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Today’s Reading: 2 Samuel 15

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On the east side of the Old City of Jerusalem is the Kidron Valley, where thousands of graves are located. The bodies were placed with the feet pointed toward the Eastern Gate in the wall of the city, with the expectation that at the resurrection they would stand up and be facing that gate into which Messiah will enter. In today’s reading, King David escaped through this valley toward the east and the Jordan River, 25 miles away.

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Key Verse: 2 Samuel 15:31

Then someone told David, saying, “Ahithophel is among the conspirators with Absalom.” And David said, “O Lord, I pray, turn the counsel of Ahithophel into foolishness!”


Now, David prays. He’s in big trouble. From Chapter 12 onward, David’s story, and that of his family, reads like a horror novel. There is incest, murder, palace intrigue, outright treason, and civil war. David’s much-loved son, Absalom, after four years of political manipulation, makes his move to seize power, usurping his father’s throne. To King David, nothing was more threatening than that Ahithophel, David’s most trusted and wise counsellor, was part of the plot. David reasoned that if he could just outwit Ahithophel’s counsel, Absalom’s rule would be shortened and he would return to his throne. It’s worthwhile to note how David sets out to accomplish this. Firstly, David prays, not against Ahithophel personally, but against the counsel Ahithophel is giving to Absalom. Secondly, David composes the 3rd Psalm, David’s prayer and confession of confidence in God. To read David’s own words, click here.


Lord God, I pray for wisdom. May I learn to always put my trust in You, worshipping You and confessing my confidence in You, even when I may not feel like it. Please give me grace to back up my prayers with obedience. In the Name of the One who always does this, the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen!


For about six months of the three years that Norma-Jean, our four little children, and I lived in Deep River, Ontario, the Atomic Energy of Canada’s residential area, we lived in half of a double house. In the other half of the house lived Amnon Gilat, along with his wife and son who was named Ittai. This is the same name as found in our reading. Amnon was an Israeli nuclear physicist on an exchange program between Israel and Canada. Mrs. Gilat had entered and won the annual Israel Bible knowledge contest. We had some great Bible studies together. I asked them one day as to why they had named their son Ittai. Ittai’s Mom quoted verse 21 of today’s reading and said that they hoped and prayed that their little Ittai would grow up to be as loyal to Israel and its legitimate government as the Ittai who was totally loyal to King David. My son, Reynold, who is our photographer for this blog, and Ittai played together almost every day when they were two years old.

Also, I can’t help contrasting David’s entrance into Jerusalem from the opposite side of the city to his departure now. He entered with singing and dancing (2 Samuel 6:12-15), and now departs and “All the country wept with a loud voice.” Sin really messes everything up! No wonder God hates sin, but He loves sinners (Romans 5:6-8).

Yours for repentance and reconciliation with God, which results in rejoicing,


P.S. Perhaps I should point out that this chapter gives an example of a mistake in copying the original manuscript. In 15:7, it infers that Absalom was stealing the hearts of the people over a period of 40 years. We know that David’s reign spanned only 40 years. So what’s the problem? Perhaps 100 years after the original historically correct manuscript had been written, a copyist’s pen slipped and made the number 40 rather than 4. One little dot on the manuscript could’ve caused this and future scribes continued to copy a mistake. Josephus, the Jewish historian, may have gotten it right when he wrote that Absalom was four years undermining David’s rule and manipulating the people into rebellion. This in no way changes the “inerrancy” and “verbal inspiration” of the original writing. After sharing a scribal mistake, I need a lift. I found a rather irreverent piece of artwork of David entering Jerusalem with the Ark of the Covenant. If it looked anything like this, no wonder David’s wife, the daughter of Saul, was embarrassed at her husband’s gyrations (notice her in the window). Enjoy!

14 thoughts on “Saturday, April 13, 2019

  1. I am not fond of this cartoon but I guess we need a sense of humour. I know God used saints in the bible as examples and in the same way, He uses us. It is hard to swallow our failures, isn’t it? But that is the joy in forgiveness. Yes, indeed “sin messes things up, but thank God, He loves us sinners!” Prayed David’s prayer. Wishing all saints a blessed day in the Lord.

    In the same way, count yourselves dead to sin but alive to God in Christ Jesus. For sin shall no longer be your master, because you are not under the law, but under grace. Romans 6:11, 14 NIV

    You’re My Victory, “You’re My Victory” featuring Tiffany Curry.
    Written by Jeremy Horn and Josh Smith from Revival Embers album “Vol. I: Renewal Worship Community”

  2. Yes, indeed, Jesus is our victory! How precious and beautiful is the time spent in His Word and in His presence! What a privilege to be part of His family ☺ Love and blessings to all brothers and sisters today.

  3. So important to keep God front and centre in our lives for sure. Sah, thank u for your kind words yesterday about my loving politics. When I was young there was absolutely no interest in politics in me:-). I find that if a person wants to run in politics it’s important not to have damaging fodder for opponents. In other words, confess all sins publicly before running. That might be a touch difficult for some.
    We are all sinners so I get a kick out of the way candidates try to drag their rivals down like as if they were a better choice; something the way Absalom was coloring his father, King David. The truth will find us out (Numbers 32-23). It’s important to understand a Parties plan for us before we vote. Please pray for a wise leader in our up and coming elections. Wisdom is being a Christian but many can come to the cross at any time in their lives so guess we can’t wait for a Christian to take the podium; it’s important to get a Parties plan for our province/country before casting a ballot and then holding them to it if they seem to have forgotten it in time. Letters to the editor (any newspaper, or online) is a great way to ‘voice’ your feelings about how your Party is doing, and God’s Word.
    That is a hilarious painting of David dancing for joy and yes, I agree with David, it could be totally embarrassing for a spouse:-).
    Please ask God for a cure for ALS. Such a debilitating disease. God does hear and listen to our prayers I know but has an agenda of His own too. We have not because we ask not though. God bless all believers this time of the year closing in on Easter.

    • Wise words Lynda.
      As well I also find the cartoon hilarious!

      I join you in praying for a cure for ALS, perhaps some of you have heard of the wonderful conductor Kerry Stratton,he was recently diagnosed with this terrible disease. May God Bless him and his family.

    • God bless you Lynda D. for believing in politicians! I don’t anymore so all I do is pray that the Lords’ Will be done in our governments…I pray that our leaders will put children, seniors, and those who cannot look after themselves first on their agendas.
      another area that I work at is telling people to make sure they get out to vote EVEN if they spoil their ballots…….I believe that one day someone will look at the Voter’s List and if they notice that not many people are not voting; we could loose the right to vote!…
      so…….I encourage to get out and vote…..
      I talk with young people who don’t care what is happening and I do encourage them to talk to the politicians and ask the tough questions…..I also point out that we are very fortunate to be able to have the freedom to vote….
      I do remember decades ago that the turnout for voting would be 87% to 92%….good numbers, I do realize that if the people of Canada did all get to vote one way another, we could have big changes happening in Canada! Lord bless the people of Canada….amen

      • Thank u Sah. I totally understand how u feel. It’s God I believe in and just pray for the politicians. God is a miracle worker. Blessings dear Sah.

  4. The grief David must feel for ‘loosing’ his beloved son a second time must be extremely heavy along with his most trusted counselor Ahithophel’s betrayal.(Could he have influenced Absalom?)
    If Absalom had been undermining David for 40 years then the secret would have been revealed long before that time.Greed for power has turned many a man against his brother.
    Beautiful worship/praise song,Beverlee.Thanks again.
    Lynda,4 of us were finishing an addition on to the local foodbank a few years ago.The head of the foodbank and myself were ‘the ground crew’.One of the very skilled carpenters on the roof,a member of my church,has ALS and his latest tests,then,showed that he should not have ‘been able to’ walk (let alone being working on a roof.)The specialist told him “Whatever you’re doing,keep on doing it.”In the past year he has speech difficulty but still gets around and still doing carpentry repairs,etc.
    I’ve just been reminded that I have to pick up some unleavened bread for communion tomorrow.Y’all (love that all-inclusive slang word) be blessed

    • Yes William, amazing how some people are effected by the disease in different ways than others. We had a friend who had ALS and it was so sad to see him deteriorate. God has given us knowledge to different degrees about diabetes, obesity, cancer and other illnesses but not much about ALS yet. So sad when someone contracts that disease as it just seems to hit randomly and there’s no precautions we can take to avoid it. I know that sugar can contribute to diabetes and I TRY to eat very little of it. Very guilty of having a cherry blossom after breakfast each day, and I don’t mean the flower, so if I get diabetes or obesity I’ll blame my self but can’t blame anything like that with ALS until God gives us the knowledge. Prayers greatly appreciated.

  5. ALS is one of the most devastating diseases to watch a loved one go through. Praying for protection of all saints and family members. Anyone who has a loved one dealing with ALS, we pray for the power of God’s hand on the person that it will pass quickly. My heart goes out to all dealing with this. Only God knows why. Be blessed this evening, precious saints in the Lord.

    Fear not, for I am with you;
    be not dismayed, for I am your God;
    I will strengthen you, I will help you,
    I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.
    Isaiah 41:10 ESV

  6. Kind David did so well in all his endeavors , failed so badly as father;

    Lord help us to listen and hear with an open mind and heart what is being said before giving and coming to a wrong conclusion.

    Rejoice, for the joy of the LORD is our strength!!

  7. I pray the Lord comforts all who are ill; praise the Lord there is some fund raising going on for research into ALS.
    I pray the Lord will be with all our children of every age; give them wisdom in making decisions; give them the strength to kick the drug habit and to walk away from smoking & alcohol and to be good role models for others;
    I pray the Lord will send the Holy Spirit to those who are lost and just live from day to day; may they see the Holy Spirit working in and through them and around them
    Thank you Lord for all the blessings of this day;
    Be with us as we celebrate Holy Week; let us pray for others; let us look inward; let us give thanks to the Lord God Almighty;

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