoiled brat always used to having his own way, a sulker, etc…these are names that come to mind to describe Ahab. He tried to get his own way by manipulating other people. Then there was his wife, Jezebel. She was the daughter of a neighbouring king and probably had seen her father get his way by exercising raw power. It becomes a “do it my way or else” approach to challenges. Both approaches are caution signs, warning “immature people ahead!”
God has provided a way out for both the victim of such childishness and for the one who succumbs to such “poor me” efforts to manipulate others. Repent of such attitudes and actions. Refuse to be an enabler of such actions. Ahab would not have bothered to sulk unless he knew that by so doing Jezebel would feel sorry for him and spring into action.
Ahab tried to turn his life around by going through acts showing repentance, and God’s judgment was postponed for a time. However, the prophet’s predictions would eventually come to pass.


Lord God, I pray that I will not succumb to the fleshly impulse to sulk and pout over my circumstances. May I mature into Jesus’ faithful follower. And please Father, when I “grow up,” I want to be like Your Son, Jesus. In His Name I ask for Your help, Amen!


I remember saying several times to my students when I was a public school teacher, “Grow up!” A chapter title in my most recent book (This Far By Faith) is “From Mess to Maturity, a Work in Process.” GROW UP! I remember the Apostle Paul wrote something about this. He tells us to be no longer children, manipulated by trickery, craftiness, and outright deception. I’ve just read for a New Testament reading, Ephesians 4:11-16. Words such as “equipping – edifying – perfect (complete) – stature – fullness” cause me to do spiritual stretching exercises.

When my children were little and they would pout, I kept a mirror handy so I could show them their facial expression. It’s really hard to retain a snit when you look in a mirror. That screwed-up face would soon become a smile and then lots of laughter. It has been said, “Laughter is the best medicine,” and I would add that laughing at one’s self is, without a doubt, the very best kind of laughter. Need a good laugh? I have a suggestion. Go to the mirror now and make the face you used to make as a child when you were really feeling sorry for yourself because of real or imagined hurt feelings. I’ve just done that. What a good laugh!

Yours for continuing to “grow up,”


A man stands atop a large pillar base in the ruins of ancient Samaria.

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6 thoughts on “Thursday, May 9, 2019

  1. Please help us all to live as You, Lord God, made us to. In Jesus’s great name, amen.

    “No one looking at world history without some preconception in favor of progress could find in it a steady up gradient. There is often progress within a given field over a limited period. A school of pottery or painting, a moral effort in a particular direction, a practical art like sanitation or shipbuilding, may continuously improve over a number of years. If this process could spread to all departments of life and continue indefinitely, there would be “progress” of the sort our fathers believed in. But it never seems to do so. Either it is interrupted (by barbarian irruption or the even less resistible infiltration of modern industrialism) or else, more mysteriously, it decays. The idea which here shuts out the Second Coming from our minds, the idea of the world slowly ripening to perfection, is a myth, not a generalization from experience. And it is a myth which distracts us from our real duties and our real interest. It is our attempt to guess the plot of a drama in which we are the characters. But how can the characters in a play guess the plot? We are not the playwright, we are not the producers, we are not even the audience. We are on the stage. To play well the scenes in which we are “on” concerns us much more than to guess about the scenes that follow it.”

    From C.S. Lewis, “The World’s Last Night”

  2. My husband listens to what I have to say about things, bless his heart, but ultimately makes up his own mind. Love all your good advice Rev. Mainse!

    “In a day where 80 percent of religious believers being persecuted around the world are Christians, we can choose to withdraw from culture, keeping our salt in the saltshaker and our light under a basket (Matthew 5:13–16). Conversely, we can fight antagonism with antagonism.
    Or we can defend our faith with “reason” and with “gentleness and respect” (1 Peter 3:15). We can explain what we believe and why we believe it, then love those who disagree. We can measure success not by popularity but by obedience.” Dr. Jim Denison.

    What joy that Asia Bibi has been reunited with her daughters in Canada after being so persecuted in Pakistan for being a Christian.

  3. Just heard recently someone saying, “My way or no way.” How dangerous to say that as it was for King Ahab. Your way is the right way dear Lord; help us always to believe and practice it. Also delighted that Asia Bibi is here in Canada and please continue to protect her Lord. Saying a prayer for little Judah and his parents today. Is anyone on here going to the World Pentecostal Conference this August in Calgary at the Telus Centre? It should be a great time. Cold but bright and sunny today.

  4. I sometimes joke that I have to sneak up on a mirror in the dark,lol.How did a wimp like Ahab keep his position?
    I did a google and one result gave me this very ‘edifying’ teaching.(From the perspective of a thirsty deacon in a small country church.)Yall have a great day and may God bless

    PS:Only a couple weeks before the Revival In Belfast,PEI with Robin Mark.If you click this link you will see a pic of my dear friend.This humble stance is typical of John.

  5. Such a lesson in today’s scripture. Thanking you in heaven, David, for keeping us centered in the Word, so we remain perpetual students. Beautiful photos, today. Saints, we lift up our hearts to the Lord. May today bring us joys in high places and blessings that trickle down unexpectedly. Wishing fellow saints a precious day in the Lord.

    And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:7 ESV

    O Come To The Altar – Elevation Worship with lyrics

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